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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#247- BEAUTY is in L.A. (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

These days I have been thinking about BEAUTY a lot.

My mom (who lives in Tokyo, Japan / She spent time in L.A. this summer) said, “There is a beautiful large blue sky in L.A.!!! Ocean and mountains are so beautiful. There are so many beautiful flowers and trees in L.A.!”

Yes, there are so many beautiful things in L.A.

And there are also many beautiful people in L.A.

About BEAUTY… I wrote two columns on Senken Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website on July 28th and Sept 9th.

I would like to share them with you. Please read below (my translation into English from Japanese of them).

Title of the column: “The behind the scene of Beauty?” from L.A. (July 28th, 2014)

Title of the column: “The model of Beauty?” from L.A. (Sept 9th, 2014)


Updated on July 28th, 2014 (in Japan)
By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles

Title of the column: “The behind the scene of Beauty?” from L.A.


“Fashion + Hair + Makeup = Balance of Beauty”, so I attended the trade show for hair & makeup artists “PHAMExpo(”.

Mr. Michael O’Rourke who is a celebrity hair stylist and an owner of ROCK YOUR HAIR ( said, “Cut is the most important thing for clothing and hair”, and he emphasized that “80s fashion is back, so the big hair style will be hot.”

“80s thick eyebrows are in style. Everyone looks younger with these eyebrows” said Ms. April Love who is an owner of April Love Pro Makeup Academy (

Mr. Stephen Dimmick who is an instructor of April Love Pro Makeup Academy and a celebrity makeup artist ( predicated “the key to makeup is face structure and light”. “Do curl your eyelashes, you will be a beautiful girl”, he gave us a makeup secret, and he also gave us a hard advice that “if you don’t have a beautiful mind, you are not able to look beautiful. Even though you have a makeup skill you are not able to look beautiful.”

“Important things are beautiful skin and beautiful cheek color” said Mr. Jacob Adam Aguirre who is a makeup artist (

Ms. Claudia Soare who is a president of the world famous eyebrow salon ANASTASIA Beverly Hills ( said, “Balance of beautiful face starts from eyebrows. Colorful makeup is the key to change our image and mood. The secret of originality is the color.”

Ms. Pamela Hackeman who is a co-owner of BEHIND THE SEEN - BTS - Organic Face & Body Care ( said, “Most important thing of behind the scene of beauty is skin care. If you have a beautiful skin, you feel confident”.

The balance of beauty is like clothing, we need to have creativity and originality.

Photo 1: At PHAMExpo. Proud of 50 years of career, Mr. Michael O’Rourke who is a celebrity hair stylist & an owner of ROCK YOUR HAIR and his hair model

Photo 2: At PHAMExpo. Mr. Stephen Dimmick who works for VOGUE & fashion shows and his makeup model

Photo 3: At PHAMExpo. Ms. Claudia Soare who is a president of the world famous eyebrow salon ANASTASIA Beverly Hills. She has beautiful eyebrows and beautiful purple hair.

Updated on Sept 9th, 2014 (in Japan)
By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles

Title of the column: “The model of Beauty?” from L.A.

All year round L.A. surrounded by bright blue sky, bright blue ocean, bright green trees and colorful flowers. Maybe good climate and richness of nature heal people’s mind. We notice that there are many beautiful people who have beautiful mind in L.A.

“Taking advantage of beauty, and established a beauty, keep the beauty, enjoy the beauty, create the beauty, and wears a beauty. The life of the beautiful people is beautiful for everything”. We see many people who are doing these things in L.A.

Ms. Samantha Lockwood who was born in Beverly Hills (the town symbolizes the celebrity of L.A.) and grew up in Malibu (the town can enjoy the elegant life style of L.A.), she is an actress ( ), an instructor of Bikram Yoga and an owner & designer of an accessories brandFleurings ( )”.

“Thanks to my parents I was exposed to acting and yoga all of my life. I am an actress because of my father (veteran actor Gary Lockwood) and my mother (Denise DuBarry who is a former acctress). I am also an instructor of Bikram Yoga because of my parents. They studied yoga with Mr. Bikram Choudhury in 80s. My mother believed that it was important for her children to understand that being smart and educating yourself is not a complete education for happiness and self-fulfillment through life. She really believes that taking care of yourself and your body is important,” Ms. Lockwood said.

Ms. Lockwood’s beauty secret is “To be beautiful think beautiful thoughts.”

Eat organic food, Keep healthy body with Bikram Yoga, Training your mind with meditation, and entertain people with acting, create accessories with fresh flowers and provide beautiful products to people.  Ms. Lockwood’s motto is “Enjoy the experience. Appreciate where you are on a journey”.

The model of beauty is about the life style that “touches beautiful things every day”.

Photo 1: Ms. Samantha Lockwood (©Samantha Lockwood)

Photo 2: Yoga pose of Ms. Samantha Lockwood (©Samantha Lockwood)

Photo 3: Yoga pose in the water of Ms. Samantha Lockwood (©Samantha Lockwood)

Photo 4: Neckless of Fleurings (©Samantha Lockwood)

Photo 5: Ms. Samantha Lockwood is wearing earrings of Fleurings (©Samantha Lockwood)

I hope you felt something BEAUTY in my columns :)

Have a beautiful day!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles Sept 9, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Yoko Fujimoto 

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Enjoy :)

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