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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#245- “The Key to Beauty” from L.A. [Translation of my column] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

I love spa…who doesn’t love spa? Right?

Especially I love Japanese spa (Hot springs / in Japanese, Onsen). If you have been to Japan and had an experience of Japanese spa (Onsen), you know what I mean.


If you have no idea what I am talking about, just ignore and keep reading my blog please :)
Today I am going to write about “BEAUTY”.
I love beautiful people and beautiful things… who doesn’t love “BEAUTY”? Right?
Before get to my column, I just want to share my experience at ISPA (International SPA Association) media event at Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
My “BEST 3” favorite places (booths) at ISPA were…
#1: I had a nice talk & back massage at the booth of Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
Ms. Jennifer Lynn (director of spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) was fun to talk with.
Jennifer: We need to know your body type & character for your treatment. Would you answer to this diagnostic questionnaire?
Me: Ah…would you read it to me? If you read it to me, I am able to answer to these questions easier.
(I usually do it by myself, but at this time, I didn’t want to lose our time because their appointment for each journalist was every 15 minutes. I just wanted to talk with her. I thought she is the best person to interview. And I am a slow reader… so I needed her help to save our interview time.)
Jennifer: A willing leader, confident in your abilities
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: Crave new objects or recognition
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: Positive and lively and see the humorous side of things
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: Suffer from mouth sores
Me: No!
Jennifer: Prone to stuttering or talking too quickly
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: A list maker / highly organized / neat and tidy
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: Enjoy solitude and introspection
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: Easily excited
Me: Yes!!
Jennifer: You are a Fire (Bloom / Yang) girl!! 
Me: What? I am not a Wood girl (Awaken / Yang)? Most of journalists and writers are a Wood right?
Jennifer: Fire is for entrepreneurs or executives.
Me: Really?
Jennifer: You always ask people to do things, right?
Me: No… I am a perfectionist, so I always do my things by myself. I don’t ask people for my things…
Oh…gosh… when I came home, I realized that Jennifer was right.
I asked her to read questions for me, and I asked her to write down my answers on the paper… ha ha…
I guess, I am a FIRE girl…ha ha…  :)
Anyway, Jennifer’s back massage was so goooood!!
#2: I had a nice talk & eat at the booth of The Oaks at Ojai
Ms.Cathy S. Cluff was an expert for “enjoy fine food and relax”.
I tasted cocoa mousse, blueberry muffin etc… She made a bottle of Italian spice.
Oops…I guess I am a FIRE girl again… she asked me to make own bottle of Italian spice, but I asked her to do it for me…! OMG!!!
Anyway, I can’t wait to visiting this place in Ojai.
#3: I had a nice talk & facial massage at the booth of Massage Envy Spa 
Ms. Jennifer McDaniel gave me a fabulous facial treatment.
Here is my translation into English of my column.
On Senken+
Updated on June 30, 2014 (in Japan)
 “I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column series)
By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles
Title of the new column: “The Key to Beauty” from L.A.

SPA is a fashion term, but “spa” in English also has another meaning.

Spa is a place or resort with a mineral spring and a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through such means as steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage.

The other day, I had attended the spa event at ISPA media event of International SPA Association, because I thought I can find the secret of beauty which is important for fashion.

I asked some experts of spa business about “What is beauty?”, and their answers were,

“Inner calm” (Ms. Lynne Mcnees, president of International SPA Association,

“Happiness of inside and out” (Ms. Cathy S. Cluff, president & CEO of the spa “The Oaks at Ojai” ),

“Inner beauty of considerate to others” (Ms. Lynelle Lynch, president of the beauty school “Bellus Academy” ),

“Mental health and Self-esteem” (Ms. Jennifer McDaniel, therapist at Massage Envy Spa ).

Their all answers were emphasized inner beauty.

The method of get this beauty, at first most important thing is that we need to relax our body and mind. After we relax at the spa, we are able to have a space of ourselves, and then we are able to considerate to others naturally and we feel an inner beauty.

After all this, we eat good meals and take some facial and massage treatments, and we are going to make ourselves good looking.

These days Yoga and meditation are popular in U.S. Ms. Mcnees said, “If we need remove the stress, we need to stay away from computer and smartphone. Spa is the best place for this.”

I think that people  who have a key to beauty, which means, people who have an inner beauty and beautiful looks, these people are only people who are able to enjoy fashion truly.

Photos captions:
 (As you know, I don't want to post photos in my blog due to copyright issue etc. If you want to see photos, please visit at )
Photo 1:
Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas (Photo ©Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group)
Treatments are based on the integral philosophy of the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Photo 2:
Spa at Glen Ivy Hot Springs (Photo ©Glen Ivy Hot Springs)
The spa has fun exercise program “Joy Fitness” such as aqua fitness and hoop fitness etc
Photo 3:
Asian salad at The Oaks at Ojai. Cocoa mousse which made of Tofu etc, there are variety of healthy food (Photo ©The Oaks at Ojai)
Photo 4:
Facial treatment at Glen Ivy Hot Springs (Photo ©Glen Ivy Hot Springs)
Photo 5:
River rock massage at The Oaks at Ojai (Photo ©The Oaks at Ojai)
There is also a massage influenced by Reiki
Photo 6:
Yoga class at The Oaks at Ojai (Photo ©The Oaks at Ojai)
At this time yoga is a popular exercise in U.S. and there are growing numbers of people who love meditation
Photo 7:
Make-up class at Bellus Academy (Photo ©Bellus Academy)
They provide advanced technology such as scalp care, LED light therapy etc. to spas
Thank to:
International SPA Association
The Oaks at Ojai
Glen Ivy Hot Springs  
Massage Envy Spa
Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas  
Special many thanks to:
International SPA Association, Ms. Ms. Lynne Mcnees, Ms. Allie Hembree, Ms. Marguarite Clark (Marguarite Clark Public Relations), Ms. Kristi Turek (Marguarite Clark Public Relations), Ms. Jennifer Lynn (Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas), Ms.Ashli Kimenker (Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas), Ms.Cathy S. Cluff (The Oaks at Ojai), Ms.Sheila T. Cluff (The Oaks at Ojai), Ms. Karen Gee-McAuley (The Oaks at Ojai), Ms. Lynelle Lynch (Bellus Academy), Ms.Joanne Berry (Bellus Academy), Ms. Amy Masini (Bellus Academy), Ms.Laura Nichelson (Glen Ivy Hot Springs), Jennifer McDaniel (Massage Envy Spa) and Ms.Amanda DelPrete.
By the way, the key to beauty for me is “Organized”. Organized room, Organized mind…
How about you?
By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles June 30, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Yoko Fujimoto

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