Thursday, May 15, 2014

#242- Miracles are everywhere!

I believe in miracle.
I mean...a miracle is not a miracle…a miracle is a happy energy’s result.

Today, I saw a happy miracle at my apartment building.

After I read some pages of my novel (the theme is love story in Newport Beach) that I wrote in 2010, I went to the fitness center at my apartment building to exercise.

I believe, my novel (there is a miracle in it) is a lucky charm, because when I read some pages of my novel, I always see a happy miracle.


Anyway, today when I was in the fitness center, I saw the apartment manager Mr. A and his new leasing office staff Mr. F (the manager Mr. A was training for a new leasing office worker Mr. F).

Wow! I am so happy for Mr. F!!
Mr. F used to work as maintenance & cleaning staff at my apartment building.
Mr. F has got promoted to leasing office staff.

Three weeks ago, when I saw his new hair cut (he cut his long hair), I told him...

Me: Wow! F***, You cut your hair?  Looks nice!

Mr. F: Thank you Yoko!

Me: New look for a summer time huh!

Mr. F: Ah… I want to work as an office worker, so I cut my hair for job search.

Me: Oh…I see… What do you want to do?

Mr. F: I want to work in the office, like A*** (apartment manager) or J*** (leasing staff), so I am looking for a job.

Me: If I know someone who is looking for staff which you are looking for, I will let you know. You are a nice person, and you work hard. You will get what you want! Good luck!


Mr. F (he is in 20s) always has a big smile on his face.

Even though I made an emergency call and asked him to come to my place late night or special day (one time, I remember, when I had the drains overflow in my kitchen sink on a Super Bowl Sunday), he always had nice smile on his face.

So I wrote many nice comments (reports) about him to his boss & my apartment corporate office (headquarter).

One time I heard the good news from my former apartment manager Ms. R, “Yoko, F***’s salary got raised the other day! Thank you for your compliment about him!”

Me: Oh… I am so glad to hear that. He deserved it! Good for him! And you… you are the best manager, so you’ve been managing him well.

(Yes… this former manager Ms. R also had promoted, so she has been moved to the other office.)


Anyway, my point is…Even though it seems like things are impossible…
Anything is possible.

The leasing office staff Mr. J had promoted and had been moved to the other office…
Mr. F got promoted and got his ideal job (leasing office staff).

Remember, Mr. F was looking for his new job three weeks ago…
And then he got a new position which he was looking for...within three weeks.

It seems like a miracle...
But this miracle happens when we really want it.

I am so happy to see this happy energy’s result.
I hope you are having a miracle day too :)

By the way, do you want to read my lucky charm novel?
If you wish to read my novel, my dream will come true :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 15, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Yoko Fujimoto