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#228- Bel-Air (L.A.) = Elegant [Bel-Air Film Festival] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

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Updated on November 16, 2013 (in Japan)


“I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column series)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles


Title of the new column: Bel-Air (L.A.) = Elegant

“Beverly Hills” is a famous town for gathering wealthy people, and next door “Bel-Air” is the town where also many multi-millionaires are living, and it’s a historic area as the luxury estate.

Ms.Melody Storm is a true lady. She was born and raised in Beverly Hills, and she used to go to Beverly Hills High School that was the story setting for a popular TV drama “Beverly Hills, 90210”.

After she worked at the PR firm for a year, she made a goal, “There are many top people of the entertainment industry (producers, directors, actors etc.) in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air. I want to contribute to my hometown for the film industry.”

In 2008 she founded the international film festival “Bel-Air Film Festival” that focus on the independent & student films.

In the mid October, for six days, 50 films were shown. “Producer Sam” (by the Japanese producer & script writer, Ms.Erika Fraade who lives in U.S. This film is her first film) were shown at the world premiere event and they had a red carpet gala.

This film festival is a small event and has a cozy atmosphere, and there are more people in a cocktail dress or suit than long dress or tuxedo.

The winner film of the Best Jury Feature Film, Best Jury Feature Film Directing, Best Jury Feature Film Cinematography, “Return to the Hiding Place” produced by a family in Texas (Script writer / father, Producer / daughter, Co-director / son). Producer Ms. Petra Spencer Pearce said with delight, “What an honor to receive the favorable rating by the well-known town in U.S. , Bel-Air.”

The festival is well-attended by many elegant people who fit in Bel-Air, and this film festival has a bright future.


Photos captions:

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Photo 1: The founder of Bel-Air Film Festival (, Ms. Melody Storm

Photo 2: Producer & Script writer, Ms.Erika Fraade of the romantic comedy about the middle age movie producer’s love life, “Producer Sam” ( She talked about the red carpet gala,”I am not an actress, so I was very nervous. I walked on the red carpet with my mother who visited from Japan”. She also talked with praise highly “This film festival gave us (like me, an unknown person) a big chance. This event is wonderful.”

Photo 3: At the red carpet gala. The leading actor of “Producer Sam”, Mr. Michael Devorzon. “This is my first time here. I am very impressed by many attendees. It’s a cozy event and nice”, he said.

Photo 4: Staff (From the left, Actor / Mr. Matthew Abshire, Co-director / Mr. Josiah Spencer, Producer / Ms. Petra Spencer Pearce, Associate Producer / Ms. Anna C Armstrong) of the film “Return to the Hiding Place” (, this film received the awards of the Best Jury Feature Film, the Best Jury Feature Film Directing, and the Best Jury Feature Film Cinematography.

Photo 5: The honoree actress, Ms. Rumer Willis (who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)

Photo 6: The honoree actor, Mr. Jayson Blair

Photo 7: At the red carpet gala. Actress Ms. Christina Collard

Photo 8: At the red carpet gala. Actress Ms. Victoria Samer

Photo 9: At the red carpet gala. Japanese reality TV show was shooting at this event with Ms. Riho Takada

Photo 10: At the red carpet gala. Well-known DJ, DJ Shy

Photo 11: At the red carpet gala. Actor Mr. Thomas Tevana

Photo 12: At the red carpet gala. This is the small version of Hollywood world.  The photographer, Ms. Beck Starr (left) of the famous stock photo agency, Getty Images. She was talking to actors and actresses while she was shooting. She is very professional and it was very fun to watch how she works ( )


I watched “Producer Sam” and “Return to the Hiding Place” at the Bel-Air Film Festival.


Producer Sam: I saw myself in this movie, but not in the women’s shoes, I was in the Sam’s shoes. It’s a cute romantic comedy.

What a surprise & amazing! Ms. Erika Fraade came from Japan 13 years ago, and she produced and wrote this film first time. She just applied to enter this film festival early this year. “Anything is possible”, yes I agree with her.



Return to the Hiding Place: I was so speechless after I watched it. It’s a well done film. It’s a moving film. It’s a beautiful story about passion & love.

When I was watching the film “Producer Sam”, an anesthesiology Dr. Anna C. Armstrong, MD was next to me, and after the film we chatted a couple of minutes. She told me, “I am an associate producer of the film ‘Return to the Hiding Place’. You should come to the screening on Sunday!” Yes, thanks to her. I am glad that I saw this film. I always have luck of the timing :)


I am very impressed by Ms. Melody Storm. She just started this film festival by herself without money six years ago. She is a truly creative entrepreneur. Yes, I really believe that “anything is possible”.

I love what I do every day.

I love my life.

How is your life?

I hope you are having fun in your life like me :)

Happy every day to you :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles November 16, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto