Saturday, October 5, 2013

#226- Happy Crowd at GALLERIE SPARTA

My fabulous friend & Celebrity Psychic, Mr. Ron Bard ( invited me to Jane Seymour - Red Carpet Opening Night Reception at GALLERIE SPARTA ( on October 3rd.

Ron is a fun person to hang out with. He has many fabulous friends in town.

His great friend who is an owner of GALLERIE SPARTA, Mr. Stephan Sparta (he is also an architect & an interior designer has many fabulous friends as well.

I had a fabulous time with them at this party.

Ron, Stephan and Jane brought “Happy Crowd” at GALLERIE SPARTA.


Ms. Jane Seymour is so beautiful and sweet that she walked around and said hi to everyone.

She welcomed everyone with hearty shake hands.

Her paintings are amazing. Most of her paintings are flowers. (I love flowers!)

There are so many pretty pink in her art works. (I love pink!)

Especially, my favorite painting is “Portrait of Rose”.

Stephan: You can have the “Portrait of Rose”. It is only $ 2,950.00 and you can pay in 2 payments.

Me: After my book published, I can afford it :)

Jane’s paintings show her beauty inside and out and her beautiful positive energy. I love her style.


I have met fabulous people at this party.

Beautiful people make beautiful art works: Mr. Hal Swanson who is an architect and his business partner Mr. Dan Ollis ( 

Unique ideas create stunning art works: Mr. Leon Leigh who is a sculptor.

Passion brings passionate art works: Mr. Stuart Kusher who is a sculptor.

Entrepreneur mind + Artistic mind = Great philosophy:  Mr. Alan Barrows who is a fine artists’s agent & collection advisor (

Funny + Fun energy brings business: Mr. Bryan C. Kim who is a president of MILA D’OPIZ (Swiss cosmetics company /

Beautiful + Stylish energy brings beautiful jewelry: Ms. Rachele Beretta who is a custom made jewelry designer of Lale’s Jewelry.


Rachele said, “Everyone should be so lucky to meet Ron Bard”.

Yes, she is right.

Many people wanted to meet and talk with Ron. He has a great power!

Yes, I found a lucky penny in front of this place (I was standing next to Ron outside, in front of the gallerie, because he was smoking a cigar / the lucky penny was under the place where Ron was standing!).

Me: Oh… I found the lucky penny!

Ron: Is that the face side?

Me: Yes! It’s a lucky penny!

Ron: Keep it!

Me: Oh… you gave me luck, Ron!!! Thank you!

My mother (who lives in Tokyo, Japan) told me on the phone after I came home from this event, “You didn’t give the lucky penny to Ron? You should’ve given it to Ron!”  Ah… Ron has enough luck… I need this luck so badly… :)

Find a lucky penny means you are being protected against any evil energy, and you can use it as a lucky charm. Do you believe in this?  I do!

I believe that Ron is my lucky friend! He has such a fabulous power. He is a truly psychic.


Anyway, I really had a fabulous time at Jane Seymour - Red Carpet Opening Night Reception at GALLERIE SPARTA.

Jane Seymour’s paintings exhibit October 4-31, 2013
8641 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

I hope you can feel happy energy like I did.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles October 5, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto