Friday, July 5, 2013

#217- Are you a fabulous business person?

I used to work at Entrepreneur Media Inc. (Entrepreneur Magazine) as a staff writer, so I can tell who is a good business person and who is not.

For 6 and a half years I have been working in Entrepreneur Media Inc., and I have been working as a freelance writer on the side… I am a good business person, huh!  ha ha… :)

[Who is a good business person?]

#1: Quick response!

I am noticing that successful (busy) people always reply to an email right away, which means they respect & care for people and they think quick (smart) to everything.

#2: Think like a business owner!

Of course, most of successful people are business owners. But…even though people are not a business owner, they always think like a business owner, which means they will bring a big picture and a good solution.

#3: Passion! Passion! Passion!

You know what I mean :)

[Who is a bad business person?]

#1: No response…

I am noticing that bad business people always reply to an email slow or no reply, which means they don’t respect & care for people. And they think slow (not smart) or they are not thinking at all.

#2: Think like a just employee…

Most of people are not business owners. And they don’t think like a business owner. So they don’t care company is wasting money (expenses) or they don’t care company is losing business. They just need a monthly payment from their boss, which means they can’t bring a good customer service or they can’t bring big money to a company.

#3: No Passion…No Passion…No Passion…

You know what I mean ;)


Why am I writing this?

I had some bad customer service experiences from some places lately.

Bad business #1: “If you don’t trust us, then don’t come to our store!”… This line came from the customer service person of the stylish grocery store on the phone.

Bad business #2: “Everything we discussed has been communicated directly to the community and they appreciate your feedback so they can better their customer service. Any further issues should be reported directly to the community.”… I suggested some business solutions for the corporate office of my place, but the corporate administrative assistant didn't send my words to her boss… even though I am a resident at the apartment building, I am thinking (worry) about the expenses and security etc. of my place… which means I am thinking like an owner of my place (the apartment building).

Bad business #3: I have sent an email to one business owner regarding a simple question. This person replies to a profitable thing for him, but he doesn't reply to an email for me… that's not nice…


Ok… I would like to share a positive story now.

As I wrote a story about my fabulous lunch with Mr. Ron Robinson (who is an owner of Ron Robinson at Fred Segal) on June 7, 2013 (, Mr. Ron Robinson's story will publish on the new Japanese teen magazine “Senken petie-h” next week.

I interviewed Ron about “when he was in high school”.

He told me, “I was always thinking about how can I get what I want?” and he has everything he wanted.

His high school time story is amazing.

By the way, Ron always replies to my email right away. When I had to interview someone for a Japanese TV news program (similar to 20/20), he said “YES!” right away, so I could have a great TV interview next day, and he was on Japanese TV (if you want, read my old post on October 16, 2011 “Great messages from the richest 1% in America”

And Ron is a business owner, but even though he was in high school, he did think like a business owner and he had an own business in high school.

And + And, Ron has a lot of passion for his business and his personal life.

By the way + By the way, this new Japanese magazine “Senken petie-h” will publish on July 12th in Japan, so after this magazine came out, I will translate the article about Ron’s high school time story into English from Japanese in my blog.

Stay tuned…!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles July 5, 2013
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