Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#213- PB&J and Mr.Toru Hashimoto

My last week was… deadline and deadline…deadline to deadline…from early in the morning through late night, I have been working and working and working…

I usually take good time (about 20 minutes) for breakfast. Listening to the classic music and I enjoy to eat breakfast without watching TV or reading newspaper.


My favorite time of the day is breakfast time.

Two slices of toast with butter & jam + Scrambled eggs + Salad + Café au lait

Two ham sandwiches + Banana + Vegetable juice + Coffee with a lot of sugar & milk

Two pancakes with a lot of butter & syrup + Scrambled eggs + Salad + Café au lait

A bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese & onion + Prune juice + Coffee with a lot of sugar & milk

Two slices of toast with butter & peanut butter + Greek-style yogurt + Salad + Café au lait


But…my breakfast in last week was… Two scrambled eggs sandwiches (two slices of toast with butter & scrambled eggs & ketchup) or PB&J and Coffee (with a lot of sugar & milk) for less than 10 minutes… with pop music (I needed to wake up & eat fast & start work as soon as possible!).

What’s PB&J?

When I was working at Entrepreneur Media Inc. (As you know, Entrepreneur magazine is a North American publication that carries news stories about entrepreneurialism, small business management, and business opportunities), I found out what is the “PB&J” from my co-worker’s lunchbox.

Yes, I didn’t know about PB&J (peanut butter and jelly sandwich) until 1997 (Note: I have been living in U.S.A. since 1987).

Wow… A 2002 survey showed the average American will have eaten 2,500 of these sandwiches before graduating from high school (This info is from Wikipedia).

Anyway, I ate PB&J a lot last week.


In the meantime… I was super busy last week, but I couldn’t strongly ignore Mr.Toru Hashimoto’s comments & tweets…regarding “Fuzoku” (Translation into English from Japanese: sex entertainment business) and “Ianfu” (Translation into English from Japanese: a military prostitute or a comfort woman or an enslaved prostitute).

Mr.Toru Hashimoto is a Japanese politician and lawyer. He is the Mayor of Osaka city and, alongside Mr.Shintaro Ishihara, is co-leader of the nationalist Japan Restoration Party.

I wrote two tweets in English and seven tweets in Japanese regarding his comments & tweets.

My Japanese tweets were directly to Mr. Hashimoto, I hope he read my tweets…

My mother said, “what a waste of your time”… I guess, she is right… I am not sure that Mr.Hashimoto read my tweets or not?... I shouldn’t take time for my tweets for him, I should take more time for my breakfast. It makes sense… :)


Mr. Toru Hashimoto’s comment (#1): He has described as “necessary” the system by which women were forced to become prostitutes for World War II troops. He said on May 13th that the “comfort women” gave Japanese soldiers a chance “to rest”. “To maintain discipline in the military, it must have been necessary at that time” he said.

Mr.Toru Hashimoto’s comment (#2): He recently visited Okinawa in southern Japan and told the U.S. commander there “to make better use of the sex industry.” (Because there are many problems with rapists of U.S. troops in Okinawa, Japan). He said, “I told him that there are problems because of such formalities”. He was explaining that he was not referring to illegal prostitution but to places operating within the law. He said, “If you don't make use of those places you cannot properly control the sexual energy of those tough guys.”

Anyway, I just posted below my old tweets about him (in English) and to him (in Japanese).

My tweet in English #1:
Yoko Fujimoto(藤本庸子) @FromLAbyYoko 14 May
Why am I in U.S.A? Japanese woman is a tool for house cleaning, personal chef, give birth to a child and sex slave...

My tweet in English #2:
Yoko Fujimoto(藤本庸子) @FromLAbyYoko 14 May
Happy to live in U.S.A... Women and men should be equal :) Japanese politician calls wartime sex slaves 'necessary'


Thank god… Japanese language is very hard… When I translated my Japanese tweets into English… it took long time…! ha ha ha… :)


My Japanese tweet #1:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #1: In 2002, Governor of Tokyo, Mr.Shintaro Ishihara said “It is a waste and a sin that women who have lost their reproductive capabilities are alive” and In 2007, Minister of Health, Mr.Yanagisawa said “Women as birth-giving machines”. The other country’s people don’t understand the words such as these words and your “male-dominated society-ish” words.

My Japanese tweet #2:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #2: The Mayor of Osaka city and a co-leader of the nationalist Japan Restoration Party, Mr.Toru Hashimoto’s “Ianfu was necessary” comment like a “male-dominated society-ish” word is not going to understandable for many people in the world.

My Japanese tweet #3:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #3: “Simplistic, the critic think that Japanese sex entertainment business = prostitution business = sexual intercourse”? There are many erotic animation & manga which children can see in Japan (many people think this way in the other country!) and the sex entertainment business is a legally regular business in Japan, but it’s not for many other countries.

My Japanese tweet #4:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #4: I always surprised by many “frog in a well /person who is ignorant of the real world-ish” words by the old fashioned “male-dominated society-ish” people. Japan is far from the developed country (A gender equality in advance). This is the reason, why I live in U.S.A. :)

My Japanese tweet #5:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #5: If we are going to progress a “globalization” (to connect to people in the world) for real, you might need to understand the Japanese women’s feelings and situation. Please try to make a comfortable country for women same as men.

My Japanese tweet #6:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto Regarding human rights #1: Do you also care for a Japanese women’s human rights? The Global Gender Gap Report 2012 reports, “Japan is 101st in Global Gender Gap Rankings out of 135 countries”. “Frog in a well-ish” words are not acceptable in the world. Especially, for U.S.A. Please face up to reality!

My Japanese tweet #7:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto Regarding human rights #2: There are many cases like, the salary of “women who have a good career-minded & good balanced personality” is less than the salary of “men who don’t have a career-minded & have a bad personality”…I guess this case is only in Japan within developed country? Please face up to reality!


Just for your information, today’s my breakfast was… PB&J +  Scrambled eggs with cheese + Café au lait with classic music.

I feel like… I am addicted to PB&J :)

How was your breakfast?

Have a nice day!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 21, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, May 11, 2013

#212- Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott + Kozue Akimoto = Fabulous Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog/Video Shoot

*** Yes, I will be a translator!

Out of the blue, the celebrity manicurist Ms.Emi Kudo (She works for many Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Anne Hathaway, etc.) asked me, “Yoko-san, would you like to work for a photo shoot project as a translator for a Japanese model?  I know this is not like your regular project or your regular fees, but it might be fun for you for a day? ”

Emi introduced me to a producer, Mr.Frank Roller at GLAMPR LLC (www.glampr.com). At this time, Frank coordinated the project of the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog/Video Shoot with a Japanese fashion model.

Many times I wrote about Adidas for Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News) at Project Show, ASR Show, Agenda Show etc, but I have never written about Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott or met Mr.Jeremy Scott yet.

Sounds like fun!

Sometimes I work as a translator for this kind of project. I love photo shoot. Meet nice people, Watch nice things and Eat nice food, the photo shoot project is not like a job, just like a fun party.

Yes, Of course, I will do it!

*** Am I a journalist? or a translator?

Working with a fashion designer, Mr.Jeremy Scott and a Jeremy’s favorite fashion model, Ms. Kozue Akimoto, it was fun!

Due to a contract, I can’t write about the detail about the photo shoot & video shoot, but I can write something on here without scoops.

As I am a journalist/writer, I have a habit of asking questions… I couldn’t be a just translator… ha ha…

I needed to ask questions like, “How many items she will wear?” (Kozue will understand how much she need to use her energy for each cloths, she can adjust her energy, right?), “Does she need to jump with this shoes?” (Again, she can adjust her energy for her shoot) etc…

What if I am the model, I would like to know the detail before shoot, so I asked many questions for Kozue to a photographer, a videographer, a fashion designer, a stylist, a makeup stylist and a hair stylist.

I was trying to make Kozue happy & easy.

She told me, she doesn't have a jet lag, but she just arrived in L. A. a night before the shoot, so I wanted her to have a nice day!

*** One word… FABOULOUS!

FABULOUS PLACE: MILK STUDIOS (http://www.milkstudios.com/) knows what is the high maintenance of art work. A Fabulous place to work!

FABULOUS FASHION DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR: Mr.Jeremy Scott (http://www.jeremyscott.com/) knows what fun for fashion. I love his colorful items. His clothes have been worn by pop stars and celebrities including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani etc… A Fabulous Fabulous fashion designer!

FABULOUS JAPANESE MODEL: Ms.Kozue Akimoto (http://ameblo.jp/kozue-akimoto/) knows how she can be a sexy, beautiful, cute, pretty and fun girl. A Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous fashion model!

Like Attracts Like… Fabulous Attracts Fabulous.

*** Do what you love!

Moreover… I broke the rule… I am sorry, but I am a Japanese woman (even though I live in U.S.A. for 25 years)…I couldn’t drop her at the hotel without dinner… so I drove/took her dinner (Oops… she treated me for a dinner…).

TALK+ LAUGH+ EAT… We had a fabulous time at CHIN-CHIN (American Chinese Restaurant) in Sunset Plaza.

I told her that “you will be more successful in the world!” 

Then, after dinner, her fortune cookie said same thing what I said.

She wrote a wonderful blog about the photo shoot & video shoot at http://ameblo.jp/kozue-akimoto/day-20130510.html

Regarding the photos in her blog, 12 hours photo shoot & video shoot later, she still looked fresh & beautiful and I looked tired & old… I guess I am not a fashion model… ha ha ha…

Kozue and I had an amazing time. She is a very professional & cool fashion model, but she is very cute, fun and smart. It makes sense that she has many fans in Japan.

Anyway, we had a fabulous day in Hollywood :)

Life is fabulous!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 11, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#211- 7 hours in San Gabriel & Monterey Park

The other day, I had a wonderful time with two new Chinese friends (Ms.B & her sister, Ms.K).

Just 20 minutes driving from my place… there is suburban Chinatown/ new Chinatown (San Gabriel & Monterey Park in Los Angeles County) and I had an amazing time for 7 hours.

I have been to San Gabriel & Monterey Park a couple times in the past with American friends and a Taiwanese friend, but I guess I didn’t have enough experience of Chinese culture…


Ms.B treated me for dim sum at NEW CAPITAL SEAFOOD RESTAURANT in San Gabriel. There were so many people (about 100 people) waiting for dim sum, but it was worth of an hour wait. They served us very delicious dim sum.

I had eaten dim sum so many times with American friends in Los Angeles or my Japanese family & friends in Japan, but I ate new items with Ms.B & Ms.K the other day. Beef Tendon and Chicken Claws…it was my first time to taste those…! Ms.K told me, “These are good for our skin!”…Oh…nice… :)

Now I understand how my American friends feel when I eat my favorite “Fried Sweet Shrimp Heads” at sushi bar… :)

Culture shock #1: When I was eating Chicken Claws, I was almost eating everything (I mean, bones), thank god… Ms.K told me, “Yoko, don’t eat bones, just eat skins”. If I eat Chicken Claws with my American friends, I probably eat everything…!

Tips #1: Eat Chinese food with Chinese friends. More fun and more delicious.


After our dim sum, Ms.B and Ms.K took me to Focus Store. OMG… there are so many products from Japan, Taiwan and China. Compare to Gelson’s (I usually shop at Gelson’s) or Japanese super market (I go to some Japanese super markets once in a while)…amazing prices! I’ve got two bottle of Nigori Sake, a cooking knife and a ladle from Japan (they are “made in Japan” products). I was looking for that “made in Japan” stuff with reasonable price for such a long time…!

Then Ms.B and Ms.K took me to 99 Ranch Market, and I’ve also got some stuff there. I’ve got a 5 pound bag of Japanese rice for $4.99! … I can’t get a 5 pound bag of Japanese rice for $4.99 at Gelson’s.

Ms.K said to me,  “Yoko, you should get this bag of Japanese rice (15lbs) instead of that (5lbs)”.

Me: I am ok… that (15lbs) is very heavy. I can’t carry that.

Ms.K: I can carry this (15lbs) to your car, so you should buy it!

After I bought a 5 pound bag of Japanese rice…I saw a 15 pound bag of Japanese rice at the front of the store…

Me: Oh… no… same brand??? One bag for $5.98???

Ms.K: I told you! This 15 pound bag of Japanese rice is $5.98 and yours is $4.99 (5lbs). You should exchange your 5lbs bag to 15lbs bag.

Me: Oh…it’s all right… It’s heavy…but…wow…so cheap…!

Ms.K: Let’s go to exchange them!

Ms.K is so kind that she helped me to exchange my rice and she brought bag of rice (15lbs heavy) to my car.

I thought I am good at negotiation, but Ms.K is a super good negotiator!

Ms.B went back to the store as well. She got a great deal strawberries.

Wow, what a smart & kind Chinese people.

Culture shock #2: There are reasonable price Japanese products in new Chinatown (San Gabriel & Monterey Park).

Tips #2: Compare the prices, don’t hesitate to exchange products.


One restaurant and two stores later, Ms.B and Ms.K took me to LEE’S SANDWICHES (leesandwiches.com) for an iced coffee. Wow… a real Vietnamese iced coffee!  So tasty! Again, Ms.B treated me for an iced coffee and cookies.

What a nice coffee time… I was so happy in San Gabriel with two wonderful new Chinese friends.

Culture shock #3: The best strong & sweet iced coffee is at LEE’S SANDWICHIES.

Tips #3: If you like strong coffee, go to Vietnamese coffee place.


Ms.B asked me, “Yoko, you wanna buy a Japanese style roll cake right? I know the great place for you!”

Ms.B and Ms.K took me to the Bakery, KiKi Bakery. “Ok… I will get a roll cake!”

Me: OMG… So cheap!  $3.50 each?

Ms.B: No… three breads for $3.50.

Me: What??? I bought many breads at Gelson’s yesterday, so I can’t buy many breads today…Oh… you know what, I can freeze breads from Gelson’s, and I can eat these breads this week, right?

I bought some breads and a roll cake.

Culture shock #4: Tasty Japanese style breads and cakes are in new Chinatown.

Tips #4: Go to new Chinatown when you are hungry.


Ok… time to go home…

Ms.B: You wanna see DAISO JAPAN in Monterey Park?

Me: I’ve heard about the store, but I’ve never been to the store yet. Is that store nice?

Ms.B and Ms.K took me there… I’ve got a cute pink salad bowl, cute white & pink salad server tongs etc… we’ve been there for about one hour…

Culture shock #5: I thought Japanese products are very expensive (excuse me, I am Japanese from Japan!)… but there are very cheap & cute Japanese stuff at DAISO JAPAN…! “DAISO JAPAN” = “99 Cents Only Stores” + “IKEA”

Tips #5: If you want to buy reasonable price Japanese products, go to DAISO JAPAN.


I was just going for lunch in San Gabriel, but I spent 7 hours in San Gabriel & Monterey Park with two wonderful new friends. It was an amazing day & wonderful culture shock day.

Life is fun & delicious.

I hope you are having a fun & delicious life too :)

P.S. If you are looking for a house or condo (want to buy, sell, or interest in real estate), Ms.K is a realtor. Call Kerri at Keller Williams Realty in Pasadena (Office: 626-204-3300). Remember, Kerri is a very smart & beautiful woman, and I am a little bit a psychic (read my post on April 21, 2013) which means, I can tell “Kerri will help you to find your nice home or sell your home in Los Angeles”.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 1, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto