Sunday, March 3, 2013

#204- Food, Clothing and Housing

The other day, during the brunch with my friend M, we talked about the “priority of our lives”.

Food, clothing and housing are the basis of life.

In Japan, we (Japanese people) call “E - Shoku - Ju” about the basis of life.

E = Clothing

Shoku = Food

Ju = Housing

I guess, many Japanese people care about clothing more than housing. As you know, many Japanese people are very stylish, but they live in the small places in Japan.

And we (Japanese people) really care about the quality of things, especially for food.

That’s why we are very sensitive & polite people in the world. (Oops, I forgot about that I was going to talk about the humble Japanese people & culture… maybe next time…ha ha…)


Anyway, what is your priority of your life?

My friend M: I care about Housing first, then Clothing. I don’t care about Food not much.

Of course, she has great taste in things. Her home is very stylish and she has a fabulous taste in fashion. (And she is skinny!)

Me: I really care about food!!!  Food gives me energy and brain power. Food makes me happy. When I am happy, I am able to make people happy! So…for me, #1- Food, #2- Housing and #3- Clothing.

How about you? What is your priority of your life?

Food is first? or Clothing is first? or Housing is first?


So, I love grocery shopping.

I feel like…I am deciding what food makes my energy this week… kind of like…I am planning how to make my body & my mind happy & healthy.

Today, I shopped at the Gelson’s (I only shop at Gelson’s, because they have great energy & high quality energy).

Took two hours to put flowers, vegetables, fruits, meats, fishes, cookies, toilet papers, soaps, water bottles etc... into my shopping cart.

Pink roses & Yellow daisies make beautiful my home & my mind. (I could feel beautiful inside and out!)

Filet Mignon gives strong energy for my brain. (I am able to think well!)

Lemons make my skin smooth. (I could feel healthy!)

Lettuce & Kale make my healthy body & my calm mind. (Yes, I am healthy!)

South of France lavender soap makes my skin better. (I could feel clean & beautiful!)

Chocolate cookies & Potato chips make me happy and I am able to make people happy. (When I am happy, I am able to make people happy!)

Bananas make creative energy for my writing… Yes, I will write more stories and I will make people happy!

How about you? What do you have in your fruits basket and your refrigerator today?


Tonight, I am going to make Spaghetti Neapolitan (Japanese & Italian style spaghetti) and Caesar Salad. And I am going to have Banana Juice (Banana & Milk & Sugar give me happy energy! it’s a popular juice in Japan).

What are you going to eat for your next meal?

Have a very delicious day to you :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles March 3, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto