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#230- Topanga Canyon (L.A.) = Conscious Community [A supermodel Angela Lindvall] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Oops… my new column is on the Senken-Shimbun today… I guess my editor couldn’t wait to publish it (my new column supposed to publish on Dec 15th)  … :)

Anyway, my new column came out today (December 5, 2013) in Japan on the site of Senken-Shimbun (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper

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Here is my translation into English from Japanese.

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Updated on December 5, 2013 (in Japan)

“I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column series)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles

Title of the new column: Topanga Canyon (L.A.) = Conscious Community 

10 minutes by the mountain road from the town which many celebrities are living “Malibu Beach”, there is a “Village that many unique people who love nature life style” Topanga Canyon.

In this village, a supermodel Ms. Angela Lindvall bought a mansion in huge land 7 acres 7 years ago. She has a balanced life style in her fashion & entertainment career and private life with two sons (11 year old and 8 year old). She is having fulfilling days.

“I learned that everything we experience is from our perception. I thought everyone was judgmental, but I realized, no you are judgment and you are coming with this opinion. If we think the fashion show and party are fun, and then fun things will come. Fashion is expression to me. My favorite style is masculine and feminine, I like mixing.”

“After I gave birth to my baby, I moved to L.A. that could enjoy healthy life style from big city N.Y. Topanga has no chain café and restaurant. Everything is family own coffee shops, family own markets, and ranches. It’s like an old community mentality” said Angela.

With her thought “I would like to share my experience”, she started renting her house to people who want to have the experience of healthy life style. “GREENLEAF OASIS” is for enjoying the healthy food, spa, yoga, hiking etc.

“L.A. is very cutting edge, in terms of it’s always been in the forefront of conscious living and health. Everything is coming from here” Angela praises highly about L.A.

Photos captions:

(As you know, I don't have photos in my blog. If you want to see photos, please visit at

Photo 1: At the living room of Angela’s house. Her secret of the supermodel body is healthy food and yoga. She got a Kundalini Yoga teacher license while she was working and raising her children. She said, “Opening up the consciousness and changed my life.”

Photo 2: At her garden with smell of lavender. The garden has 60 fruits trees and the farm of 10 kinds of organic vegetables. You can enjoy with the view of mountains of Topanga Canyon and feel like being in the wild nature. “Only 30 minutes from the central of L.A. I am happy to share this life style in nature” said Angela. There is great information about Topanga Canyon on the website of lodging facilities of her house “GREENLEAF OASIS” ( ).

Photo 3: At the Angela’s dining room of her house. There are family photos and memorable photos on the wall. “I don’t think it’s about being something different, it’s about being best of you” said Angela.


Gosh… I am so lucky to know Angela.

She is very positive & beautiful inside and out.

Angela quote #1: We are a human being, not a human doing, right? So I think, really it’s important to learn how to be still, to be present.

Angela quote #2: I feel very fortunate that I am finding a balance. For me, most important thing, I want to find this balance of being here.

Angela quote #3: What is my motto of my life? Being in the moment. Enjoy every moment.


Anyway... this post is the best way to finish my 2013, right?

Ok… I am leaving for Japan soon…

Again… Happy Holidays to you!!!
See you in Next Year!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles December 5, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

#229- Spring 2014 L.A. (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

This is my last post in 2013, because I am going to take a winter vacation, and I will be in Japan for 40 days.

Before my winter vacation, I would like to share the scoop about “Spring 2014 L.A. Fashion Market Week” with you.

As you know, I always appreciate people who gave me scoop or useful information for my articles & readers. So I always translate my articles into English from Japanese (or into Japanese from English).


The other day, the article about the Spring 2014 L.A. Fashion Market Week came out on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News).

I translated the article into English from Japanese. Please read below and enjoy it!


On November 14, 2013 (in Japan)
By Yoko Fujimoto, writer in Los Angeles


Wild color& design
Spring 2014 L.A. Fashion Market Week
Individuality shows

Spring 2014 L.A. Fashion Market Week held in the Fashion District in Los Angeles, U.S.A. during mid-October for four days.

At this time, it seems like many products are trying to “make different from the other company”, and there are many wild arrangement of colors and design products.

At the SELECT show, a first exhibitor from Georgia “Mamie Ruth” has a bohemian style with a unique print & color combination. An owner & designer of this brand, Ms. Emily Bargeron emphasized, “Clothing is an art. I want people to wear clothing with a feeling, not wearing a cloth. Japanese people understand this, so I would like to sell my products in Japan.”

“Angelys Balek” at the D&A show has also unique print combination. It looks like a painting on the clothing, it’s a fun charm.

The colorful arts on clothing “Under 2 Flags” and the unique print “Primitive” also seem like the same trend in men’s.

The first exhibitor at the D&A show “rsn boheme” is designed by the celebrity photographer Ms. Randee St Nicholas who has been making custom-made clothing for celebrities since couple of years ago. Her line is getting popular by the word of mouth. “Celebrities such as Prince, Britney Spears are wearing my brand, and the comfortable clothing is their favorable reception”, she said. Her products are available at the major stores in L.A. such as “Maxfield” and “Church” etc. “The pattern maker is a 60 year-veteran (80 years old). Fit is perfect.” It’s very comfortable to move and very stylish, this brand shows the strength of the photographer.

Good quality Japanese brands are doing well. At the COEUR show, first exhibitor and N.Y. scarf brand “Grisal” is designed by Japanese and made in Japan. The scarf made by the special machine in Nigata, Japan. It’s soft touch and it’s layered look with two scarves (duo style). “There are many buyers who are relieved to hear that our products are made in Japan. I've got a deal with Fred Segal which is our ideal store.”

“Red Card Denim” is also popular for buyers because their products are made in Japan. “Buyers in U.S. love the high quality of wash technic.”

Next L.A. Fashion Market Week will start January 12th for four days.

Photos by Yoko Fujimoto (I took photos as well!)
P.S. As you know, no photos on my blog.

Photo #1: Main products of “Mamie Ruth”

Photo #2: Unique combination of print tops & skirt, “Angelys Balek”, and the butterfly theme dress

Photo #3: Main products of “Under 2 Flags”

Photo #4: Popular products for buyers of “Primitive”

Did you enjoy the spring 2014 scoop in L.A.?


By the way, I have a colorful scoop for you.

2014 Lucky Feng Shui Colors are… pink, gold and camel.

Yes…pink is my color... 2014 will be my year :)

I hope you have your favorite colors in these three colors…


Happy Holidays to you :)

See you in January 2014!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles December 1, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, November 16, 2013

#228- Bel-Air (L.A.) = Elegant [Bel-Air Film Festival] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Today, my new column came out on the site of Senken-Shimbun (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper ) .

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Here is my translation into English from Japanese.

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Updated on November 16, 2013 (in Japan)


“I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column series)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles


Title of the new column: Bel-Air (L.A.) = Elegant

“Beverly Hills” is a famous town for gathering wealthy people, and next door “Bel-Air” is the town where also many multi-millionaires are living, and it’s a historic area as the luxury estate.

Ms.Melody Storm is a true lady. She was born and raised in Beverly Hills, and she used to go to Beverly Hills High School that was the story setting for a popular TV drama “Beverly Hills, 90210”.

After she worked at the PR firm for a year, she made a goal, “There are many top people of the entertainment industry (producers, directors, actors etc.) in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air. I want to contribute to my hometown for the film industry.”

In 2008 she founded the international film festival “Bel-Air Film Festival” that focus on the independent & student films.

In the mid October, for six days, 50 films were shown. “Producer Sam” (by the Japanese producer & script writer, Ms.Erika Fraade who lives in U.S. This film is her first film) were shown at the world premiere event and they had a red carpet gala.

This film festival is a small event and has a cozy atmosphere, and there are more people in a cocktail dress or suit than long dress or tuxedo.

The winner film of the Best Jury Feature Film, Best Jury Feature Film Directing, Best Jury Feature Film Cinematography, “Return to the Hiding Place” produced by a family in Texas (Script writer / father, Producer / daughter, Co-director / son). Producer Ms. Petra Spencer Pearce said with delight, “What an honor to receive the favorable rating by the well-known town in U.S. , Bel-Air.”

The festival is well-attended by many elegant people who fit in Bel-Air, and this film festival has a bright future.


Photos captions:

(As you know, I don't have photos in my blog. If you want to see photos, please visit at

Photo 1: The founder of Bel-Air Film Festival (, Ms. Melody Storm

Photo 2: Producer & Script writer, Ms.Erika Fraade of the romantic comedy about the middle age movie producer’s love life, “Producer Sam” ( She talked about the red carpet gala,”I am not an actress, so I was very nervous. I walked on the red carpet with my mother who visited from Japan”. She also talked with praise highly “This film festival gave us (like me, an unknown person) a big chance. This event is wonderful.”

Photo 3: At the red carpet gala. The leading actor of “Producer Sam”, Mr. Michael Devorzon. “This is my first time here. I am very impressed by many attendees. It’s a cozy event and nice”, he said.

Photo 4: Staff (From the left, Actor / Mr. Matthew Abshire, Co-director / Mr. Josiah Spencer, Producer / Ms. Petra Spencer Pearce, Associate Producer / Ms. Anna C Armstrong) of the film “Return to the Hiding Place” (, this film received the awards of the Best Jury Feature Film, the Best Jury Feature Film Directing, and the Best Jury Feature Film Cinematography.

Photo 5: The honoree actress, Ms. Rumer Willis (who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)

Photo 6: The honoree actor, Mr. Jayson Blair

Photo 7: At the red carpet gala. Actress Ms. Christina Collard

Photo 8: At the red carpet gala. Actress Ms. Victoria Samer

Photo 9: At the red carpet gala. Japanese reality TV show was shooting at this event with Ms. Riho Takada

Photo 10: At the red carpet gala. Well-known DJ, DJ Shy

Photo 11: At the red carpet gala. Actor Mr. Thomas Tevana

Photo 12: At the red carpet gala. This is the small version of Hollywood world.  The photographer, Ms. Beck Starr (left) of the famous stock photo agency, Getty Images. She was talking to actors and actresses while she was shooting. She is very professional and it was very fun to watch how she works ( )


I watched “Producer Sam” and “Return to the Hiding Place” at the Bel-Air Film Festival.


Producer Sam: I saw myself in this movie, but not in the women’s shoes, I was in the Sam’s shoes. It’s a cute romantic comedy.

What a surprise & amazing! Ms. Erika Fraade came from Japan 13 years ago, and she produced and wrote this film first time. She just applied to enter this film festival early this year. “Anything is possible”, yes I agree with her.



Return to the Hiding Place: I was so speechless after I watched it. It’s a well done film. It’s a moving film. It’s a beautiful story about passion & love.

When I was watching the film “Producer Sam”, an anesthesiology Dr. Anna C. Armstrong, MD was next to me, and after the film we chatted a couple of minutes. She told me, “I am an associate producer of the film ‘Return to the Hiding Place’. You should come to the screening on Sunday!” Yes, thanks to her. I am glad that I saw this film. I always have luck of the timing :)


I am very impressed by Ms. Melody Storm. She just started this film festival by herself without money six years ago. She is a truly creative entrepreneur. Yes, I really believe that “anything is possible”.

I love what I do every day.

I love my life.

How is your life?

I hope you are having fun in your life like me :)

Happy every day to you :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles November 16, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#227- East Side (L.A.)=Alternative Lifestyles (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Since March 2006, I have been living in Los Feliz.

I love East Side of Los Angeles. This area gives me the energy of “something different”.

The other day, my friend who is a fashion designer, Ms. Peri Donch (PERI invited me to her sample sale party at her apartment in this area.

Peri: We are having another fabulous sample sale party!
Me: Sounds like fun like last time at Laura’s house. I’ll be there!

Peri: Great!

Me: And another great news for you! I can write about you guys in Senken-Shimbun!
Peri: We would love it! I have so much to show you..!


Today, my new column on the site of Senken-Shimbun (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper ) came out about this sample sale party.

You can click on my face logo on the front page of this site for a couple of days (A couple of days later, you can click on here at my column page

Only 600 words in Japanese… it’s a small column, but it’s a great scoop as usual.

If you don’t read Japanese, but you want to see scoop photos, please visit at

Here is my translation into English from Japanese.

On Senken+
( )

Updated on October 22, 2013 (in Japan)

“I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column series)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles

Title of the new column: East Side (L.A.)Alternative Lifestyles

Many artists and creators are living in the East Side of L.A. such as Echo Park, Silver Lake and Los Feliz.

A founder of “PERI” (Brand concept is Eco friendly & California chic), Ms. Peri Donch used to work at American Apparel, Junk Food Clothing, Andrew Christian etc. She is living in the East Side of L.A., and she and her creator’s friends hold a sample sale party sometimes.

A lighting technician of TV drama “Body of Proof”, “Without a Trace” etc, Ms. Laura Stewart founded the tea brand “Siptea” and she sells tea from everywhere in the world.

A film producer, Ms. Max Wong started knitting as her hobby, and she sold her children sweater & hat at the boutique Fred Segal. She also makes honey and jam at her home, and it’s called “Sticky Acres”. She spent all day to make jam and she can make only 7 jars per day. Her stuff is thoughtful products.

A handbag designer & owner of Lola 76, Ms. Gabriela Aceves said, “I am a single mom who lost a job from the longtime employment. I spent all my money I have and founded my brand.” Her brand concept is retro + edge. Every bag is colorful and powerful.

L.A. is still in recession, but people are trying to help each other like this, and many people are living energetically.

Photos captions:
(As you know, I don't put photos in my blog. If you want to see photos, please visit at

Photo 1: Ms. Peri Donch and her friends (from left, Ms. Max Wong, Ms. Laura Stewart, Ms. Gabriela Aceves and Ms. Peri Donch).  “We are in recession, so we are in searching for a solution and we are helping each other” (said Peri). Peri’s living room was full of products of her and her friends.

Photo 2: Ms. Peri Donch served Salmon bagel sandwiches, Crackers, Cheeses, Cookies, Mimosa and Iced tea for us.

Photo 3: PERI ( uses ecofriendly materials such as organic cotton, silk, cashmere, bamboo, Recycled polyester etc. and produces T-shirts, Dress, Eco bag etc. Interior designer, Ms. Carolyn Greco said, “So comfortable and sexy dress!”, and she bought it.

Photo 4: New fall collection by PERI.
Photo 5: “Siptea” ( had a cafe in downtown L.A., but they had to close, because of the recession. At this time, they sell unique tea from everywhere in the world on online.

Photo 6: “Sticky Acres” sell by the world of mouth and sometimes they sell at the popup shop. “I would like to sell my products in Japan by my blog (” said the owner of “Sticky Acres”, Ms. Max Wong.

Photo 7: Cardigan, hat, scarf and brooch by Ms. Max Wong.

Photo 8: Lola 76 ( is made in L.A. This brand is one year old. At this time, they sell at some boutiques in L.A. and N.Y. 

I hope you enjoyed my friend’s story.

If you need my help, please let me know, I will help you next time :)

P.S. I’ve got A T-shirts by “PERI”, TWO bags of “Siptea”, A jar of honey by “Sticky Acres” and TWO jars of jam by “Sticky Acres”. Total was $45. It was fun shopping and chatting and writing :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles October 22, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

#226- Happy Crowd at GALLERIE SPARTA

My fabulous friend & Celebrity Psychic, Mr. Ron Bard ( invited me to Jane Seymour - Red Carpet Opening Night Reception at GALLERIE SPARTA ( on October 3rd.

Ron is a fun person to hang out with. He has many fabulous friends in town.

His great friend who is an owner of GALLERIE SPARTA, Mr. Stephan Sparta (he is also an architect & an interior designer has many fabulous friends as well.

I had a fabulous time with them at this party.

Ron, Stephan and Jane brought “Happy Crowd” at GALLERIE SPARTA.


Ms. Jane Seymour is so beautiful and sweet that she walked around and said hi to everyone.

She welcomed everyone with hearty shake hands.

Her paintings are amazing. Most of her paintings are flowers. (I love flowers!)

There are so many pretty pink in her art works. (I love pink!)

Especially, my favorite painting is “Portrait of Rose”.

Stephan: You can have the “Portrait of Rose”. It is only $ 2,950.00 and you can pay in 2 payments.

Me: After my book published, I can afford it :)

Jane’s paintings show her beauty inside and out and her beautiful positive energy. I love her style.


I have met fabulous people at this party.

Beautiful people make beautiful art works: Mr. Hal Swanson who is an architect and his business partner Mr. Dan Ollis ( 

Unique ideas create stunning art works: Mr. Leon Leigh who is a sculptor.

Passion brings passionate art works: Mr. Stuart Kusher who is a sculptor.

Entrepreneur mind + Artistic mind = Great philosophy:  Mr. Alan Barrows who is a fine artists’s agent & collection advisor (

Funny + Fun energy brings business: Mr. Bryan C. Kim who is a president of MILA D’OPIZ (Swiss cosmetics company /

Beautiful + Stylish energy brings beautiful jewelry: Ms. Rachele Beretta who is a custom made jewelry designer of Lale’s Jewelry.


Rachele said, “Everyone should be so lucky to meet Ron Bard”.

Yes, she is right.

Many people wanted to meet and talk with Ron. He has a great power!

Yes, I found a lucky penny in front of this place (I was standing next to Ron outside, in front of the gallerie, because he was smoking a cigar / the lucky penny was under the place where Ron was standing!).

Me: Oh… I found the lucky penny!

Ron: Is that the face side?

Me: Yes! It’s a lucky penny!

Ron: Keep it!

Me: Oh… you gave me luck, Ron!!! Thank you!

My mother (who lives in Tokyo, Japan) told me on the phone after I came home from this event, “You didn’t give the lucky penny to Ron? You should’ve given it to Ron!”  Ah… Ron has enough luck… I need this luck so badly… :)

Find a lucky penny means you are being protected against any evil energy, and you can use it as a lucky charm. Do you believe in this?  I do!

I believe that Ron is my lucky friend! He has such a fabulous power. He is a truly psychic.


Anyway, I really had a fabulous time at Jane Seymour - Red Carpet Opening Night Reception at GALLERIE SPARTA.

Jane Seymour’s paintings exhibit October 4-31, 2013
8641 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

I hope you can feel happy energy like I did.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles October 5, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, September 14, 2013

#225- West Hollywood = California Dream [Butterflyzebra] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Have you been to the “Sunset Strip”?  (I wrote a post on April 29, 2012 about it at .)

As you know, the Sunset Strip is the name given to the mile and a half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood, California.

The Sunset Strip is my favorite street in Los Angeles.


Today, my new column on the site of Senken-Shimbun (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper ) came out about my favorite street “Sunset Strip” and my favorite friend “Ms. Liza Stewart”.

You can click on my face logo on the front page of this site for a couple of days (A couple of days later, you can click on here at my column page ).


Ms. Liza Stewart… I became friend with her in 2010 after I interviewed her for Senken-Shimbun. Since 2010, we have been chatting here and there with lunch & drink about our life (career, love life, food, art etc).

We always have many fabulous episodes to share with.


A couple of weeks ago, she invited me to her house in West Hollywood.

I brought a perfect box of sweets (cakes and macaroons) from “between us” (at the Sunset Plaza) for her.

Liza: Wow!  Zebra’s bag! It matches with my brand!

(Liza own the fashion brand “Butterflyzebra” which has a logo of butterfly with zebra, and the bag of “between us” has a zebra pattern.)

Yoko: Yes! I always have a good instinct for things and I always choose perfect things!  ha ha ha!

Liza’s house is amazing!  (Even though you don’t read Japanese, you can see and enjoy her house photos at

Her house shows everything about her. She is very beautiful inside and out, and she is very smart, sweet and stylish.

Playful swimming pool, Cozy patio with colorful cushions, Intellectual living room with a lot of books and art (her mother is a painter / her mother’s paintings are on the wall), Sophisticated kitchen with bright light, Gorgeous bed room with a boutique style closet, Pretty guest bed room, Rich guest house with a large sauna… she has everything which many girls want.

I am very lucky to know her and she is my fabulous friend.


As I said before, only 600 words in Japanese… it’s a small column, but it’s a great scoop.

If you don’t read Japanese, but you want to see scoop photos, please visit at

Here is my translation into English from Japanese.

On Senken+

Updated on September 14, 2013 (in Japan)

“I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column series)

By Yoko Fujimoto

Writer from Los Angeles

Title of the new column: W Hollywood = CA Dream

West Hollywood (L.A.) Street “Sunset Strip”. It’s known for the setting of a film and a musical, and the town for rock clubs, restaurants, boutiques etc.

One of the famous sights, its trademark array of huge colorful billboards is on the Sunset Blvd. Ms. Liza Stewart lives near this street. “18 years since I have moved in L.A. from Chicago. It’s cosmopolitan and well known for a big fashion industry. We have beach and perfect weather. L.A. is just a city of California Dream” she praise highly.

Liza borrowed 35,000 dollars from her mother and she founded her own showroom “Liza Stewart” in downtown L.A. 17 years ago. The showroom carries 8 brands including Gold Hawk, Yoana Baraschi etc, and selling to buyers. Planet blue in Japan also regularly visits this showroom. Liza also founded her own lady’s brand “Butterflyzebra” 2 years ago.

“I saw a large butterfly about 7 inches size, and then ideas flashed into my mind” said Liza. She put together the butterfly and her favorite zebra pattern “Butterfly and Zebra” as her brand symbol, and she started her brand with a travel bag and scarf made of vintage fabric of CHANEL at first.

Sandals or boots, accessories or small items, to change them or add them to coordinated the style, they are able to wear it from the morning to evening. At this time, they have total collections from tops to dresses. Made in L.A. with California Dream. “Launch this in Japan” Liza’s dream is expanding for it.

Photos captions:

(As you know, I don't put photos in my blog. If you want to see photos, please visit at

Photo1: Ms. Liza Stewart is wearing “Butterflyzebra” ( dress. This is a sneak peek of her idea board for next spring collection which she is working on it right now. (Only for readers on this site! Scoop!)

Photo 2: The reason for why she bought a house in West Hollywood is, “It’s just between Downtown L.A. and Beach. West Hollywood is the center of L.A.” This travel bag is the first product of her brand. (At her swimming pool at her house.)

Photo 3: This is just a California Dream life style. Between the house and the garden, she is enjoying her lunch at her country style patio.

Photo 4: Closet in her bed is like a shelf of a boutique! Easy to wear to casual or chic “Butterflyzebra”’s dress with stretch knit. It has a full of California spirits.

Photo 5: A writer (Yoko Fujimoto) always chooses this view of Sunset Strip with many billboards for a request from Japanese TV projects that they want to shoot typical L.A. street view.

Photo 6: New fall item of “Butterflyzebra”.

Photo 7: New fall item of “Butterflyzebra”.


Liza treated me for a delicious lunch (Lemon Chicken, Orzo Salad and Spicy Green Beans) and drink (Vodka & Lemonade).

Oh… she is fabulous inside and out in West Hollywood.

A fabulous day with a fabulous friend.

I hope you are having a fabulous day like me :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles September 14, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#224- What do you think of Japan?

Area 51, Fukushima nuclear power plant, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s policy & strategy toward the world, JAPAN’s policy regarding the Syria situation…

Last couple of weeks, I was working for the Japanese weekly magazine “Shukan Gendai” (by the largest Japanese publisher, Kodansha Ltd.


On September 9, 2013 in Japan, the feature article came out on “Shukan Gendai”.

“What intellectual people in the world think of Japan?”

I interviewed three people in U.S.A. for this article.

A senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation, A former scientist of the department of radiation biology at UCSF, and A news anchor of the KTLA 5 Morning News (former CNN correspondent).

Our questions are…

1) In the latest crisis to strike the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has discovered that 300 tons (nearly 72,000 gallons) of highly radioactive water has leaked from a holding tank into the ground over the past month.

How U.S. media reported about this issue?
What do you think of this issue?

2) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Middle East countries to make them “love Japan (pro-Japanese)” instead of “love China (pro-Chinese)”. Abe’s strategy called “a terrestrial globe strategy”.

How U.S. media reported about the Abe’s policy & strategy toward the world?
What do you think of Abe’s policy & strategy toward the world?

3) What do you think of JAPAN & the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s policy regarding the Syria situation? 

As you know JAPAN doesn’t have a military, but Prime Minister Abe might use a right of collective self-defense (includes the Self-Defense Force mission).

Prime Minister Abe said Sunday (Sep 1) he will closely monitor how the U.S. Congress will react to President Barack Obama's decision to ask it to support a military strike punishing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime for the alleged use of chemical weapons.


I don’t have a copyright for this article of “Shukan Gendai”, so I can’t translate the article into English from Japanese on here (in my blog)…

BUT I would like to share my little scoop!

OH… Mr.Frank Buckley who is a news anchor on LA’s #1 morning news program, the KTLA 5 Morning News (Previously, he served as a CNN correspondent) is the sweetest!

WHEN I made contact with the beautiful & wonderful TV reporter Ms.Wendy Burch (My hero! Read my blog on March 16, 2009, she is so sweet that she introduced me to Mr.Frank Buckley.

WENDY said, “Hello Yoko….I’m including my wonderful colleague, Frank Buckley on this email. He actually went to Japan to cover the story for KTLA. We will have tremendous insight for you.”

THEN, Frank wrote me back at 7:40am… he is so kind and sweet that he wrote me an email during his TV program…He knew I was in the urgent project… he said, “I’m on the air until 10am. I’ll make myself available.”

SINCE then, we had additional questions etc… but he responded right away each time. I am very impressed with his work and his warm heart.

HIS answers to our questions are wonderful. (I hope I can share his answers on this page.) I enjoyed his writings (he answered to me by email). He is a great writer! It makes sense that he used to write for Los Angeles Times.

FRANK is a truly Journalist. He has such a warm & beautiful mind. I really believe that he has a Japanese mother, because he is very kind and sweet like a Japanese man (He is an American whose mother is Japanese)  :)   By the way, for me… American men are sweeter than Japanese men, because I am Japanese woman :)

HE reported from Japan in the aftermath of the Kobe earthquake and the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, so he is the perfect person to answer to our questions. I am so lucky to have him in this article.

WOW, he reported on the earthquake and tsunami and its aftermath, traveling to Japan within 48 hours of the quake, and he reported from Sendai and the neighborhoods near the ocean so he saw the devastation firsthand.

HERE are some scoops besides serious issues.

1- Frank lived in Japan for six years as a boy and he speaks conversational Japanese.

2-He was in Japan with his wife and sons for vacation in April because he & his wife believe it’s important for their sons to know their heritage.

3- He is a member of the U.S.-Japan Council which seeks to strengthen U.S.-Japan relations in part through people-to-people diplomacy.

4- He actives in “giving back” to the Japanese and Japanese American communities in Southern California. He has donated his time to organizations such as the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, the Japanese American National Museum, the Japan Business Association of Southern California, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California.

5- He is a truly journalist, but he has a very kind heart. He said, “Still, in American journalism, our tradition is to try to remain as dispassionate as possible in reporting stories. We try not to take a side or inject our personal feelings into our coverage. So I will try to provide you with some comments that are more analytical in nature.”


Most of the morning and evening, I usually watch ABC TV news… but since I know Wendy (she moved to KTLA from ABC) and Frank, I am watching KTLA every morning.

Forget about the GOOD MORNING AMERICA (Oops… I watched “Lady Gaga” show the other day… sometimes, I still remember ABC TV in the morning :) ), Remember WATCH LA’s #1 morning news program, the KTLA 5 Morning News.

Wendy and Frank are my favorite on KTLA :)


By the way, my home town Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics!

What do you think of Japan?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles September 10, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

Sunday, September 1, 2013

#223- My thoughts about living in the U.S.A.

I have a Japanese blog.

Some blog posts are the same as my posts in my English blog (here), but sometimes I write a special post in my Japanese blog.

Today, I translated my Japanese blog post (on September 2, 2013 in Japan) into English.

I would like to share it with you.

Please read below.


Japanese blog

From Yoko Fujimoto

My thoughts about living in the U.S.A.

Posted on September 1, 2013

The other day (July 30, 2013), as I wrote about my columns of Rafu Shimpo (a Japanese-English language newspaper based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California, USA. The paper began in 1903. Rafu Shimpo is at, I used to write a column every month on the front page in Rafu Shimpo (the column is called “Jishin” / 20 reporters & writers are writing by a daily shift).

Between November 2002 and April 2008, I wrote a column every month in Rafu Shimpo.

Today, I was reading my old columns and I found one old column which has the perfect thoughts at this time. So I would like to share it with you.

This column is from September 14, 2004, but if I change my word from Iraq into Syria, I guess I have a same thought as my thought back then… even though it past 9 years since I wrote this column… I have same feelings…I have mix feelings about what’s happening in the world right now.


Rafu Shimpo

On September 14th, 2004
By Yoko Fujimoto

Living in the U.S.A.

I have been working as a reporter for NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai / Japan Broadcasting Corporation is Japan's national public broadcasting organization) Radio show’s program “Radio Shinyabin- World Network”. Every two weeks, I report news of Los Angeles to listeners in Japan on live (by the phone). I enjoy my report, so I don’t feel like this is work.

Since I have been trying to select the news which Japanese listeners could understand how L.A. people are living, and time after time, I am starting to realized “I am Japanese who live in America”.

I have been living in America since 1989. I was supposed to go home in Japan after my acting 2 years career, but I have changed my plan and I immigrated.

When I arrived at Los Angeles International Airport with broken English, a stranger kindly helped me to transfer to other airplane (to San Diego), she held my hand and said “you are all right”. I thought how American is so kind! I was very impressed with American. I still remember about that day.

Moreover I was very impressed with America. When I was at the Madonna’s concert, I saw handicap people in the wheelchair who were enjoying the concert. I realized America is a sweet country that has accessibility systems for everyone, so everyone can independent to live their lives.

Some people say, American is always screaming “Freedom! Freedom!”, and they are interference and overweening pride people. For me, American is always accepting people and enjoying each other. If they see someone in trouble, they always help them. But at this time, when comes to Iraq situation, the wrong way support will bring danger.

I am also an interference person who is trying to help people, but recently I realized that it’s very important about the value of Japanese original “humbly thoughtfulness”. I know two cultures of two countries, so I would like to use good side of them in my life and bring to my heart. As I am a radio reporter for this program, I appreciate that I realized how America is such a great country. I look forward to living in America for longer.


The other day, Reuters’s Japanese article about President Obama’s Syria Decision which translated into Japanese from English was, “national interest” instead of “national security interests”. After correction, the article said, “national interest based on national security interests”.

Many Japanese readers tweeted it or wrote comments / blogs about this article. They emphasized the word of “national interest = profit”, and criticized Mr. Obama. I think this trend is very dangerous.

One word might bring the problem or quarrel.

I really want you to know, most of citizens of U.S.A. against war. They don’t want Mr. Obama plan to military action against Syria. I hope Mr. Obama will listen to the U.S. citizen’s voice and he will calm down.

No matter what, even though there are some reasons or some problems, “War, Attack, Violence and Quarrel are not the solution”. I guess, most of the people in the world believe in this.

I am proud of Japan and Japanese people, we don’t carry guns and we don’t have military. I think Japanese people really understand “what the peace is”.

I am hoping that we will bring our peaceful mind to the world.


How was my Japanese blog?

I said, “I think Japanese people really understand what the peace is”, but I am sure that many people know what the peace is.

Have a peaceful day to you :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles September 1, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto