Friday, March 30, 2012

#170- A love letter from my mom

These days, I have many projects and I don’t have time to chat or get together with my friends.

Today, I went to the entrance hall at my apartment to get my mails (since Monday, I didn’t have a chance to pick them up).

Ms. R (an apartment community manager) is always friendly & nice, and she said to me, “Don’t work hard Yoko!”

Me: Yes, I know. I was up all night today for my deadline, so I look terrible.

Then, three of them (Ms. R, an assistant manager Ms.N and a leasing consultant Mr.A) said to me, “You look great!”

Oh… I am so happy to live here. They made my day!

Even though, tenants are nice. Mr. P said, “I haven’t seen you for a while at the fitness Center. How are you?”

Even though, a mailman is nice. Today, he (I forgot his name…!) said to me, “Yoko, you have a package from Japan!” Amazing, he remembers my name and my apartment room number! (We have 263 unites at our complex!)


Yes, I got a package and a letter from my mom in Tokyo, Japan. She sends me a letter once in a while. She is such a nice mom.

Today, I got two High-end chocolate boxes (including chocolate covered millefeuilles), Green tops, Pink diary (with her notes) and Instant soups (she knows, I don’t have time to cook not much these days) for my birthday presents.

My mom is a great writer. When I was a child, she always taught me how to write.

I have a “little dirty secret” with her. When I applied to the song writing contest in Japan during I was in elementary school (I was 11 years old), my mom wrote a song for me, then I (we, me & mom) won the contest! The song called, “Autumn Wind Boy”. The song was so beautiful, and the song sung by many students at elementary school all over in Japan.

Yes, I cheated the contest (but, I was not going to do it…my mom was helping at first, then she wrote everything for me)… ha ha ha!

Anyway, I love my mom’s letter. It always gives me a lot of love and positive power.

I would like to share it with you. My translation into English from my mom’s Japanese is rough. My mom’s Japanese is very beautiful than my translation. Please edit yourself and read it :)

*** Here are my mom’s notes (on my birthday, March 26 in Japan) in the pink diary (as my birthday gift).

Yoko, Happy Birthday.

It's really happy thing that you are able to celebrate your birthday many many years with good health. My best day is your birthday. My most delightful day is your birthday. Happy Birthday. I am really happy for you.

Each day, please take care of your life and have fun as long as you alive. Please live your life with your way, believe your life and enjoy your life with your freedom.

Please write many novels and essays as much as you can. You are a great writer, so you will be more successful!

Its spring, but the Japanese islands are still cold. North side of Japan has snow and South side of Japan has yellow sand (dust), and we have rain, wind and earthquake everywhere. It’s really really cold spring in Japan.

*** Here is my mom’s letter (on my birthday, March 26 in Japan).

Yoko, how are you?

I am always not worrying about you, because you are very cheerful and a vitality Yoko!!

Since March 11, 2011, we still have many strong earthquakes, and at this time, the winter weather has been in Japan. The Japanese politic is like a Japanese weather, but we can’t do anything about it, we are just watching it and we should live our life.

Sometimes I think of the Japanese islands like, “what’s going to happen to the Japanese islands”, but as you told me “if we think positive, nothing is happen to Japan”, so I am saying to myself, “we are all right” and I live everyday without worries.

I hope Japanese economy and U.S. economy will recover soon. I really think that I hope economy of every country will be good in the world.

Spring has many colorful flowers and beautiful season, so I always look forward to seeing many flowers in the spring. But we don’t have not much flowers this year, because it’s still cold. Even though, there are no buds of the cherry trees.

Guess what, we have many pretty purple flowers with pointed thin green leaf in our garden in our house. This flower makes lively in our garden. These flowers are crocuses. I wish I can show you these flowers, they are so pretty.

What is your today’s flower in your home?

I am enjoying my Christmas present from you (flower daily calendar) every day. Each day, when I open a new day, I am thinking of you. Thank you!!

Thank you very much, you always give me a thoughtful present. I am listening to the music (CD) and I am relaxing in the car (note: my mom is not driving, my younger brother is driving for her), and I put the gloves on when I go to bed, so my hand is very smooth.

I have many thoughts since a year ago, the Japan earthquake & tsunami, but I just appreciate the happiness which I am able to have a regular daily life style. I have never thought that daily life style is an important and happy thing.

Love dearly each day, Love dearly family, Love dearly friends and acquaintances, Love dearly parents and brothers & sisters, Love dearly relatives…

There are many more dearly things…Love dearly our body, Love dearly our animals and plants, Love dearly Mother Nature…

Happiness to live, Happiness to eat, Happiness to walk, Happiness to driving the car, Happiness to see things, Happiness to talk, Happiness to write, Happiness to hear, Happiness to have a family, Happiness to have friends and acquaintances, Happiness to use money, Happiness to work, Happiness to cook, Happiness to able to think, Happiness to have a place to live, there are many more happiness things…

I think that I would like to live my life to appreciate these things. I sometimes forget to appreciate each thing, but my life is getting shorter, so I really would like to appreciate each thing and take it easy, and I would like to live each day with appreciation.

Yoko’s work is to write, so you always see many things, hear many things, observe many things, think many things, read many books, analyze many things. It’s wonderful thing that you have many knowledge throughout your body. I am keeping in my mind what you told me. I really appreciate that I can learn things from you. Thank you!!

Let’s enjoy three of us (note: my mom, my brother and I) for Papa (note: my dad is dead in 1994), because life is only one time.

What are you writing lately? Please take care of yourself, because health is very important of your life, and enjoy your work.

Happy Birthday.

Right now, it’s 12:29am on March 26. I just finished this letter on your birthday.

I will call you right now!

From Mama


I hope you enjoy my mom’s notes and letter.

Life is very short. Please enjoy your life too :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 30, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

Monday, March 19, 2012

#169- “Am I a BITCH?” … during L.A. Fashion Market Week

Last week, during L.A. Fashion Market Week in downtown L.A., I really thought about myself, a “BITCH”…

*** Episode #1: Are you still a bitch?

My friend, Ms.L (She is a fashion expert in L.A.) asked me at her showroom, “do you know the guy, J***?”

Me: J***? No. I don’t know him.

Ms.L: But, he told me, he knows you! Last month, he has sent you a message on facebook.

Me: What? Really? I haven’t received the message…

Ms.L: He has sent a message to you in front of me, so I am sure that you have his message on facebook.

Me: No, I haven’t seen the message.

Ms.L: You probably ignored the message then.

Me: Do I know this guy?

Ms.L: Yes, he told me, he lived with you as a roommate in a house in Hollywood.

Me: What???? OMG!!! Yes, I know him! OMG… He remembers me? I am sure that he still thinks of me as a “BITCH”!

J*** was a nice & sweet guy, but the other female roommate (A***) was not nice with me. Three of us lived together in a house in Hollywood, and we (A*** and I) had a trouble with a cleaning issue.

I am a clean freak (I guess, I was a bitch to them), and I was always cleaning after them (A*** + J***). And, one day, A*** and I had a big fight, and she hit my mouth (when I fight with someone, I always talk too fast and talk too much! So, she had to hit my mouth).

Anyway, I left the house after she hit me. The owner of the house was a nice guy, he understood what happened to me and he was sorry for me. He gave me a permission to leave the house. I broke the contract (I had a paper with my sign & my witness[my boyfriend at that time]'s sign & owner’s sign).

Then A*** (I am not sure that J*** was together with her on the paper) sued me for rent of a couple of months.

I lost the case at first, then I appealed the case, then I won the case after a year.

Why I lost? : I sent a check of the money (rent & water etc) to A***, but she didn’t cash it, so judge thought I was lying about the payment to roommates. And, I was reading the note which my friends helped/wrote for me (I couldn’t speak well for this kind of fight in the court), so judge thought I was a liar. More over, the contract was not with the owner of the house, the contract was with roommates, which means, I had to talk with roommates before I leave the house. (Yes, this part was my fault… I didn’t know about that the meaning of the contract at that time).

Why I won? : I brought my female friend (I was acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute with her, and she was good at her speech! / Don’t get me wrong, she was honest in her speech to help me!) as my witness who remembered my injury on my face, and the witness was good with judge. She said to judge, “Yoko had to leave the house, because of her safety”.

Anyway, I was a bitch at that time for that case.

Sorry J***!

*** Episode #2: You were a bitch!

I was at D&A show (fashion trade show) and our (Y*** and I) eyes met! Then we smiled to each other!

Yes, I was a bitch…

A couple of years ago, I asked Y*** (he is a nice guy. he has a company for fashion and he also has a fashion brand) to help me for my TV show project. But, I had to change my mind and I had to cancel on his part, because I thought he was not a good fit in this project.

Of course, Y*** was mad at me. I totally understood how he felt.

We didn't speak to each other for a couple of years until the moment (our eyes met) at D&A show.

At D&A, we had a nice chat over sweet cookies and drink. Yes, we will go to lunch soon.

Sorry Y***!

*** Episode #3: Oh…am I still a bitch?

I am so happy that I got a new & nice manager at my apartment complex. Ms.R is so friendly and professional.

She makes me so happy & safe to live here!

By the way, she told me, “I am enjoying reading your blog! Oh… you have a noise problem with upstairs… ”.

Me: Yes…! I called him an ADHD (if you want, read the post on June 24, 2011 “Are you nuts? (Yes, I am) ” or on July 10, 2011 “Yoko and the Apartment”)! And he called me a bitch!

Oh… I guess, I am a bitch sometimes…

Oops, I got a huge project for this week now, I have to go now. To be continue!

My other stories during L.A. Fashion Market Week will be positive. I promise, I will be a nice girl next time.

Have a good one!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 19, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

Friday, March 9, 2012

#168- Day & Night with Fred Segal family

Mr. Ron Robinson (who is a president of Fred Segal / RON ROBINSON & APOTHIA & / RON ROBINSON Inc.) is an amazing person for many ways.

I always enjoy his company. He is so kind, smart and funny. He has a wonderful business & stylish life style, nice friends and nice family (if you want to know more about him, please read my old posts on June 6, 2010 or July 22, 2010 or Oct 15, 2011 or Oct 23, 2011).

The other day, Ron called me and said, ‘Hey, Yoko! Do you wanna have a dinner with us?” Of course, I said, “yes!”.


Day at Fred Segal:

Today, I went to see Ron & Karen (who is a vice president of Fred Segal) and their new friends at his store at Melrose location. Ron introduced me to them.

They are from Japan & N.Y.

Kiho Watanabe-CEO / designer of Uka ( / spouse of Hiroyuki (They have five stylish beauty salons in Tokyo, Japan and they produced products for nail. Kiho is also a celebrity manicurist).

Hiroyuki Watanabe-President of Uka / spouse of Kiho.

Noriko Aoki / BEAMS (popular & stylish store in Japan) N.Y. Branch Manager.

Uka has many wonderful nail products and they will sell at Fred Segal soon. I am very happy to see successful people from Japan.

Ron… oh… he gave me nice gifts again. I got Apothia Hand & Body Wash – Verde (300 ml/10 oz. $28.00) and Apothia Wave Candle (250 g/9 oz $48.00).

Today, I was wearing the Apothia Pearl Eau de Parfum which Ron gave me last winter. I told him that this perfume is my lucky charm! When I am wearing this one, I always have good things in my life.

APOTHIA’s products are the best! If you want to have luck like I have, you should check Ron’s products at Fred Segal at APOTHIA at


Night with Fred Segal family & friends at AOC:

Karen has a keen eye for many things. Of course, she is the buyer, but she has always stylish ideas and information.

Karen’s choice of the restaurant is the best!

Eight people of us, Hiroyuki, Kiho, Noriko, Ron, Karen, Ron’s wife, Stacy (who is a vice president of RON ROBINSON INC.), Yuki (who is a friend of Kiho & Hiroyuki / celebrity hairstylist at CRISTOPHE) and me went to AOC ( in West Hollywood.

OMG…! Food is soooooooo gooooooood!!! Everything is so amazing!!! I was speechless! (oh…but, I think, I talked a lot during the dinner… Ron said, “Yoko, are you translating their words to us?”…“Oops, did I talk a lot again???” )

Anyway, forget about our conversation, I talk about AOC food.

AOC means, Appellation d’Origine Contrôlé, which translates as “controlled designation of origin”, is the French certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products.

I loved the name already when I googled it. Before this dinner, I made my mind what I am going to eat tonight. My ideal menu was, Hanger steak, horseradish, crème fraiche and the a.o.c. ‘smores’.

Wow, Stacy ordered a perfect dinner for us! We ate almost everything from this restaurant!!!

Wine (Of course!).

Cheese (three kinds of them, but I forgot their names…! But, I remember the taste!) & Bread.

Roasted dates & Parmesan & Bacon. I want to meet the chef who is the first one to create this amazing combination!!! Soooooooo gooooooood!!!

Assorted fra’mani salumi.

Prosciutto di parma.

Beets, burrata, local walnuts and balsamic.

White fish (I didn’t ask the name, but I remember the taste!), potato leek gratin, romesco aioli.

Hanger steak, horseradish, crème fraiche. OMG… I was speechless!!! Soooooooo gooooooood!

English peas, sugar snaps, saffron butter.

Squash ravioli, shell beans, pecorino, olives.

Clams with sherry & garlic toast.

Cauliflower, curry and red wine vinegar.


Warm apple crostata, almonds, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream.

Butterscotch pot de crème with salted cashew cookies and fleur de sel.

The a.o.c. ‘smores’ : house made graham crackers with chocolate sorbet.

Could you believe that I tasted everything above?

What a night. I had nice food with nice people.

Life is really tasteful :)

I hope you are having a tasteful day too.

P.S. If you have one minute on Saturday, the 10th at 9:46pm (L.A. time / pacific time), please think of Japan and pray for Japan. March 11th 2:46pm (local time in Japan) is the time of 2011 Tsunami & Earthquake in Japan.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 9, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto