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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#160- Great messages from the richest 1% in America

Do you want to lose weight? If you do, read my today’s blog. You will lose a couple of pounds for sure!

I lost two pounds (now, my weight is 91 lbs. 3 pounds to go back to my original weight 88 lbs. Yeah!) within five days.

*** On last Saturday, the 8th

On last Saturday, the 8th, I got an email from the producer (Mr. N) of the Japanese major TV station, TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) regarding the project for the special news program, “Hodotokushu” (similar to 20/20 or 60 Minutes) in Tokyo, Japan.

I had worked on this news program with Mr. N in the past for “Obama vs. Hillary” subject, “BSE (Mad Cow Disease)” subject, etc.

Mr. N wrote me, “This project is in urgent!!! Could you find someone who is a very successful businessman & the richest 1% in America regarding the Wall Street Protesters? And could you interview & shoot someone by the 12th, Wednesday and send us the material on the 12th?”

He knows me, I love “Urgent (Challenge) project” and I always make it.

But…wait a minutes…in my mind…“Now, it’s already Saturday afternoon…and this coming Monday is Columbus Day, which means, nobody is working for a couple of days until Tuesday…Oh no…!”

Me: Sounds like fun project! But, let me find out, I can find someone or not. Then I will tell you I will do it or not. It’s already Saturday here and Monday is holiday, so it's difficult to make contact people within a couple of days to ask & do interview on camera. I will try my best and I will let you know by tomorrow.

Mr. N: Oh…Thank you so much for accepting my project.

(In my mind…Excuse me…I am not saying “Yes”…Mr. N knows me well, I can do it no matter what happens.)

I made a list of 37 people (top 1% richest people in America) in L.A. area out of the top 400 richest people in America, just in case, if I can’t find someone from my contacts.

*** On last Sunday, the 9th

I called and sent emails to my 68 contacts…until Sunday morning. OMG…two successful people from my contacts said “YES” to this TV interview!!!

One person is my former boss, the CEO of Entrepreneur Media Inc., Mr. Peter Shea.

The other one person is the president of Fred Segal (Ron Robinson), Mr. Ron Robinson. I always interview him and write about him & his business in Senken-newspaper (Japanese major fashion trade newspaper).

YES! Anything is possible! I got the two TV interviews and shooting on Tuesday, the 11th.

I made an arrangement for the shooting (I got a cameraman) on the 11th and prepared for the interviews (I made a note of 17 questions for the interview) & shooting (I was thinking of the places where are the nice views in Newport Beach, Venice Beach and Hollywood.)

And I watched “PAN AM” (I can’t miss it, even though I was sleepy.) I love TV drama : )

*** On last Monday, the 10th

I have a good kind of OCD, you know what I am talking about. I am a perfectionist.

We (Mr. N and I) talked about the questions for the interviews and we also talked about the shooting (how many places & things we need to shoot, etc).

I perfectly prepared for the interviews and shooting (in my mind).

And…I watched “The Lying Game” (my favorite TV drama at this time) on time.

If my mother was at my place, she would tell me, “You should go to bed soon!”…Yes Mama, but I wanted to watch TV…

Oh…no…“Multimillionaire”, “Neoliberalism” and “Market fundamentalism”…so hard to pronounce them. I need help…!

Question #6
They seem to consider that a multimillionaire like you is an enemy. Are they your enemy?

Question #7
Some people think that Neoliberalism and Market fundamentalism have produced the gap of wealth and poverty, that’s why those people who cannot get wealth are increasing dissatisfaction, what do you think?

I wanted to make sure that my questions are ok, so, I called my best friend, S. She was so sweet, she helped me well.

Sorry Mama...I slept only three hours.

*** On last Tuesday, the 11th

In Newport Beach:

We (with cameraman) went to Newport Beach around 9:00am and shot gorgeous views of Newport Beach, and then we went to Entrepreneur Media Inc. at 10:30am.

I used to work at Entrepreneur Media Inc. for 6 years and a half (as a staff writer for Entrepreneur magazine Japanese edition. I was the only one Japanese at the company). I have so many fun memories of Entrepreneur Media Inc.

Peter is so sweet. He hasn’t changed at all. He is a very successful businessman and a very smart person. He has such a wonderful life story and he is a true Entrepreneur.

As you know, Entrepreneur magazine is # 1 for entrepreneur magazine category, and # 3 for business magazine category in U.S.A.

We had a great interview and chat. Peter’s motto is “Don’t give up”. Yes, I agree with him!

In Costa Mesa:

We had ramen (Japanese noodle) for lunch. I always create the great energy from good food. Yes, we got a great power lunch.

In Venice Beach:

We went to Ron’s house in Venice Beach.

OMG…I felt like, I was on vacation. Of course, he is the president of Fred Segal, he has such a nice taste for everything! His house is so gorgeous and we had a great TV interview and we shot his house.

Ron’s motto is “Do what you love”. Yes, I agree with him!

After this interview, we went to Fred Segal, Sunset Plaza (West Hollywood) and Beverly Hills for shooting.

10 hours, I worked. It was fun day.

*** On the 15th (at 1:30am in L.A. / 5:30pm in Japan)

I watched this segment, TBS TV “Hodotokushu” on the website, the free Japanese TV “KeyHole TV”.

The show went well.

If you want to know about this show, please read my report below (I translated the part which I did on this show into English from Japanese).

******** Feature story (The Wall Street Protesters):

Interviews with the two 1% richest people in America

*** Interview with Mr. Peter Shea ***

In California, Newport Beach

View: the Newport Beach area.

Narration: Protesters against top 1% richest people. What the rich people think of this movement?

View: The building of Entrepreneur Media Inc., entrance area (includes magazines), Mr. Shea was walking to his office and working at his office.

Narration: Entrepreneur Media Inc. publishes Entrepreneur Magazine and books for entrepreneurs. This company is a leading publishing company in America.

View: Mr. Shea’s face.

Narration: The CEO of this company, Mr. Peter Shea, he is the rich person in the top 1% category in America.

View: Mr. Shea’s face.

Narration: We asked his opinion about the statement of the protesters.

Mr. Shea’s interview: Company strives to make better society. I don’t understand why we as successful businessmen would be the enemy to them? Last 40 years, I developed many companies and created thousands of jobs.

View: Mr. Shea’s face.

Narration: Mr. Shea was born in the poor family and he started working at 12 years old.

View: Town in Los Angeles.

Narration: Mr. Shea has variety of jobs experience, such as a short order cook at the restaurant, a policeman, and a printer salesman. And he got many business opportunities to be successful.

View: American flag.

Narration: Mr. Shea made an American dream came true, so his view to protesters with a critical eye.

Mr. Shea’s interview: I think most of the protesters are just lazy. Basically, the United of States has capitalism, so if we work hard, everybody has an opportunity to be successful.

Mr. Shea’s interview: They don’t wanna work. The protesters spoiled by the government.

View: Obama’s speech.

Narration: Mr. Shea commented on the proposed tax increase for the wealthy by president Obama, “that is totally stupid.”

Mr. Shea’s interview: People like myself, we are paying tax more than 50% of the country. I have to ask the question, how much do you want? If we have to pay all our money for tax, then nobody don’t wanna work and nobody don’t create the jobs.

*** Interview with Mr. Ron Robinson ***

In Los Angeles, at the Venice Beach

View: Venice Beach.

Narration: Here is Venice Beach in Los Angeles. This place is famous for many movies.

Mr. Robinson: Hello, Welcome!

View: Introducing his gorgeous house.

Narration: Mr. Ron Robinson is a president of Fred Segal which is well known as a stylish boutique for celebrities. He is also a successful businessman started from the bottom.

View: Jacuzzi in the patio.

Mr. Robinson: Please come out outside. This is our Jacuzzi deck. So it’s a nice place to hang out, get a little sunshine.

View: Fred Segal at Melrose.

Narration: He owns six boutiques in Los Angeles and he sells fragrance and goods in the world.

View: Mr. Robinson’s face.

Narration: Mr. Robinson is also in the top 1% category in America, but he said, we should listen to the protester’s voice.

Mr. Robinson’s interview: Protesters have a voice, “Let’s make some adjustments. When the adjustments correct, I can pay my tuition bill, I can go back to work, I can afford to own my home and I can feed my kids”, that’s what protesters are saying.

View: Mr. Robinson is showing the magazine which he featured in.

Narration: He is to be positive about the proposed tax increase for the wealthy.

Mr. Robinson’s interview: United States citizens paid for two wars (Iraq war and Afghanistan war) and for the banks to bail out. Now, it’s my turn. If I can do something about this country and I can make change, I should help my country.


I hope you enjoyed my blog and lost some weight!

Have a wonderful week!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
October 16, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

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