Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#155- Lost in English... (Yoko and the Apartment part 2)

I am a perfectionist, but my English is not perfect yet.

Especially, the “present perfect” (Japanese grammar don’t have “present perfect”) is trouble for me sometimes.

People say, “I got a cold” but, people don’t say, “I got cancer”. Right? Why??? Why??? Why???

People say, “I’ve got a cold” and “I’ve got cancer”. Also, people say, “I have a cold” and “I have cancer”.

So, “I got a cold” is correct grammar, and “I got cancer” is incorrect grammar??? Why??? Why people can’t say, “I got cancer”???

Because…people can feel the moment of “I got a cold”, but people can’t feel the moment of “I got cancer”...this is the reason for the incorrect grammar of “I got cancer”?


English grammar & words confuse me sometimes.

Today, I made confuse my apartment manager.

When I found that my rent is wrong amount on the web (my apartment web page), I went to the leasing office (down stairs) to talk to my apartment manager.

The manager wasn’t there, so I talked to the assistant manager (she is new, so I explained to her that the manager need to adjust my rent before the apartment company charge me with wrong amount of my rent).

After I came home, I wrote an email to the manager.

*** At 2:40pm (From Yoko to the manager):

Hi V***,

Would you correct my rent?


Thank you.

Have a good one.



Nobody called me back…and I found out that I made a mistake on my email.

The discount amount is $180, not $160.


I called the office, but nobody picked up the phone, so I wrote another email to the manager.


At 3:20pm (From Yoko to the manager):

Hi V*** again,

I made a mistake, C*** (the apartment manager’s supervisor at the main office) told me that $180 will take off from my rent.

So it will be $****,***.

Thank you.



At 3:28pm:

(My computer was so slow at the time. I didn't take 8 minutes to write an email to the assistant manager, but it seems like it. ha ha ha!)

Hi N***,

It was nice meeting you and welcome to **** (apartment place’s name).

Thank you for taking care of my trouble right away. You are a great new staff!

By the way, sorry to bother you again.

I made a mistake, C*** (from the main office) told me that $180 will take off from my rent.

So, it will be $****.***.

This is for the bad leaking trouble in my bathroom in June.

Thank you.

Have a great one.



Around 3:30pm:

It’s like a comedy sitcom…(AGAIN)

The manager called me.

The manager: Hi Yoko! I adjusted your rent. Please go on the web and take a look at it.

Yoko: Oh…it wasn’t $160 off, $180 off. I’ve sent you a second email.

The manager: I know. $180, I adjusted.

Yoko: Oh, you did? Thank you!!!


Oh…I found out that the manager wrote me a reply at 3:20pm (see below).

I didn’t notice her email at the time, because I was busy writing the other email to the assistant manager (I thought that the manager was out of the office this afternoon.)

The manager’s email at 3:20pm (From the manager to Yoko):


Thank you for your email, I will adjust your rent accordingly. Please feel free to view your account on-line with the adjustment.

Thank you


Oh…she is so nice!

I wrote an email to her again.


At 3:36pm:

Hi V***,

Thank you very much for your call.

I made sure that my rent is corrected on the web.

Thank you very much for your business.

Have a great one.



By the way, this adjustment supposed to happen in last month, but the manager forgot about it.

In America, I think that I have to ask many times until the problem fix.

Yes, I got a correct rent. Yeah!

Oh…no…the manager called me again around 5:00pm…


Around 5:00pm:

The manager: Yoko, did you see your rent amount on the web?

Yoko: Yeah…I’ve sent an email after I saw the web…why???

The manager: Oh, ok…I was not sure that your email was before or after…

Yoko: What do you mean? Before or After???? Oh…I am so sorry, I probably made a mistake on my email. I sometimes make mistakes with present tense and past tense.

The manager: Oh…I don’t think so, but I just want to make sure.

Yoko: I guess, I wrote “I made sure that my rent is corrected on the web”…instead of saying, “I confirmed my rent was corrected on the web”. I must study English…ha ha ha! Anyway, thank you for calling!!!

The manager: No problem.

Yoko: Have a great evening!


Did you get what I went through??? or Did I confuse you???

Tonight, I am going back to the English grammar book to study the “present perfect”.

P.S. I wonder when I get perfect English language ???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 30, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#154- Wood=Jewelry ‘Lydia Marcos Designs (LMD)’

The other day, my special friend M wrote me a sweet message, “i just looove being around you”. Sometimes my friends tell me, “You have such a positive power! I am happy when I am around you.” I really appreciate that I have wonderful friends who make me happy and I am glad that I can make my friends happy as well.

And I really appreciate my flowers and jewelries. The secret of my positive power is from fresh flowers and beautiful jewelries. I am producing my positive & happy power from flowers and jewelries everyday.

Flower: I always have flowers at home (in every room). Flowers make me so happy and protect me like a lucky charm. They bring me such a positive power.

Jewelry: Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Chalcedony, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Garnet, Rose quartz…they make me so happy and bring me such a positive power like flowers. Especially, every night before I go to bed, I pick three jewelries of the night (my lucky number is 3) and display them on the bedside table. In this way, I could feel positive & happy energy during my sleep.


The marathon of 94 episodes, TV series “Sex and the City” and two movies, “Sex and the City” & “Sex and the City 2” later, I got an email from Jets Ito. He wanted me to take a look at his new client’s jewelry brand, ‘Lydia Marcos Designs (LMD)’.

It was a perfect timing! I needed a positive power story idea for Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper).

One morning in July, I visited the factory of ‘Lydia Marcos Designs (LMD)’ and interviewed with Mark Kahnamouie (who is a designer & owner of LMD) and Jets Ito (who is a sales director for Asian market of LMD) for Senken-Shimbun.

Wow, LMD has such a positive power! There are so many charming jewelries. Wood is like Jewelry! I got a red heart ring (red color wood & silver).

Yes, now I am sleeping with this pretty ring every night. This ring is making my new positive power. Thanks to Mark and Jets.

If you want to know about LMD, please read below. My article came out on today in Japan, August 11, 2011 in Senken-Shimbun and I translated it into English from Japanese (my original article).

The translation is rough. If you have good English, please edit (read) it yourself :)


On August 11, 2011 (in Japan)

L.A. Lady’s accessory brand
Lydia Marcos Designs (LMD)

One of a kind jewelry by handmade
Sales doing well

By Yoko Fujimoto, writer in Los Angeles

Lydia Marcos Designs (LMD) features wood with silver accessories in Los Angeles (L.A.) has been increased orders from popular boutiques.

This brand debuted in March 2010. The owner and designer, Mr. Mark Kahnamouie is a former designer of Chrome Hearts. Many brands (includes Chrome Hearts) have been changed to machinery manufacturing from the handmade manufacturing, but he still does handmade manufacturing.

One of the reasons of success is that he knows about what stylish customers want, because he used to work at Ron Harman and Maxfield as a sales manager and a production manager and he has many experiences in the fashion industry.

“I am always coming up with many design ideas. I am very happy as a designer to see my customers are wearing my products. I don’t care about the sales numbers. I am just focusing on what I love to do. I think this is very important. I believe that customers feel my passion”, Mr. Kahnamouie emphasized.

LMD is using burled maple, diamond wood, ebony, diamond, sapphire, ruby, onyx, sterling silver, brass, copper and platina from all over the world. And they are using the factory which Chrome Hearts used to deal with. The wood is strong and good quality , and traditionally used for furniture, guns and knives. There is wood of about 50 colors by special production. “Every product is different, because wood has different condition. Customers can enjoy as one of a kind jewelry.”

The concept is famine essence with inspiration from ancient Mayan and Egyptian cultures. Retail price range of heart, four-leaf clover, cross, skull, butterfly, roses motif rings, necklaces and bracelets is from $60 to $5,000. Mr. Kahnamouie’s is good at decoration diamonds on the curves and the pars oblique of sliver.

At this time, LMD is available at Church, Traffic, Lisa Kline, Madison, 25 stores. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc are wearing.

The Sales director for Asia, Mr. Jets Ito said, “We are going to establish our brand in Japan at first, then we are going to sell products in Korea and Hong Kong.” LMD is available at BEAMS in Japan in September.

There are good and bad depends on the items in U.S. fashion business, but the accessory business is doing well in average. Recently U.S. have a plan to revitalize the economy and U.S. is trying to sell and purchase of products made in U.S., so LMD which made in L.A. is expecting to have a great business.

(Translated by Yoko Fujimoto)


I found out that “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker has bought couple of LMD heart pendants from Madison. Yes, she has a great taste! Stylish young women and older women (Sarah Jessica Parker and me, ha ha ha!) love LMD.

By the way, I would like to share more important information with you. If you want to know more about LMD, please visit at http://lydiamarcosjewelry.com/. And if you are Japanese buyer or Asian buyer, please contact with Jets Ito (he speaks and writes Japanese). His email address is jets@lydiamarcosjewelry.com.

Did I bring a positive power for you today? I hope I did :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 10, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto