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#145- Thank you for your support for Japan disaster

I really realized that “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and I see and feel the “human nature” from people around me and people in the world.

During this kind of time, we always see each other “what kind of the person?”


I would like to say…

Thank you very much for people who really care and support for Japan disaster (Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami).

At this time (by March 23, 2011 18:00pm in Japan), Japan got sympathy messages and expressions of solidarity from 228 countries (includes regions and international organizations) and supports from all over the world.

As I am Japanese, I can’t thank you enough for people in the world. Thank you very much for your sweet support and sweet words.

I really appreciate that Japan has received the rescue workers, search dogs, nuclear power experts, food, medical supplies, blankets, and other supplies.

Especially, I really appreciate for the big help from U.S.A. and the special support for the nuclear disaster from France.


As I am Japanese, I would like to say thank you to each country which sent rescue team to Japan.

I saw some reports on the website of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, but some information is not available in English, so I translated some information from Japanese to English below and thank you to you all :)

To U.S.A.: Thank you very much for brought 144 people (includes dogs) and more than 20,000 people with "Ronald Reagan", 20 of ships and 160 of aircrafts.

Thank you for U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To France: Thank you very much for brought 134 people (includes 11 people from Monaco).

To England: Thank you very much for brought 77 people (includes 8 press people) and 2 dogs.

To Germany: Thank you very much for brought 41 people and 3 dogs.

To Switzerland: Thank you very much for brought 27 people and 9 dogs.

To Mexico: Thank you very much for brought 12 people and 6 dogs.

To Australia: Thank you very much for brought 75 people and 2 dogs.

Australia's C17 aircraft has been providing transportation assistance in Japan, and urgently transported a special pump needed for cooling Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant from Australia.

To New Zealand: Thank you very much for brought 52 people.

To Russia: Thank you very much for brought 155 people.

To Turkey: Thank you very much for brought 32 people.

To South Africa: Thank you very much for brought 45 people.

To Korea: Thank you very much for brought 107 people and 2 dogs.

To China: Thank you very much for brought 15 people.

To Taiwan: Thank you very much for brought 28 people.

To India: Thank you very much for brought 46 people.

To Indonesia: Thank you very much for brought 11 people and 4 medical staff.

To Singapore: Thank you very much for brought 5 people and 5 dogs.

To Mongolia: Thank you very much for brought 12 people.

To Israel: Thank you very much for brought 53 medical support people.

And and and…I appreciate that France, U.S.A., Italia, IAEA, UNOCHA, WFP sent nuclear power experts for nuclear disaster.


Also Japan has received a lot of goods from many countries. I also translated some information from Japanese to English below and thank you to you all :)

To U.S.A.: Thank you very much U.S.A.

Relief goods (sleeping bags, makeshift beds, kerosene heater, kerosene, etc.), and 10,000 radioactive-proof suits from USAID (United States Agency for International Development)

Relief goods (100,000 liters of water, approx. 80 tons of food, and approx. 40 tons of clothing, blankets, etc.) and transportation of approx.350 tons of relief goods including the one aforementioned, 2 fire trucks, 5 pumps, 99 protective suits against nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and approx. 9 tons of boron from the U.S.forces in Japan. Radiation dosimeter (31,000)

To Canada: Thank you very much Canada.

Blankets (approx. 25,000)

To France: Thank you very much France.

Blankets (14,870), masks (992,000), protective suits & masks & radiation measurement equipment set (approx. 20,000 sets), 10 pumps, 5 power generators, 5 compressors, 3 environmental survey vehicles, 5 tons of medical supplies, 12 tons of sterilization alcohol and 10 tons of food supplies, and water (0.5L / 100,800 bottles)

To Russia: Thank you very much Russia.

Blankets (17,200) and water (3.6 tons)

To Mexico: Thank you very much Mexico.

Preserved food (approx. 8.4 tons), kits of sanitary items (approx. 3.4 tons), and water (approx. 6.8 tons)

To UK: Thank you very much England.

Water (about 100 tons)

To Korea: Thank you very much Korea.

Blankets (6,000), water (100 tons), retort fried rice (30,000 packs), chocolate pies (12,000 packages), instant noodles (129,024 packages), rain boots (4,000 pairs), rubber gloves (12,000), tea (14,000 bottles), and water bottles (14, 0000)

To China: Thank you very much China.

Blankets (approx. 25,000), tents for 12 people (500), tents for 6 people (400), brief bag type emergency lights (200), disposable rubber gloves (3250, 000), water bottles (60,000), heaters (900), and masks (54 boxes)

To Taiwan: Thank you very much Taiwan.

Electricity generators (590), blankets (725 boxes), sleeping bags (1,589 boxes), sleeping mats (236boxes), clothing (including warm clothing, etc./ 3,421 boxes), food (16.5 tons), kerosene heaters (900), masks ( 54 boxes), and pocket body warmers (150 boxes)

To Mongolia: Thank you very much Mongolia.

Blankets (approx. 2,500) and warm clothing such as sweaters & socks (approx. 800 items)

To India: Thank you very much India.

Blankets (26,740), cookies (approx. 10 tons), and water (approx. 13,000 750ml bottles / about 10 tons)

To Thailand: Thank you very much Thailand.

Blankets (approx. 20,000), survival kits (500), sleeping bags (1,000 kits), canned food (approx. 28,000), instant noodle (28,000 packs), flashlights (approx. 200), and water (1.5L / approx. 9,000 bottles)

To Ukraine: Thank you very much Ukraine.

Blankets (2,000)

To Indonesia: Thank you very much Indonesia.

Blankets (approx. 10,000)

To Singapore: Thank you very much Singapore.

Blankets (4,350), mattresses (200), polyurethane tanks (20L/ 3,000), emergency provisions (4,400 servings), and water (0.5L/ 10,000 bottles)

To Kyrgyz: Thank you very much Kyrgyz.

Water (approx. 2.5 tons of mineral water)

To Uzbekistan: Thank you very much Uzbekistan.

Tents (200), blankets (2,000), and insulating boots (2,000pairs)

To Iran: Thank you very much Iran.

Canned food (50,000)

To EU: Thank you very much EU.

Blankets (25,000), mattresses (2,000), and sleeping bags (300)

To Venezuela: Thank you very much Venezuela.

Blankets (5 tons), canned food (1,190 boxes), and water (approx. 2.8 tons)

To Malaysia: Thank you very much Malaysia.

Food packs (2,000)

To The Philippines: Thank you very much The Filippines.

Food packs (1,500), instant noodles (12,000), bath towels (1,000), mats (1,000), and dust masks (5,000)

To Pakistan: Thank you very much Pakistan.

Shelf-life milk packs (9 tons), high energy cookies (13.5 tons), and water (1.5L/ 500 bottles)

To Nepal: Thank you very much Nepal.

Blankets (5,000)

To Israel: Thank you very much Israel.

Portable toilets (150), gloves (8,920 pairs), acrylic fleece blankets (6,000), and coats (10,000)

To UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund): Thank you very much UNICEF.

Water (approx. 40,000 bottles), children's underwear (200,000 pairs), toys, stuffed animals, educational kits, recreation kits, and picture books

To ITU (International Telecommunication Union) : Thank you very much ITU.

Lending out of satellite mobile communication terminals etc. (152)

To WFP(United Nations World Food Program): Thank you very much WFP

High energy cookies (50 tons, 500,000 cookies), transportation of relief supplies (blankets, food etc.) from each country within Japan, movable warehouse (10), and prefab (10)

To UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees): Thank you very much UNHCR.

Solar lamps (1,794 sets)


Thank you very much for the relief money from many countries. Thank you!!!

Thank you African Diplomatic Corps.

Thank you Czech Republic.

Thank you Republic of Rwanda.

Thank you Georgia.

Thank you Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Thank you Republic of Iceland.

Thank you Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Thank you Republic of Serbia.

Thank you The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

Thank you Kingdom of Tonga.

Thank you Independent State of Samoa.

Thank you Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Thank you Kingdom of Cambodia.

Thank you Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

Thank you Republic of Slovenia.

Thank you United Republic of Tanzania.

Thank you Mongolia.

Thank you Republic of Latvia.

Thank you Republic of Estonia.

Thank you Republic of Botswana.

Thank you Republic of Namibia.

Thank you Ireland.

Thank you Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Thank you Slovak Republic.

Thank you The Republic of the Sudan.

Thank you Gabonese Republic.

Thank you Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Thank you Federative Republic of Brazil.

Thank you Australia.

Thank you New Zealand.

Thank you Republic of Croatia.

Thank you Kingdom of Bhutan.

Thank you People's Republic of China.

Thank you Taiwan.

Thank you Republic of Paraguay.


And and and and and…Thank you for The American Red Cross, many celebrities, etc… Thank you so so so much everyone.

Thank you Thailand, Thai government said it will lend two gas-turbine generators (built by Japanese company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.) with a combined capacity of 244 megawatts to Tokyo Electric Power Co. for use over the next three to five years. Thank you!!!

Even though, like Afghanistan…they don’t have good condition of electricity, they gave relief money for Japan. Thank you…!

Many many small countries during this recession time…they gave relief money for Japan. I really appreciate it.

It doesn’t matter how much of money…we, Japanese people are appreciate your kind heart and sweet heart. Thank you.


Pakistan people in Japan (from Gunma and Tochigi in Japan) are so sweet! Some of Pakistan people went to the place where hit Tsunami and brought relief goods (about 12,000,000 yen) and cooked curry rice for 2,000 Japanese people.

What a nice people!!! Thank you!!!

When I saw this news on NHK TV (Thank you TV Japan/ they provided Japanese people who live in U.S.A. for free service until today since March 11,2011), I was so happy to see that!!!

The curry rice looked so good and Japanese people looked very happy at the moment.


Life is beautiful.

I believe that Japan will recover from this disaster soon.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 31, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto
Posted by Yoko Fujimoto

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