Tuesday, August 10, 2010



With Keasha at my home on last Friday.

Keasha visited me at my home and I cooked lunch and dinner for her.

For lunch: Caesar Salad, Japanese Shrimp Curry Rice, Lemonade, Chocolate Gelato with Peanut Chocolates, Café au lait and English Tea. For dinner: Corn Cream Soup, Avocado & Goat Cheese Salad (with Walnut Oil & Vinegar dressing), Toasted bread with butter, Lemonade and Milk Tea. (P.S. My new diet strategy is dinner = breakfast / if I eat too much during the day or I want to lose one more pound for one night.)

Keasha and I talked about Keasha’s job, my job, Keasha’s family, my family & my friends, Atomic bombs (Two atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago, on August 6th and 9th, 1945 by U.S.A.), Japanese pension scams(one story: Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years and police are now investigating his family on possible fraud charges), our weight, English and Spanish language(how to learn and study), Our memories at the Entrepreneur Media Inc.(we talked about our former chief editor, Rieva how she was the best boss and greatest journalist), Keasha’s experience (when she was shopping at the Target the other day) with a nasty customer (the lady was mean to Keasha), Movie “Pulp Fiction” (why we are not into Quentin Tarantino etc…)…we had fun conversation for 9 hours and a half.

Keasha has so many different views about things (compare to mine) and I learned so much about her and her society. She is very intelligent and beautiful woman. I am very happy to have her as my special friend.

She told me, “I am having fun at Yoko’s café! ” Oh…she is so sweet.

“She was the fun guest at my home”. Thank you for coming to my home, Keasha!

Fun life = EAT with great people


At the Fashion Market Week in Downtown L.A.

During the fashion market week in Downtown L.A., I always walk a lot. Go to many trade shows, fashion shows and showrooms.

I walked into the New Mart office and asked some comments on the fashion market week to Ms. Joyce Eisenberg Keefer who is a president of New Mart. When I opened the door at the office, Joyce said to me right away, “I remember you! You sent me a newspaper and photos with a letter!” and OMG…she showed me my old letter which I wrote to her on June 25th, 1997!!!

What a nice woman she is! She has kept my letter since 1997! (I always send the thank you note with publication to people who I interviewed with.) On June 25th, 1997, I sent a copy of Senken-newspaper and some photos to her (at the time, I took photos by old fashion way / with films, so I had some extra photos which I didn’t use for newspaper and I sent them to her as my little gift…)

Joyce has such a nice heart. She has not changed her sweet and kind attitude since I met her in 1997. Make sense that New Mart Building is doing well even though recession time, because of her integrity. I had a great interview with her again! I didn’t have an appointment for this interview, but she gave me her valuable time.

P.S. She showed me her wonderful photos with Mr. Bill Clinton & Ms.Hillary Clinton, Mr. Colin Powell, Ms. Elizabeth Taylor and more important people & celebrities in U.S. She is really powerful woman! Oh…she said to me, “You look 26 years old!” (I am 46 years old)…she is really sweet!

At the FOCUS trade show,I met Ms. Salma Schempp (originally she is from Afghanistan) who is a fashion designer from San Francisco. She is so beautiful inside and out and she has such a nice lifestyle! Her brand is showing a beautiful power of her life! (today, I can’t write about the detail in my blog, because I am going to write about it on Senken-newspaper this week). Oh…she also said to me, “You look 26 years old”. I guess, “26” is a new number for me! ha ha ha!

On the street (in front of the California Market Center), some man said to me, “Hi beautiful!”…oh…he made my day too! Of course, I smiled back to him. Thank you :)

Another sweet word from Barbara (who is a co-owner of D&A trade show) said to me, “Yoko! Pretty in pink! This color looks great on you! Oh…your toe nails are pink too! ”(I was wearing the pink T-shirts by Dirtee Hollywood / The T-Shirts said “LOVE IS IN FASHION” It’s a cute T-shirts and my favorite one in this summer!)

P.S. My bag is pink too (Suzie gave me the pink Neiman Marcus bag for my last year birthday).

When I translated the article of Senken-newspaper which I wrote (about the fashion market week in June,2010) to Ms. Liza Stewart (who is an owner of the showroom, Liza Stewart at California Market Center), she said to me, “Your article is great! I really appreciate your work.” Oh…she is such a nice person. She gave me a great comment about the fashion market week and I could write great information for Japanese readers on this paper. Thank you to Liza! I am the one who really want to say THANK YOU! (The other day, when I need some help for my Japanese TV project, she helped me right away. Even though, she had to wake up early in the morning for the meeting next day, in the mid night, she wrote me an email with great information which I really need it…THANK YOU Liza!)

I really appreciate those people who were so nice to me during this fashion market week and I feel so appreciate to hear those sweet complements from those sweet people!

Walking in the fashion market week is my favorite thing.

Happy people MAKE people happy. WALK at the Fashion market week = A happy week.


Besides eating, I love writing.

At home, I write everything. Diary (for 33 years), Food diary (for 23 years), Beauty check note book, Books & Movies note book, Dream diary, Emotional diary, Schedule note book (I still write what to do for each day like an old fashion way), Financial note book (about my money story), Twitter, blog, novel and articles(my real job!)…

Right now, during the fashion market week, I am writing, writing, writing…What a nice life I have! I am having fun!

WRITE=my life

I hope you are having fun with your “EAT, ???, ???” things. Have a nice day!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 10, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto