Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#120- At the GELSON’S

Me: I want to tell you that rainier cherries were soooooooo sweet last week!!!

Woman who works at the GELSON’S in Silver Lake: I know. I am glad that you liked them!

Me: Oh…I loved them! I had dinner with my friends at my home two days in a roll. My friends loved the cherries too! Could you tell me where these cherries are coming from? From California?

Woman: I don’t know…the man over there is the manager, so he can tell you about it. Do you want me to call him?

Me: Oh, it’s all right. I will walk to him. Thank you.

(I walked to the produce manager.)

Me: Hi! Can I speak to you now?

Otto (the produce manager at the GELSON’S in Silver Lake): Sure!

Me: Oh…last week I got the rainier cherries from here and they were so sweet!!! I had two times dinner at my home with friends and I served cherries after each dinner for my friends and my friends were so surprised how sweet cherries!!!

Otto: I know, the cherries have 23% sugar. Regular cherries have 16% sugar, so the cherries are the sweetest! But, the cherries were here only one week.

Me: What??? Why???

Otto: Because one tree, one season. So, it was only one time thing.

Me: Oh…My…God…!!!!!!!! (I guess, my voice was too loud! ha ha ha!) Oh…!!! So…my friends and I were lucky!

Otto: Yes, you were lucky!

Me: Could you tell me where are the cherries coming from??? I want to find out about the cherries!

Otto: The cherries are from Washington State. I am going to find out the name of the place right away for you.

(After couple of minutes. He came up to me and said.)

Otto: Here you go. (He gave me a piece of paper.) The cherries are coming from the Auvil Fruit growers.

Me: Oh…you are so kind!!! I will research more about these cherries. Thank you so much!!!

You know what, I always amazed by GELSON’S products and services.

The other day, I was wondering where are the pink toilet papers (by Scott) and the person who works here told me right away, “The pink ones are no more from May 10th (he told me exact date!). Scott discontinued the pink toilet paper. ”

You guys are amazing people! I love GELSON’S! Really high-end products and services!

Otto: Oh, thank you!

Me: Can I write about this cherry story and your name in my blog?

Otto: Sure!

Last week,the sweetest cherries were $9.40/1.75 lb ($5.99 lb instead of $7.99 lb), but it was worth it! Marie and Emi-san enjoyed them too. I am very happy that I met these cherries this year (I had only one time chance in this year! What a lucky me!)

If these rainier cherries from Auvil Fruit growers sell them in Tokyo, Japan, the price might be $100 which I got last week. I am sure that! I feel like I am really lucky to live here for many reasons!


Got Filet mignon. I am going to have a steak dinner with baked potato and steamed vegetables tomorrow! ha!

Got Cashew Chicken, Walnut oil & White Vinegar & Goat cheese & Avocado ($8.97 for three avocados, so I am sure that the best avocados!) & Sliced Almond. I am going to have a Kimberly’s recipe salad and Cashew Chicken for tonight’s dinner!

Got GELSON’S French Roast Coffee (I always buy Peet’s coffee or Starbucks coffee. Emi-san told me last week, “GELSON’S coffee is great”)and Chocolate Croissant package(Tomorrow’s my breakfast!).

Got more groceries from GELSON’S.

And got Yellow daisies (sorry GELSON’S…I got them from next door, TRADER JOE’S…They usually have reasonable price flowers…ha ha…) and some groceries from TRADER JOE’S.

I always park my car at the GELSON’S and shop at the TRADER JOE’S first, and then I shop at the GELSON’S later. TRADER JOE’S have small parking lot and I can’t take it, because I am not good at parking (I am a great driver, but I am not good for parking…ha ha ha!)

Recently, cashier always asks me at the TRADER JOE’S, “How was your parking?”…Do I look like a bad driver, because I am Japanese girl??? (ah…They have small parking lot and always many cars…so I guess they ask about the parking for everyone, right?)

Anyway, GELSON’S has comfortable parking lot and hand wipes (as a clean freak, I need to wipe everything include my hands). GELSON’S has high-end power and great energy, so GELSON’S products make my body & soul fresh. I feel like the positive energy from their products into my body. This store is the best in town for me.

Got fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, meats, breads etc…What a nice feeling!

Oops…time to fix my dinner and eat!

Have a great time at your store (maybe your GELSON’S?) and have a healthy & happy life to you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 4, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto