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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#119- Enjoy with friends

“hahah love the tweet! and love look sooooo beautiful...and i am very proud of you and your strong mind to do your novel and all the work you are an inspiration !!!!!” by Neely.

“awwww Yoko you're the sweet one!!!! i'm sooo happy to have YOU IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!!! ive really missed your personality and creativeness and everything else that i love about you! i remember i always used to feel so good after seeing you and i still do :) love you” by Marie.

“I had an enrichment time with you, I enjoyed and learned from your valuable business advice, Feng-Shui advice etc. During our conversation, reminded me that we are better to live with honesty and being real & live hard as a human without some techniques(she said to me in Japanese, so I translated her Japanese into English).” by Emi-san.

Fabulous week with Neely, Marie and Emi-san.

On Wednesday, the 27th with Neely.

We got together at THE COFFEE TABLE in Silver Lake. This place is my favorite place near by my place.

Neely is always so fashionable & stylish and beautiful inside out and and and funny!!! She has such a talent for many things. (By the way, she is a fashion create director.)

And she always gives me nice compliments. Makes me feel like a “special” person.

We chatted with many fun topics and we laughed so hard! She really liked my “boy” episode about my neighbor who asked me for a date.

Me: My neighbor, kind of cute guy, but not my type, because he has tattoo on his arms called me out of the blue two months ago. He found my phone number in the phone book.

Neely: What’s? He found your phone number from an old fashion “Phone book”?

Me: Maybe “Phone book” on web? Anyway, he asked me for a date. He said, “I like your small feet. Very cute! I like you. Do you wanna go out with me as a date?”

Neely: OMG! Small feet? ha ha ha!!!

(I showed my feet to Neely)

Me: My size is 4.

Neely: Oh… : )

Me: I asked him, “Where did you see my feet?” and he said, “At our parking lot.” and I said, “Oh…you could say hi to me!” and I said, “At this time, I am working on my novel and I really need to have a great concentration on this, so I can’t date with anybody now.” “But, we can have coffee at our pool area or exercise together at the fitness center at our apartment.”

Neely: Who said that we can have coffee together?

Me: I said that. I felt bad to say no to him, so I told him that I can have coffee with him as a friend.

Neely: Oh, this kind of story is only from you! ha ha ha!!!

Neely had funnier story than mine, but I just keep it to myself…ha ha ha!

On Thursday, the 29th with Marie.

Marie has sent me a nice email this morning.

“Hi Yoko!!! Thanx a million for everything last nite it was sooo good to see u and i forgot to tell u that u last nite when we were talking that you're one of those people that look more beautiful as you age! And such a great host i felt so spoiled :) THANX!! Have a great day and yes so nice seeing your beautiful place it's awesome!!! xxx”

It was soooooooo nice night with her at my home.

I cooked Seafood risotto and served with spring mix + nuts salad, lemonade. Desert was cherries (Oh…so sweet cherries from GELSON’S! Its fancy price, but it was worth it!) & grapes, chocolate gelato with peanuts chocolate and tea...

Marie + I had a beautiful conversation. I learned so much about Sweden (Marie is Swedish) and we had common “comedy stories” (trouble with above neighbor and another similar trouble with high-end dentist!) We laughed so much and eat a lot!

She brought the beautiful flower bouquet (pink snapdragons and tuberose) and Rose wine (from South Africa). She knows my favorite color (I LOVE PINK!) and style. What a nice friend I have.

We used to go to the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Hollywood and enjoyed many parties together. When I see her each time, my sexy fun memories are always coming back to me.

Marie also makes me feel like I am so beautiful and nice with her nice compliments.

She has such a nice fashion style and life style (see my blog on July 12th, 2010). I am so happy to have her as my special friend.

On Saturday, the 31st with Emi-san.

Tomorrow, I am going to have a dinner with Emi-san at my home. I will cook turkey hamburg steak (we, Japanese eat a lot. This is my favorite dish!),steamed vegetable ( or stir-fry vegetable),rice, glazed carrots and corn cream soup. Dessert will be the same as above (for Marie).

Emi-san (see my blog on June 29th, 2010) gave me her products last month when she visited me, Kudo cosmetics ( cosmetic candle and citrus tree - everyday body wash. They are soooooooo fabulous!

Especially, I enjoy every night with a cosmetic candle. Every night, I enjoy sweet sleep with this candle smell. Its makes me so happy and alive! Before go to bed, I say to Emi-san in my mind, “Arigato (thank you in Japanese) Emi-san!” every night.

She makes me feel like, I am very important in this world and her products are the same like her!

I am sure that we will have another fun night at my home!


The other day, I got an urgent project for Japanese TV show in Japan and I had to write a
research report and make a list for people (both American and Japanese) who we can
interview with.

Thank god, I have many great friends and fashion people contacts!!!

Thank you very much to Emi-san, Amy, Marie, Chelsea, Tadd, Kaori-san, Naoko-san, Serene, Karen, Liza, Galina, Maki-san, Ashley, Alison, Jill, Gina, Audrey, another Amy, Neely, Saki-san, Reiko, Kimberly, Diana, Wendy & Richard, Keasha, Terre and Irasha.

They replied to my email right away (within a couple of hours) and they helped my work. I am lucky girl who have great friends!

I hope you are also having fun with your friends. Have a wonderful weekend to you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 30, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

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