Friday, July 30, 2010

#119- Enjoy with friends

“hahah love the tweet! and love look sooooo beautiful...and i am very proud of you and your strong mind to do your novel and all the work you are an inspiration !!!!!” by Neely.

“awwww Yoko you're the sweet one!!!! i'm sooo happy to have YOU IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!!! ive really missed your personality and creativeness and everything else that i love about you! i remember i always used to feel so good after seeing you and i still do :) love you” by Marie.

“I had an enrichment time with you, I enjoyed and learned from your valuable business advice, Feng-Shui advice etc. During our conversation, reminded me that we are better to live with honesty and being real & live hard as a human without some techniques(she said to me in Japanese, so I translated her Japanese into English).” by Emi-san.

Fabulous week with Neely, Marie and Emi-san.

On Wednesday, the 27th with Neely.

We got together at THE COFFEE TABLE in Silver Lake. This place is my favorite place near by my place.

Neely is always so fashionable & stylish and beautiful inside out and and and funny!!! She has such a talent for many things. (By the way, she is a fashion create director.)

And she always gives me nice compliments. Makes me feel like a “special” person.

We chatted with many fun topics and we laughed so hard! She really liked my “boy” episode about my neighbor who asked me for a date.

Me: My neighbor, kind of cute guy, but not my type, because he has tattoo on his arms called me out of the blue two months ago. He found my phone number in the phone book.

Neely: What’s? He found your phone number from an old fashion “Phone book”?

Me: Maybe “Phone book” on web? Anyway, he asked me for a date. He said, “I like your small feet. Very cute! I like you. Do you wanna go out with me as a date?”

Neely: OMG! Small feet? ha ha ha!!!

(I showed my feet to Neely)

Me: My size is 4.

Neely: Oh… : )

Me: I asked him, “Where did you see my feet?” and he said, “At our parking lot.” and I said, “Oh…you could say hi to me!” and I said, “At this time, I am working on my novel and I really need to have a great concentration on this, so I can’t date with anybody now.” “But, we can have coffee at our pool area or exercise together at the fitness center at our apartment.”

Neely: Who said that we can have coffee together?

Me: I said that. I felt bad to say no to him, so I told him that I can have coffee with him as a friend.

Neely: Oh, this kind of story is only from you! ha ha ha!!!

Neely had funnier story than mine, but I just keep it to myself…ha ha ha!

On Thursday, the 29th with Marie.

Marie has sent me a nice email this morning.

“Hi Yoko!!! Thanx a million for everything last nite it was sooo good to see u and i forgot to tell u that u last nite when we were talking that you're one of those people that look more beautiful as you age! And such a great host i felt so spoiled :) THANX!! Have a great day and yes so nice seeing your beautiful place it's awesome!!! xxx”

It was soooooooo nice night with her at my home.

I cooked Seafood risotto and served with spring mix + nuts salad, lemonade. Desert was cherries (Oh…so sweet cherries from GELSON’S! Its fancy price, but it was worth it!) & grapes, chocolate gelato with peanuts chocolate and tea...

Marie + I had a beautiful conversation. I learned so much about Sweden (Marie is Swedish) and we had common “comedy stories” (trouble with above neighbor and another similar trouble with high-end dentist!) We laughed so much and eat a lot!

She brought the beautiful flower bouquet (pink snapdragons and tuberose) and Rose wine (from South Africa). She knows my favorite color (I LOVE PINK!) and style. What a nice friend I have.

We used to go to the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Hollywood and enjoyed many parties together. When I see her each time, my sexy fun memories are always coming back to me.

Marie also makes me feel like I am so beautiful and nice with her nice compliments.

She has such a nice fashion style and life style (see my blog on July 12th, 2010). I am so happy to have her as my special friend.

On Saturday, the 31st with Emi-san.

Tomorrow, I am going to have a dinner with Emi-san at my home. I will cook turkey hamburg steak (we, Japanese eat a lot. This is my favorite dish!),steamed vegetable ( or stir-fry vegetable),rice, glazed carrots and corn cream soup. Dessert will be the same as above (for Marie).

Emi-san (see my blog on June 29th, 2010) gave me her products last month when she visited me, Kudo cosmetics ( cosmetic candle and citrus tree - everyday body wash. They are soooooooo fabulous!

Especially, I enjoy every night with a cosmetic candle. Every night, I enjoy sweet sleep with this candle smell. Its makes me so happy and alive! Before go to bed, I say to Emi-san in my mind, “Arigato (thank you in Japanese) Emi-san!” every night.

She makes me feel like, I am very important in this world and her products are the same like her!

I am sure that we will have another fun night at my home!


The other day, I got an urgent project for Japanese TV show in Japan and I had to write a
research report and make a list for people (both American and Japanese) who we can
interview with.

Thank god, I have many great friends and fashion people contacts!!!

Thank you very much to Emi-san, Amy, Marie, Chelsea, Tadd, Kaori-san, Naoko-san, Serene, Karen, Liza, Galina, Maki-san, Ashley, Alison, Jill, Gina, Audrey, another Amy, Neely, Saki-san, Reiko, Kimberly, Diana, Wendy & Richard, Keasha, Terre and Irasha.

They replied to my email right away (within a couple of hours) and they helped my work. I am lucky girl who have great friends!

I hope you are also having fun with your friends. Have a wonderful weekend to you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 30, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Finally I am able to write about RON ROBINSON (at Fred Segal)’s pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL !

Last month, Ron (president of RON ROBINSON & APOTHIA) and Karen (vice president of RON ROBINSON & APOTHIA) invited me to the opening party for this shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL.

And Ron and Karen gave me wonderful gift bag at the party. There were many beautiful stuff in the gift bag and the Apothia Hand & Body Wash – Plush was the best!

Since the party, I have been using this Apothia Hand & Body Wash – Plush (French milled soap, pettigrain with bright citrus notes of mandarin and lime / $28 at the APOTHIA at Fred Segal Melrose). I feel more beautiful!!! Smell so nice and my skin feels so soft as well (see more detail at

Last month, I wrote an article about this shop lunch story + a scoop (Ron made a great contract with the MONDRIAN HOTEL group!) for Senken-newspaper (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper), so I couldn’t write about this story in my blog before the article publish.

Now, yes, I can write about it!

Here is my rough translation in English. By the way, my Japanese article is much much better than this translation article, but I just want to share it with you.

If you have any questions, go to RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal Melrose or MONDRIAN HOTEL. Ron and Karen will help your shopping!


July 12th, 2010 on Senken-newspaper

On “Zoom up” section (The article is in the “today’s special topic” section!)

L.A. RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal launched pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL

Try to get new high-end customers

Another subtitle:
To make well-known and to make it through a recession

Photo caption:
At the pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL. Mr. Ron Robinson, president (left) and Ms. Karen Meena, vice president.

RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, U.S.A. launched pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL in West Hollywood, L.A. in June. The store opens until December, 2010. The strategy of this shop is to try to get new high-end customers of the MONDRIAN HOTEL, to make well-known for their beauty related products and to make it through a recession. (Writer, Yoko Fujimoto)

The hotel is owns by Morgans Hotel Group which is leading boutique hotel and they have many fashionably customers and celebrity customers from U.S. and overseas at their restaurant & Bar.

Mr. Ron Robinson, president talked about the reasons for this pop-up shop business. There are three main reasons. Reason #1 is “During the recession, we need to change with new business idea. This hotel located in high-end area, so our store customers and concept are the same with this hotel and it seems like we have a great opportunity to get new customers from here.” Reason #2 is “Our other store, beauty & apothecary boutique, APOTHIA’s fame and concept is match with this hotel fame and concept and we can recommended fashionably lifestyle to customers”. Reason #3 is “We made a contract with Morgans Hotel Group regarding our APOTHIA’s original hand & body wash, shampoo etc are going to use by 11 hotel locations for their bathroom and guest rooms, so we would like to make our brand well-known”.

The store has 27 meter square foot and small, but Ms. Karen Meena, vice president reported, they have T-shirts, swimsuits, hat etc. for travelers and accessories, lifestyle products, skin care and beauty products by APOTHIA, there are 300 sophisticated design best selection items. Ms.Meena said, “We have many unique products which hard to get it from other stores and we have new products every couple of weeks.”

Ms. Katharine Parnello who is a president and designer of Gimme More Couture which Britney Spears and other celebrities wearing, Swarovski line stone lingerie, corset, shoes etc brand said, “Our products cost around $1800-14000, so I am very honor to sell our products at this hotel which has many wealthy and celebrities customers as well” and she is expecting a great business.

Mr. Robinson talked about the reason to have a limited term, “We will see the result of profit and effect of this business. We will decide what we are going to do with the situation” and “We are very happy to provide the high quality and original lifestyle for customers. The profit is coming on the way later”, he showed his confidence for make it through a recession.


By the way, I have another scoop with this article.

When I was attending the party at the MONDRIAN HOTEL and talked with Ms. Katharine Parnello (who is in my article)…Katharine told me (I have a permission from her to write about it in my blog) that she and her daughter were the matchmaker for Mr.Hugh Hefner (who is Playboy magazine founder) & his former girlfriend, Ms. Holly Madison! Katharine and her daughter took Holly to the playboy mansion and let meet Mr. Hefner.

Long time ago, I enjoyed the TV show “The Girls Next Door” (known as The Girls of the Playboy Mansion, is an American reality television series broadcast on the E! cable television network), so I knew Holly from the TV and I thought they have a fun life together. It was funny that I just met the matchmaker for them!

And more funny thing is…(but you can’t enjoy much…because you can’t see me)…I am wearing the PLAYBOY tank top now(by coincidence)!!!

Long time ago, my fashionably mother sent the PLAYBOY tank tops and T-shirts from Tokyo, Japan to me. At the time, I asked my mother on the phone, “Why you are sending me these American stuff? PLAYBOY is from America!” and she told me that, “Yoko, look carefully, those PLAYBOY stuff made in Japan. Good quality! I thought those tank tops and T-shirts look cute on you! You can’t find those cute ones in U.S.A.!” ha ha ha! My mother has a great fashion sense!

Yes, my PLAYBOY tank top is made in Japan. The tag says, SUPERLOVERS CO LTD. Tokyo, Japan. Made in Japan.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story about RON ROBINSON + MONDRIAN HOTEL and you got some idea for your fashionably shopping!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 22, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#117- My day in Los Feliz + Franklin Village

In Los Feliz

at 6:30am:

Clean and changed the water for my flower vases (vases are on the sink in my bath room, toilet counter, side table in my bed room, coffee table in my living room, dining table and kitchen counter) and watched Japanese TV news.

My flowers of this week are red and white gladiolus. Every room has a beautiful power!

at 8:00am:

Made French style rice ball (I made big one!) and café au lait for breakfast and ate it with happy mood!

at 8:40am:

Worked on a translation project. Translated two emails (Japanese to English & English to Japanese) less than 10 minutes and I made “one week worth of grocery”! (quick money! lucky me!)

And watched CNN news and internet surfing at the same time.

at 9:00am:

Shower and make-up.

at 10:00am:

Cooked two French style rice balls (for Erika who is vegetarian. I put a lot of American cheese inside of rice balls) and five regular French style rice balls (three for Kimberly and me for lunch and two for my dinner).

Oh…these rice balls are so goooood! (if you want to see the recipe, see my blog on July 5th,2010 )

In Franklin Village

at 12:00pm:

I love Kimberly’s home office / show room ( I like her style. She has a great fashion sense!

So, of course, she has fashionable clients at her PR company!

Erika is working with Kimberly and she is also my great friend. She has a great fashion sense as well. Especially, she has a fabulous hair style!

Kimberly made a great salad for us! Her special walnuts dressing was sooooo good! Avocado, lentil and goat cheese with arugula…it was great combination!

We toasted with lemonade and we ate Kimberly’s salad and my rice balls. It was lovely lunch.

at 1:00pm:

Kimberly and Erika showed me their new products and gave me three beautiful T-shirts!

One is from Dirtee Hollywood. “LOVE IS IN FASHION”…I love this pink T-shirts! So creative and cute!!!

Two are from Obvious Clothing. One is butterfly and the other one is horse. They are soooooooo cute!!!

Both brands products are available at the Fred Segal/Ron Robinson Melrose! Really cute T-shirts!

Today, I was wearing the orange butterfly T-shirts from Obvious Clothing which Kimberly gave it to me last year, but Kimberly said, “Today, I give you some more!” So sweet!

In Los Feliz

at 1:30pm:

Oh…Los Feliz post office is always so popular!

I waited 10 minutes to park my car and another 10 minutes to get to the counter. I sent out six priority mails (I always send newspaper or magazine with thank you note to people who I interviewed with).

at 2:10pm:

I love Gelson’s! Especially when I have Gelson’s coupons!

Got fresh food from this market and saved $7! Who says, “Gelson’s is expensive market”? I don’t think so, if we use our brain and coupons! I told the cashire, “I am very happy to use these coupons. It helps me a lot!”

Then, the cashier noticed my note on the coupons (I always write a small thank you note on the coupons) and she told me “Oh…cute note. thank you!”.


Lucky me! I am working as a freelancer, so I can do what I want every day and I love what I do every day.

I hope you are having a lucky day too!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

#116- Marie Marie Marie!

It was lovely lunch with my special friend, Marie at our place / le Clafoutis at Sunset Plaza today.

Marie and I used to have brunch at le Clafoutis at Sunset Plaza every weekend when she was a single and we used to act & play during our time at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Since I got a job at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. and moved to Newport Beach for a while, we lost contact each other…then, last year Marie made a contact me through facebook and we are in touch again! Thanks to a technology world!

Oh…Marie…she has not changed at all! She is so beautiful inside and out. She has such a nice taste for everything! Her fashion & home and everything!

It was so fabulous to see her new decollation at her home (she showed me some photos on her phone).

And yes, she is still sweet! She said to me, “Yoko, you have not changed at all (since 10 years ago). Oh…your car looks like you bought yesterday (I bought my car 10 years ago)!” So sweet!

It was such a sweet power lunch with Marie.

Her beautiful “natural emerald pendant” is soooooo beautiful like her. She told me that her sister in law(she is famous actress) gave it to her for her 15 year wedding anniversary. The pendant belongs to her sister in law’s mother, which means, Marie’s husband’s mother’s.

15 years ago, I remember…when I went to Marie’s wedding party at her sister in law’s house. At the time, it was first time to see so many valet parking boys at the residence (I thought valet parking service is for Hotel,Restaurant, Bar and Club…) and I was amazed by the beautiful house as well. I usually remember the food from the party, but my memory of this party is the beautiful house and beautiful people. Marie has so many beautiful things in her life!

Oh…the “natural emerald pendant” is really suits Marie.

It was so nice to catch up with her during the lunch time. Yes, we promised to each other, “from now on, we will get together more often!”

After lunch, I stopped by shopping at the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake and got some red and white gladiolus for my home.

The Gladiolus flower signifies remembrance.

Marie and I will make more fun time from now on, so our remembrance will be more and more!

Nice friends make us happy life for sure!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

#115- Harry Potter weekend

Since Thursday until tonight, I spent 23 hours and a half on my couch to watch “Harry Potter weekend” on TV.

I saw movies of “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone”,“Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets”,“Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban”(Twice!), “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”(Twice!) and “Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix” on abc family.

Thanks to the abc family to entertain us with this “Harry Potter weekend”!

In 1997, I couldn’t finish to read a book of “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone” when Maria (who was the managing editor at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. I was working as a staff writer for Entrepreneur Japan edition at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. for 6 years and a half) lend me this book. I couldn’t follow many characters names in this book, so I couldn’t follow the story…It was funny that I could translate the feature stories in the Entrepreneur magazine to Japanese and I could interview entrepreneurs in English and could write articles in Japanese, but I couldn’t read this book in English or Japanese at the time.

Since 2001, I have not seen Harry Potter movies.

I guess this weekend was the time to meet Harry! What a nice fantasy. I totally get it, why J.K. Rowling is popular author in the world.

Harry Potter brings us a fantasy world.

Sweet dreams to you all.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 11, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

#114- At my best friend’s home

I love U.S.A.!!! I really appreciate that U.S.A. accepted my stay in U.S.A. for forever. Thank you for the U.S.A. Green Card (for a permanent resident). Thank you U.S.A.!

It was soooooooo much fun yesterday on the 4th of July!

My best friend, Suzie invited me to join her family day at her home yesterday and we had a great time like last year. Unfortunately, her husband (my old friend / I was the matchmaker for them) had to work, but we (Suzie has beautiful two daughters) had wonderful “ Girls Day & Night on the 4th of July ”.

From the noon until late night, I had a perfect day with them!!!

Suzie said, “As I was tucking the girls in to sleep ... they said ‘ Mommy ... thank you so much for the BEST NIGHT EVER... Yoko is so much FUN!!!!!!’ ”

Oh…what a nice day!


At my home:

In the morning at my home, I cooked “French style” Onigiri (Japanese rice balls). I made “Japanese rice balls meet French toast” rice balls (I put smoked chicken sausages with cheese inside the rice balls and put eggs and soy sauce outside of the rice balls and fried with butter). It took two hours in the morning to make them, but it was worth it! Everyone loved it! (include Suzie’s husband).

I wanted become a “summer Santa” for them, so I brought these rice balls for snack, Mexican chips, potato chips, gifts for Suzie, two girls and her husband. I love to see their smile! Makes me soooooooo happy!!!

It was so glad that they enjoyed my gifts.


At the park:

We went to the park near Suzie’s home and had a nice picnic(we ate my rice balls and potato chips).

It was so peaceful. The air is so fresh (compare to where I live), beautiful mountain view, the girl’s happy smiles, our positive conversation…

Oh…girls showed us “water fireworks”! Soooooooo cute and very creative play!


At Suzie’s home:

Suzie is a great hostess, great cook and great entertainer! She has so many talents!

After picnic at the park, she served Mexican chips (her fancy chips and mine) with some salsa, guacamole, potato chips and strawberry soda. OMG…her homemade guacamole is soooooooo yummy!!! I couldn’t stop eating them.

And, she treated me a movie “Twilight”. She recommended to see this movie (includes, New Moon and Eclipse), but I have not seen them, so she showed me this movie with her explanation.

I really appreciate her entertainment & hospitality (they saw this movie many times…so I really appreciate to let me to watch this movie).

After this movie, girls showed us (Suzie and me) “4th of July show”! They are so cute and creative! The fashion show was the best! I see their bright future!!!


During the dog walking:

After our appetizer time, we had a dog walking around her neighbor. There are so many beautiful walking paths. We saw the beautiful sunset and smell the 4th of July BBQ from many homes.


Dinner & Fireworks & Desert:

Suzie made “turkey meat tacos” for dinner.

OMG…her tacos are the best. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!! Wow, she is such a great cook!!! Her family is so lucky that they can eat her “Five star meal” everyday at home.

And the fireworks were beautiful!!! We saw three shows from the balcony at her home. We were so lucky that we had “VIP seats” at home for 4th of July fireworks shows!

And and…the special treat, “4th of July cake” was soooooooo delicious!!!

Suzie and her kids made a beautiful U.S.A. flag cake with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chocolate etc. OMG…They made this cake until midnight the day before the 4th of July. Oh…they are so sweet like the cake!!!


On the way back home:

I saw three different fireworks shows on the way back (I was surprised that some places had fireworks close to the midnight). Total: I saw 6 different fireworks shows! Lucky me!

Oh…Suzie is so kind and sweet. She drove her car with her kids and led me to the freeway and she called me to make sure that I got home safe.

Then, we had chatting another two hours on the phone.

Suzie said to me, “It was such a SPECIAL Fourth of July with a Special Friend .... and a memory that we will cherish for LIFE : )”

Suzie is an amazing cook and an amazing life maker!!! I am so glad that I spent a special day with her and her family again.


U.S.A….Thank you again. I am having a great life in U.S.A. Thank you!!!

I hope you had a great 4th of July (If you are in U.S.A.).

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 5, 2010