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#109- Sex and the City 2

I was in New York and Abu Dhabi (Morocco) for a while…you know what I am talking about?

(If you haven’t seen the movie “Sex and the City 2” and you have a plan to see it, or you don’t want to hear my thought on this movie, please don’t read below).


Two words for this movie…WELCOME BACK


Definitely, “Sex and the City 2” is better than the first one (first movie, “Sex and the City” had so many CM/PR/marketing strategies and Carrie was too weak for man, she was too ordinary, she wasn’t independent / unique anymore,I was so disappointed her in this movie)… Carrie who I know wasn’t in the movie.

I liked 60% of the first movie. (But…I have a DVD of this one anyway…ha ha ha!).

I wish I could see more HBO “Sex and the City” essence in the first movie…(but, I totally understand that movie business have to get more audience & money, which means more variety audiences…besides single & career oriented girls/women…housewives, other skin color people, more younger girls or older women…)

In the first movie, I didn’t see any “real love” or “real friendship”.

Each 30 minutes episode (HBO TV drama, “Sex and the City”) is like jewelry to me, but the first movie was like a “145 minutes imitation jewelry”.

Two years ago, I had a bad date with the movie “Sex and the City”.


Now in 2010, I had a good date with “Sex and the City 2”. I loved 80% of this second one.

It was fun to learn Middle Eastern culture & lifestyle (especially colorful food and sexy music!!!).

I was really enjoying with them (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte) for 146 minutes.

Enjoyed their romantic love life, their fashion, first class trip to Abu Dhabi, girls talk and many more!!! Well done!!!


But…20% of this movie...I would like to change it.

Especially, the last message is going to be…like this, “Forget about the traditional things completely! Just put favorite and original colors on and design by yourself with some love & friendship, and and and….have fun with sex life! “

Now, I would like to talk about rest of 20% completely…


Re: Cup noodles vs. Arabic potato chips

Arabic potato chips (Pringles potato chips are printed in Arabic) are much better CM/PR/marketing strategy item than the cup noodles in the first movie…

In the first movie, I thought…“Why Carrie is not taking care of her well? She is supposed to be a smart and witty woman… Why she is eating cup noodles on a special day? Common! No matter what, as a human, we should treat well and respect yourself.”

Carrie was trying to get a love with an easy way (an instant way) like an instant food/cup noodles. (Please don’t get me wrong, I love cup noodles, but I just don’t eat them on a special day or don’t eat them with a “can’t be help mood or I don’t care about myself mood”)

So…Arabic potato chips marketing strategy is more fun, fancy and global.


Re: Love& heart vs. Diamond

Again…Carrie is still too much rely on Mr.BIG (or man) for her happiness in the second movie.

One thing, I am glad that she was writing / working in her old place for two days, but NOT ENOUGH!!! Please Carrie, be a smart / fashionably writer & woman again! Please come back to us!

And…What if she is the one of a kind woman/special woman, she should enjoy two days off marriage every week with Mr.BIG.

P.S. If a guy wants have two days off marriage every week, I would married to that guy! ha ha ha!!!


Re: More CM/PR/Marketing…Bags and shoes by Christian Louboutin, Dress by Halston Heritage, Jeans by The Blonds, Computer by HP, Suzanne Somers ’s book, Abu Dhabi etc…

Compare to the first movie, it was much better CM/PR/marketing strategy on this second movie…besides potato chips, there are Bags and shoes by Christian Louboutin, Dress by Halston Heritage, Jeans by The Blonds, Computer by HP, Suzanne Somers ’s book “BREAKTHROUGH”, hotel & travel spot in Abu Dhabi etc…

I see more international marketing strategy…I guess, it works! I am sure that “Sex and the City 2” got more international audiences, older audiences and gay audiences around the world.

But, when the Middle Eastern women “came out”, I thought, PR materials should be the Carrie’s books or VOGUE magazines. And I wanted to see more independent women in Middle East (if they have) or introduce the story (how independent women are beautiful and smart.)


Re: Gay marriage

I hope I could see more gay guy’s happy marriage life or something nice statements as happy gay people in the world (in U.S.).

Forget about the traditional things! Just enjoy freedom!

P.S. By the way, I am not gay. I love men like Samantha! ha ha ha…!


Re: Samantha

Samantha, you are my favorite and hero!

Please get a younger and cuter guy in the next movie and show us more your career side as well!


Re: Last message

Again, I would change the ending message to “Forget about the traditional things completely! Just put favorite and original colors on and design by yourself with some love & friendship, and and and….have fun with sex life! ”


Re: The Ending

I loved the happy ending. It’s so romantic and clever script, but I hope I could see more their (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte) friendship than marriage/love life in the end…

And what if I am a writer for this movie…I will keep their gorgeous trip until the end and I make more fun,fantasy and fashionably funny with girl friends/ friendship than ordinary marriage life.


Ok…I am going to stop writing my thought about this movie of 20% and I just enjoy the feeling when I saw this movie of 80%…! It was lovely movie for sure!!!


Sex and the City 2…another story…

At the Americana at Brand movie theatre.

On Monday morning, I went to see this movie by myself (I supposed to go to see this movie with my friend S, but she was changing her plans and she said to me, “ I don’t want you to wait for me, I am so sorry, if you want to go to see this movie with other friend, go ahead…”).

I thought, Monday morning is the best day for movie. Monday (especially, the early in the morning and especially this kind of movie)…nobody wants to see the movie right?

So I thought, I can enjoy movie, less noise & less interruption.

Ok…I was 50% right.


I asked the guy at the casher at the movie theatre (I always ask someone about their business / service before my payment. ha ha ha!).

Me: I would like to have a ticket of “Sex and the City 2”. Could you tell me, 11:00am or 11:25am, which room is the better one? I mean which room has the bigger screen?

The guy at the casher: Oh, 11:00am room has a bigger screen, but today, we have a special event, “Mommy and baby day”. We have special Monday for moms & babies every month. So you should see this movie at 11:25am.

Me: What???…no wonder, I saw the first movie, Sex and the City two years ago here with my friend, there were some moms & babies in the audience and I had a bad experience that day. One baby cried so many times, but the mother didn’t leave the room. I was so mad about it and I couldn’t enjoy my movie 100% that day. Now, makes sense!!! That day, my friend treated me for the movie and I didn’t want to make her bad feeling, so I didn’t complain about it to you guys. Oh…Thank you so much for telling me this information. I am so glad that I am not going to see this movie with moms & babies again! Thank you!!!

The guy at the casher: You are welcome.

Me: Oh…by the way, it’s still 10:35am, can I enter to the room 6 for 11:25am and have a seat now?

The guy at the casher: Of course, there is no one in the room. Please go ahead to have a seat in the room 6.

Me: Thank you! (ok…small screen is not bad… I am sure that a few people will be there. I prefer quiet room than noisy room with bigger screen & many people.)


Then, I went to the lady’s room and walked by the room for 10:30am “Sex and the City 2”.

I just wanted to see the room/screen size of 10:30am room...I just entered to this room…then…OMG…perfect! The room was almost empty and the movie was not ready yet (probably, the theatre staff was late for work), so I decided to see this movie here, the room for 10:30am.

There were 6 older women and one man (maybe gay) in the room.

At first, I thought, perfect! I thought, older women have better manner than younger ones (but, I was wrong!!!).

Oh…big mistake!!!

Those 6 women (two women x 3) were so noisy!!! Ok…laughs were fine (I laughed so much too), but they talked to each other during the movie!!! One time, I had to say to two women, “Shhhhhh!!!” ha ha ha!

Forget about older women in the room…!

I enjoyed the movie so much…I was in New York City and trip to gorgeous country, Middle East. What a day!


After movie, I am proud of myself.

146 minutes later, I felt like want to have an IN-N-OUT burger, but I brought the “Hollywood Cookie Diet” chocolate chip cookie to the movie theatre and I ate this cookie after movie.

Yes, I didn’t stop by IN-N-OUT! Yeah!!!


By the way, this summer, I will enjoy HBO “Sex and the City” all seasons DVDs & a first movie DVD and wait for a new DVD of “Sex and the City 2”.

And in fall, I will enjoy “Gossip Girl”!

What a plan!!!


One more thing…


Dear Mr. Michael Patrick King,

I have a sexy idea for next “Sex and the City” movie!

Please don’t go to London, please come to L.A. and call me for “Sex and the city 3”.

Yoko Fujimoto
Writer in Los Angeles


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 8, 2010

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