Sunday, June 6, 2010

#108- APOTHIA +Cil d’ or +Padina

My eyelashes are soooooooo beautiful since last Friday.

Karen (who is a VP at Ron Robinson /APOTHIA at Fred Segal Melrose) invited me to a VIP Cil d'or eyelash extension treatment at APOTHIA (

Eyelash extensions by Japan's top salons, Cil d’ or (was sending their top specialists to this event / with Padina (eyelash conditioner /

I had a great time with Didi (who is a specialist and daughter of a founder of Padina, Daniel), Naho-san (who is another specialist from Japan), Ly (who is a graphic designer for Padina. I love the design on Padina!), Daniel(who is a founder of Padina) and Karen.

The treatment took one hour and I had a fun chat with all of them for another one hour. It was lovely Friday afternoon at APOTHIA.

Didi has a magic hand! I was in heaven during my eyelash extension and Padina eyelash conditioner treatment! I was relaxing and saying in my mind, “please don’t stop!” (ha ha ha!)

It was first time for the eyelash extensions for me and I loved it! These long beautiful eyelashes will last for three weeks. Great news! I can show my eyelashes to people at the next Los Angeles fashion market week(next week). Oh…one more great news…the Padina eyelash conditioner (created with Cil d’ or group) is a Botanical formulation to naturally enhance eyelash strength, growth and volume. Which means, non harmful. Great!

Didi has long beautiful eyelashes (she is a beautiful young woman. It makes sense that she is an older sister of MARIE who is a top model and TV personality in Japan. By the way, her mother is an owner of Japan's top salons, Cil d’ or), but her eyelashes are not extensions, Padina made her eyelashes natural long & beautiful.

I can’t wait my eyelashes grow like her eyelashes (I heard, it takes about couple of weeks)!

Karen has always fresh products and she starts fashion trends with her fashion & business sense. I really respect her business style and I love her thoughtful, smart and funny personality.

Many smart fashion people want to start business with her and Ron at Ron Robinson (and APOTHIA) at Fred Segal Melrose, because most of products usually become popular & famous by fashion people in LA (and in the world!) right away from Ron Robinson.

Anyway, every morning for three weeks, I don’t need to put on mascara, what a nice treat!!! and I will see my natural long & beautiful eyelashes soon! What a beautiful treat!!!

Do you like your eyelashes? If you want to have more long & beautiful eyelashes, try Padina at APOTHIA(Ron Robinson at Fred Segal Melrose)! xoxo

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 6, 2010