Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#102- Diet or THINK MYSELF THIN???

I believe,image training,positive thinking,visualization…you know what I am talking about?

25 years ago…While I was a collage student in Tokyo, Japan (we/Japanese have a special recruiting period before we graduate collage), I was trying to get a job before graduate collage. I took many written tests and interviews for many companies.

Oh…I love test and interview! I mean…I love to answer questions for people and love to meet people & talk to people! So I really had great time during my recruiting period.

At the time, I got some offers from some companies (pass the tests and the interviews), but I didn’t get the one which I really liked. It was the advertisement company (this company has over 100 years history in Japan).

I always, I get what I want!

At the time, I saw some images in my mind that I am working at this advertisement company which I failed(pass the written test, but I failed third interview with a president of this company).

So…I went back to this company to meet a president. I wrote a big essay (the title was “Woman can work!”) for him. At the reception of this company, the office manager (man) told me, “you pass the written test, but you failed the interview with a president. Our president didn’t choose you, so please go home.”

I told him, “I would like to talk to him, please let me talk to him.” He told me, “He won’t see you.” I said to him…”I really need to talk to him!!!”

Anyway, I told this manager, “ok…I am going home, but please let him to read my essay. I will call him later. Thank you very much for your help.”

Then…I was at the elevator(I was going home), the president came after me and said, “Please come to my room. I can have a meeting with you.”


But…at first, he told me, “we are posting a position for sales woman, but we don’t need a woman for sales department.”

The president said to me, “if you want to work at our company, I can hire you, but you should work in the secretary position (in Japanese English, we called “OL/Office Lady”! ha ha ha!).

I said big NOOOOOOOO! to him. I love to work like a man! Man and woman have to be the same!!!

At the time, my dream was working as a writer/journalist, but I thought I need to see the business world first, that’s why I picked sales position in the PR/ advertisement industry.

If I work as a sales person, I thought I can see the world and meet many people and talk too much with people! Sounds like fun job to start my career!

Anyway, after this meeting with a president, I got a phone call from the sales manager of this company, then I pass the interview with the sales manager and I got a job as a sales person at this advertisement company(by the way, 25 years ago, there were not many sales women in advertisement industry in Japan).

Yes, my “visualization” came true!

Then I became a writer in Japan (this process had many miracles of “visualization” as well.)

Many years later, I got a job at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. in U.S..

My many dreams came true! I mean my “visualization” is working.

Really funny…25 years ago, when I had to say, “I can’t come to your company to work, because I am going to America to study English” to some companies as my excuse…this excuse came true as well!!! (At the time, I didn’t have any plan to come to U.S., I wasn’t thinking to live in U.S., even, to visit)


Oh…I forgot…I was going to write about my diet story today…

Since 22 years ago, I write food diary and keep my weight 85 pounds, but I gain weight little by little(start 5 years ago)…then I gain 20 pounds!!! (but…I still look fine…ha ha ha…)

So…I got started reading “THINK YOURSELF THIN By Debbie Johnson” (I got this book 10 years ago, but I didn't need it at the time).

Then…funny thing happens, I got a diet feature story project for a Japanese magazine. The magazine called, “EXILE” (the popular music group, EXILE owns this magazine

Wow…see…if we think something, it will come to us!!!

So I wrote 4 pages feature story “L.A. latest Diet” for EXILE (June issue. It already came out on April 27th).

I wrote 10 subjects in this feature story. Spa 415 Beverly Hills, DIET-PATCH(SCI Inc.), FBE Holistic Health & Fitness Center(FBE Spa), Hollywood Cookie Diet(Sunset Health Products, Inc.), Pole dance at the S Factor, David Allen Nutrition, Blood Type Diet by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, Lemon Detox Diet, Kettlebell by GoFit, L.L.C. and Diet food delivery by Bistro MD, LLC.

Two weeks, I was researching, interviewing and writing for this magazine project and did diet (Hollywood Cookie Diet + Lemon Detox Diet drink + 3 minutes stretch) as well.

I lost 7 pounds within two weeks!

Yes, diet methods and “THINK MYSELF THIN” works!

Anyway…13 pounds to go…wish me luck! or good luck for your diet too!

Oh…I am sure that you lost some calories to read my blog today. ha ha ha!

Do you know, laughing is good for diet too! Have fun your day!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#101- At the “PROMISED WONDERLAND” by the Consulate General of Israel Los Angeles

"If you will it, it is not a dream" by Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl.

Yes, I think so.


Tonight (the 19th), I was at the show, “PROMISED WONDERLAND” (A Journey Through Israel’s Culture and Arts)-Official Celebration of Israel’s 62nd Independence Day (at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills).

Last month, I got an invitation of this show from the Consulate General of Israel Los Angeles. I wrote about the Mode Israel (fashion show and apparel trade show of Israel presented by Consulate General of Israel Los Angeles) last year in Senken-newspaper. It was so honor to receive an invitation of such a special event for Israel from Consulate General of Israel Los Angeles.

When I sent a copy of newspaper, Senken-newspaper (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper) to the Consulate General of Israel Los Angeles regarding an article of Mode Israel last year, the director of Cultural Affaires, Mr.Lior Sasson sent me a thank you note for the article.

Israeli, Wow, what a nice people! (I got two other thank you notes from the designers in Israel, Ms.Hagar Alembik of ALEMBIKA and Ms.Betty Eldad of bet-ka as well.)

What a night!!! Mr. Lior Sasson, thank you very much for tonight!


This unique show that was produced especially for this event presented prominent upcoming Israeli talents from LA as they embark on a cultural journey through time to explore the origins of Israel’s contemporary art and culture.

I was very honor to be there tonight to join to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the State of Israel and the grand opening of the Saban Theater with live music performances, dance, video art, standup comedy etc.

The standup comedy was so funny, now I got how difference between Jew and Israeli and there are many unique accent people in Israel!

I love Israeli, they are so friendly and they have such a great energy!!! Their music and dance were amazing! Video of history, view of Israel and message were wonderful as well.

I got many goose bumps tonight. During coming home/driving by myself, I had to tell Suzie and share about tonight, so I called & talked with her on the phone.


Oh…I met nice Japanese man at the event! During I was eating finger food (I am always eating! ha ha ha!) before this show at the theatre. This Japanese man is a president, Mr.Akimasa Yoneda of MIYAKO HYBRID HOTEL ( / new hotel in Torrance/ eco-friendly concept hotel).

He told me that the Japanese refrigerators (especially, Sanyo!) are the best (even car is better! I mean, Toyota is great! I think so too!), but the carpets and beds are U.S. products are the best (because American use those products more than Japanese, so they have new techniques. The carpet has 3D technique! Wow, I didn’t know that!) He had such a great energy! I have never been to this hotel yet, but I am sure that this hotel has a great energy like Mr.Akimasa Yoneda’s energy.


Anyway, I had a great night, tonight! Thank you for tonight for everyone at the show.

I really feel that we (people in the world) are together. Really together.

Doesn’t matter that we have different language, religious, cultures, food (yes, I love everything!), method of life etc…We are the same, together…we are human!


Have a nice day to you all!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 19/20, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

#100- My spring cleaning

The other day, my friend, Danielle asked me, “What are you going to do tomorrow?”

I said, “I am going to cleaning my place!” Danielle said to me, “You are always cleaning!”

Many of my friends always tell me that “Yoko, where are you going to clean? Your place is really organized and clean. You don’t need to clean.”

Yes, my place is always clean and perfect (in my mind, by the way), but I still want to clean and organize things.

Like Feng Shui, if I want to change my mood/luck, I clean my stuff or change location for my stuff. You know what I mean?

Since April 5th, I am having “big spring cleaning weeks” at my place, even though, I was busy (had some writing project and translation project), I was organizing my closet on my coffee break.

Oh…even though, I had to install my new printer (HP Officejet 6500 wireless/I love it very much!!!), took 14 hours/for two laptop computers/two days event…during my installation I was reading some old magazines for clean up my closet.

The other day, when I was talking to my mom in Japan, I was wiping each books from the shelf, hundreds books…it took couple of hours to do that, but I felt so good!

Today, I have no idea how many pages I turned…I mean, I was reading or looking VOGUE, ELLE, In Style, People etc…I kept those magazines for 9 years…includes copies which I wrote. At this time, I decided that I am going to check each magazine (just in case, I am not going to miss anything in those magazines) and throw away (except my copies of my work).

Oh…it’s so hard to do that, I mean, I love magazine, so I have a hard time to say good-bye to my magazines…but I need more space in my living room closet, so I really have to say good-bye to them…

How is your spring cleaning, by the way?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 17, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

#99- M7.2 BAJA Quake hits at the Easter dinner party

As you know, we had a magnitude 7.2 BAJA earthquake in Los Angeles this afternoon.

When I was at Keasha (my special friend)’s mother (Galia)’s home Easter dinner party, I thought I felt dizzy…

(Oh no…the “*** cookie diet” made me dizzy? I am so starving…that’s why I feel dizzy??? I can’t wait to eat this Easter foods and desserts! Smells sooooooo good…Oh…no…I feel dizzy…why???)

I was talking to people about my latest magazine project (I wrote a feature story of trendy diet in LA for one of the popular lifestyle magazine in Japan) and I was talking about the “*** cookie diet” topic, then I felt dizzy…so I thought I got sick from the diet(I just had only one *** cookie and coffee before came to this party).

(Wait a minute, this is earthquake!!! I am not dizzy, the house is shaking??? Right?)

Me: Is this earthquake???

Galia: ??? What???

Me: House is shaking right?

Everyone: Oh…yeah…earthquake!!!

I am Japanese, so I used to had a lot of earthquakes in Japan, but this earthquake was very strange, I felt like I was dizzy or felt like I was on the boat. Really strange earthquake. It was also long time.

Anyway, I am glad that I wasn’t sick and could eat a lot of delicious food!!!

Roast turkey, Salmon, Chicken & broccoli Gratin, Macaroni & cheese, Crab Cake, Zucchini Gratin, Green beans thing (I forgot to taste it!), Spinach thing (I forgot to taste it!), Fruit salad, Bread, Deviled eggs, Chocolate cake, Carrot cake,Chocolate pie, ice cream…

I love Deviled egg! , so when I saw them, I told Galia, “I love Deviled egg! Can I have your recipe???” then, she gave me the recipe and 7 Deviled eggs to bring home! Yeay!

By the way, during the egg hunt (not for me, of course) time, I saw big lemon tree in the garden and I said to Galia, “Wow, those lemons are good for lemon detox diet!” then, Galia said, ‘Yoko, take some home!”. Yeay!

I did lemon hunt! Ha! (But…the lemon tree is tall, so Keasha’s husband, John picked 7 lemons for me! Lucky 7! Thank you!)

The lemon is twice bigger than regular size lemon. Yes, I can try famous “lemon detox” for 7 days!(as I said, I wrote a feature story of LA trendy best 10 diet for Japanese magazine last month, so I just wanted to try every thing which I wrote.)

Keasha & Galia have nice family and friends. I am very lucky to be in their home today.

Life is about sharing happiness with family and friends. I am very happy that I could do it with my special friends today on Easter.

I hope you had a nice Sunday.

Happy Easter to you all!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 4, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

#98- April fools…!

This morning, I sent a couple of emails to my friends. Please read below.

Hi ****,

Did you send an application to ABC TV "The Bachelor Asian version" for me???

I got a phone call from a line producer of this show right now...she said that I have a chance to be on this new show.

OMG...she will send me some info by email later today...

I don't think I am interested in this show, I mean "Asian men"...!!!

Anyway, write me back, did you or not???

Have a wonderful day!



This is my April fools email!

Suzie wrote me back:
Yoko, Sounds like so much fun!!!! Do you have time to talk on the phone right now!

Amy wrote me back:
No I didn't, but I would have! Go for it!! (Or is this April fools??)

Kimberly wrote me back:
Hello Yoko - No, we didn't but how fun! We know how you feel about Asian men. Are you going to try out? Might be mixed? Let me know when you're available to come over for lunch. Xx

Keasha wrote me back:
Hi Yoko, Actually, I did not send anything to ABC for you for that show -- I was not even aware that there was a show coming up called "The Bachelor Asian"! But that is exciting to get a call from the producer. Even if you don't want to be on the show, that is another good TV/producer contact for you -- so that's great!


ha ha ha!!!

Are you having fun April Fools day???

Be careful…more to come!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 1, 2010