Sunday, December 26, 2010

#137- Rain/Cry + Rain/Smile

I have a bad day story and a good day story. Which story you want to hear it first?

If you feel like to skip the bad day story “Cry with the Rain”, read only the good day story “smile in the rain”.

Cry with the Rain:

I have tweeted about the rain 6 times since Dec 14th.

1) Cloudy morning in Los Angeles. It’s good for my mood in writing :) Have a wonderful day to you :)
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 7:57 AM

2) No blue sky in Los Angeles again. Light rain makes perfect mood in work/ writing :) Have a beautiful day to you :)
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 9:58:35 AM

3) How are you? Rain Rain and Rain in Los Angeles. Have a wonderful weekend to you!
Saturday, December 18, 2010 9:33:25 PM

4) Rain in Los Angeles. Staying at home with rain sounds, it’s so nice!
Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:44:41 PM

5) Still rain in Los Angeles. Have a nice day to you!
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 9:14:31 AM

6) Rain is nice,but some rains are not nice. Leaking wall in my bed room is not nice :( I live in a nice apartment,but L.A. rain made me cry :(
Thursday, December 23, 2010 12:34:58 AM

As you know or see, there is a winter storm (rainstorm) in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks this month.

I love rain when I am staying at home, because rain makes my feeling romantic and melancholic, but the rain on the 22nd…it made me cry!!!

It’s a long story (I had many leaks in my bed room window in the past)…on the 22nd, my wall leaked in my bed room.

I live in a nice apartment building (we have 263 units, nice fitness center, one large swimming pool and three spa/jacuzzi) and my place is in front of the swimming pool and I have a nice view of trees, palm trees and flowers…but…I forgot I live in Los Angeles.

In general, many houses and buildings in Los Angeles are so weak for heavy rain.

On the 22nd, I talked with apartment manager(community manager), assistant manager, maintenance manager(service manager) and maintenance staff(service technicians). I wasted 17 hours until midnight (on the 23rd).

As you know, I am a clean freak and a perfectionist. OMG…I was mad at rain and people who can’t think well…

You know what the maintenance manager told me at first?

Maintenance manager: Yoko, I can replace the wall with new wood, so the water (rain) is going to be somewhere. Don’t worry!

Me: What are you talking about??? Are you nuts??? You should find out the cause of the leaks first! Then please fix my wall.

Maintenance manager: Oh…Yoko, don’t worry, I have an experience of construction, I know what I am doing.

Me: You don’t know what you are doing!!! (I was yelled at him so hard!! ha ha ha :) ) If you just fix my wall without fix the cause, the water is coming back to my wall again. Find out the cause first!!! You should check the outside wall and find some cracks on the wall. If there are no cracks on the outside wall, it might not major leaks. You should check the rooms of 3rd floor and 4th floor window frames. It might their window frames are leaking. And have you checked downstairs? It might wet the wall like mine.

Maintenance manager: Ok…I will check upstairs and downstairs, but I have to get their permission to enter their rooms, so it takes time.

Me: No…this is in urgent!!! Emergency! You should do it NOW!!! (OMG…I was so mad at him! poor guy…ha ha ha :) )

Then past hours…nobody calls me or come to my door. Again, I talked with apartment manager, assistant manager, maintenance manager and maintenance staff on the phone.

I told apartment manager that if you don’t do anything now, I am going to call your boss, I am going to call headquarter to complain about this bad management.

Then…apartment manager, maintenance manager and two of maintenance staff came to see my wall right away.

Apartment manager: Yoko, I am so sorry. Would you like to stay at the hotel?

Me: No…I am ok. Please do something now! I am so mad at him (maintenance manager), he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Apartment manager: No…Yoko. He is nice. Please trust him.

Me: I don’t care he is nice! I just need nice service!!!

After the conversation…one guy (maintenance staff) made a hole to check the inside of my wall, he said to me that the rain is from the outside of the wall. (Of course!)

As I am a clean freak (a little bit OCD), I had to cover my bed, fax machine and book shelf with large vinyl sheets and had to move my arm chair and lamps to my living room…

After this small construction work…I cleaned everywhere…because dusts were all over in my place from this problem…

During the cleaning at night, I called my mom in Japan and told her what happened…and I cried so hard!!!

It was like…“WHY ME” mood… ha ha ha :)

After cleaning my rooms, I felt better…but there is a hole in my wall in the bed room…the rainstorms is coming back next week…maintenance staff couldn’t fix the outside wall this weekend…I hope they can fix it on Monday(tomorrow) and I hope I am not going to have a bad day again next week…

Smile in the Rain:

Yesterday,on Christmas day, I had a wonderful Christmas dinner with my best friend (Suzie)and her family at her home.

Suzie emailed me this morning:
“Yoko,GOOD MORNING!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything yesterday : ) I love my lifetime sister : ) and best friend : ) Have a Glorious DAY : ) Love, Suzie”

Oh…everything was perfect! I had a great time with Suzie and her family.

Christmas dinner was the best:
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes with maple syrup and orange juice
Maple/Sage Stuffing
Apple cider
Tiramisu Raspberry Trifle

Suzie is an amazing cook! Dinner was soooooooo delicious!

Her Turkey was so soft with moisture (her gravy and cranberry sauce were original! Soooooooo gooooooood!), Mashed Potatoes was great taste with butter and garlic, Sweet Potatoes was delicious with orange flavor and marshmallow melted in my mouth, Salad was fresh, Maple/Sage Stuffing was soooooooo delicious(I usually don’t like it, but her stuffing was so good, so I ate a lot of them!) ,Rolls were so good, Tiramisu Raspberry Trifle was the 5 star!

Suzie’s kids are cutest:
They (two girls) are so adorable! They got each DSI (by Nintendo) for their Christmas present from grand mom & dad (Suzie’s parents) and they were playing with DSI. It was fun to see they became a journalist or were being in the Harry Potter in DSI.

They said to me, “spend the night! please stay!” …oh…they are so sweet and cute!!! I love them!!!

Suzie and I are lifetime friends:
We had great conversation as always. We shared so many secrets :) When I came home, we talked on the phone another one hour until 1:00am! I am so glad that she is in my life.

Rain returned to Los Angeles at night and I was driving in the rain. Yes, rain is back…but I was in great mood in my car.

Smile in the rain…

Life is beautiful.
I hope you had a great Christmas time :)

P.S. We will have another rain next week…rain/cry or rain/smile??? I hope I will have a big smile :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 26, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#136- No more paper cards = smart :)

This morning:

Suzie: I am baking more than 200 of biscotti right now.

Me: Wow!!! Sounds so goooooood!

Suzie: These are Christmas gifts for my kids’ school teachers and friends. I have many people to thanks for this year.

Me: Oh…Nice!!!

Suzie: I am baking and putting chocolate with love. Each one, I am thinking of people who I give these biscottis.

Me: That’s so sweet!!! Oh…so I will let you go(we were on the phone.)

Suzie: Oh…no problem. I can talk to you right now and at the same time I am doing it (working on biscotti). I am going to give these to you this Saturday when we see each other.

Me: So…I will let you go.

Suzie: It’s all right. I can talk.

Me: No…I meant, you shouldn’t talk over the biscotti. I don’t want you to put your spit in biscotti…

Suzie: OMG…you are so OCD, but good kind of OCD. ha ha ha! Don’t worry, I am not talking over the biscotti right now.


This afternoon(11:30am-6:00pm):

I wrote 285 emails to friends as my holiday greeting cards.

Recently, I stop writing holiday cards to friends, instead of that I am sending emails with holiday greetings to friends.

In my email, I wrote a message, “I am doing eco-thing, so no more paper card :) …xoxo”

And I have already received so many replies and greetings from friends by email(of course!).

And some nice /funny / cute replies are:

"Thank you so much!! I think you're Great!!"

"all for the eco-thing, Thank you so much!!!!"

"it's good to be green!"

"You are such a good girl!"

"non paper is so much better!"

"Great idea, Thank you Yoko."

"No more paper cards = smart!!!"

"Happy merry to you too! (like paperless, high-tech approach)"

" 'I am doing eco-thing, so no more paper card :) …xoxo' Sound like you are being very responsible!"


I think, paperless thing is such a great / sophisticate excuse for saving money on holiday cards…(who is going to say, “you are so cheap” ??? right?)

One time, when I was in college, I skipped some classes for two days and wrote many New Year’s cards to friends. It was fun, but my mother said to me at the time, “You are working hard like a real job!” ha ha ha!

So many years, during the time/ writing holiday cards by hand, I always had hot chocolate and listening Christmas songs. There were many fun memories…

But…you know what, today I wrote each email with love (like Suzie did for biscotti), so I am sure that my people (285 people) received many love, luck and happiness from me.

And, to you too.

Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday season.


P.S. I am doing eco-thing, so no more paper card :) My eco concept is perfect on this blog page…xoxo


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 14, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#135- About my perfect dentist

******** Around 3:00pm today

"Suzie! I finally got new teeth! Oh…I am so happy!!!" "Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!! Did you call your mom?" "Not yet. Right now, I am on the freeway on my way home, so when I get home, I will call her. Oh, Suzie, you don’t know how much I am happy with my new teeth! I was waiting for this moment for such a long time!"

This is our (Me and Suzie) telephone conversation in this afternoon.

******** In my mind

I don’t know how many times I smile in the mirror in my car and in my home… :) I am still doing it right now (I have a mirror next to my laptop computer right now. ha ha ha!)

YES, FINALLY, I got perfect front teeth back!!! (It’s a long story…Newport Beach dentist did terrible job on my front teeth four years ago. But, my family and friends didn’t think, my front teeth are bad. They think, “Yoko is such a perfectionist!”)

******** Around 4:00pm today

When I came home from my dentist, I went to pick up my mails at the apartment lobby and received a package at the apartment manager’s office.

Manager: How is everything, Yoko!

Me: Look!!! I got new teeth!!! These are $4,400!

Manager: Which ones? Upper teeth or lower teeth?

(Oh…good! She can’t tell my front teeth are fake!)

Me: These four front teeth!

Assistant manager: Wow, looks great!

Me: Wow, you have nice teeth too! Of course, you guys are Americans!

Manager: How much, did you say?

Me: $4,400! I spent so much money this month…please help me, please discount my rent.

Assistant manager: Aha ha ha!!!

(But, Manager is just small smiling, didn’t say anything…oh…I am afraid of negotiation time with her for my new lease agreement…)

Anyway, I told them about my perfect dentist and his new technology treatment which I had (please see below).

Me: If you want to go to see a dentist, you should go to see my dentist!

******** Dr. Seichiro Kita

In 2008, I paid around $10,000 for two tooth (lower) implants and Today, I paid $4,400 for
four tooth(front) crowns to my perfect dentist.

My perfect dentist is Dr. Seichiro Kita ( Office: 3222 Sepulveda Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505 Phone: 310-326-3600).

During I wrote feature articles for Lighthouse (the Japanese local magazine) in 2004 and 2005, I did interview more than 20 dentists in L.A. and O.C. includes Dr.Kita for a dentist feature article. At the time, I thought Dr. Kita is the best, even though I just met and talked with him for one hour.

Dr. Kita grew up in U.S. since he was 6 years old and he has dentist credentials in U.S. and in Japan. So he does everything! (general and specialist)

He has such a wonderful energy and passion! He is not only a dentist, he is an artist! He designed his office and he loves car and mechanics & computer. He has skillful hands! I love his office as well. It’s very stylish and clean with nice music (music is very important! I always feel like being in the spa or hair salon at his office). It’s perfect office for me as a perfectionist and clean freak :)

I don’t have many Japanese friends in U.S., but I heard many times, “Dr. Kita is great” from some Japanese friends.

By the way (I hope I can explain it well…), he has a special machine / 3M LAVA C.O.S.( Chairside Oral Scanner). It’s a digital impression system for tooth.

If you want, take a look at 3M LAVA C.O.S. website at , and then you know what I am talking about.

He told me, there are only 500 these machines in the world, so his machine is one of 500. (He showed me his machine and explained how it works, he is so sweet!)

OMG…he is the only one Japanese dentist who has this machine in the world! Wow!!!

Could you imagine that this machine scanned my teeth by him and he sent the image to 3M, then 3M sent back the teeth model within two days by FedEx to his office.

Dr.Kita already made crowns for 300 patients (includes me) with his machine (he bought it in this March, it was $30,000. I am good at interview, right? ha ha ha!).

He told me that it takes two days to learn how to use this machine, but he learned how to use it within a half day. Yes, I know, he is really smart!

Compare to old fashion teeth model (impression) by dental impression material, the teeth model (impression) by digital impression (3M LAVA C.O.S.) could make great quality crowns. Fit well to gum and prevent gum trouble.

Oh…my front teeth are like jewelry! I can’t stop smiling and I can’t wait to take a picture of me with these beautiful teeth!

Dr.Kita made my life!

If you want to have a beautiful smile, call Dr. Kita. I guarantee you, he will make you smile :)

P.S. Dr.Kita gave me my teeth model (by 3M LAVA C.O.S.) as a souvenir, it will available at the Sotheby's or eBay in the future… :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 9, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Monday, December 6, 2010

#134- Rumi Neely is in JELLY, Japanese fashion magazine

Today, I got a nice email from the chief editor, Mr.Hirotada Kase of JELLY, Japanese fashion magazine (popular for young Japanese girls, this magazine has 300,000 circulation in Japan. if you want, you can take a look at

Mr.Hirotada Kase said in his email, “The fashion bloggers in the world feature story was the best 5 popular story by readers’ survey. Thank you for your work.” Oh…this kind of message makes me very happy as a writer.

In the middle of October(two months ago), I interviewed Ms.Rumi Neely (as you know, she is a popular fashion blogger in the world) and did fashion shoot (she showed us wonderful four looks). Her L.A. apartment is near by me, so it was so easy to get there and fun to work with her. Now I know why she is really popular for many people. She is very original. I think “original” is the key word for every thing.

I also made contact with other fashion bloggers (Ms.Gala Gonzalez, Ms.Ricarda Schernus, Ms. Louise Ebel, Ms.Tavi Gevinson, Ms.Carolina Engman and Ms. Kristin Knox). They are in these pages as well.

This JELLY magazine’s issue (which I wrote) is January, 2011 issue (came out on November 17, 2010). If you read Japanese, please take a look at this magazine at the Japanese book store.

These days, people connect to each other and work together through Blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc…amazing!

You know what? I got some projects (magazine jobs) from Japan through my old Japanese blog ( I wrote Japanese blog from October, 2005 until October, 2008).

I also met two Japanese new friends through my old Japanese blog (they made contact me!).

I reunion with two of my old friends through Facebook (they also made contact me!).

And I got a free HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer from HP through my tweet in my Twitter… this was amazing!

Play, Work/Business, Meet, Shop (or gift from the company!), Watch, Listen and Talk in the internet.

It’s the wonderful era of the internet!

What did you get through the net?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 6, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#133- Sick and the Home

Feel winter air…its December. It’s the most wonderful time of the Year! I want to say Yay!…but…I got sick on last Friday…I have been sick for five days…after three days of sore throat, I got sneeze, sneeze, sneeze and running nose…yes, I got a cold.

Today, I called Mama (my mom) in Tokyo, Japan and said “Happy Birthday Mama!” then, she was worry about my cold. She told me on the phone, “Have some miso soup and tea with umeboshi (literally “dried ume” are pickled ume fruits common in Japan. Ume/Prunus mume is a species of fruit-bearing tree in the genus Prunus, which is often called a plum but is actually more closely related to the apricot).”

Ok…I have two of umeboshi (Mama sent them to me long time ago from Japan, I have never purchased them by myself. I don’t eat them much) but, I don’t have miso in my home(I am Japanese, but I don’t care about miso soup)…so my tonight’s dinner was, pork spareribs, bread, corn cream soup(this soup is my favorite from Mama’s recipe), hot milk with a lot of sugar and Japanese cold medicine.

So funny that Suzie (she is a Caucasian and American / she also has a cold) wrote me an email today, “Please take good care of yourself and drink lots of tea and soup and get lot's of rest. I know I must sound like a mother : ) I had miso soup for 3 meals ... I put fresh ginger in it. I really think it helped my cold.”

Ok…miso soup again…I don’t have it at home and I don’t want it…I guess, Mama made Suzie Japanese and I became more an American than Suzie… ha ha ha…but, you know what, Mama and Suzie are right. Japanese food is good for sick & healthy diet. It’s very healthy food for everyone. I wish I could be more Japanese... :)

So…I have three cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup in my kitchen cabinet. Yes, I am going to have them instead of miso soup tomorrow… even though I eat American soup with made in China spoon, I like American comfort food for my cold in here, Los Angels.

By the way, sometimes I love being sick with pink pajamas and cute nightgown (both made in Japan, Mama bought them for me in Tokyo, Japan), because I could feel winter season at home and I feel cute :)

Right now, I am in my home at 78 degrees (automatic air conditioner) and have a cold, and I enjoy being sick… :) Am I crazy? no…Am I sugar high? yes…Am I cold medicine high? maybe…

Sick and the Home…sounds like fun, right?

P.S. Please don’t catch a cold from me. Take care and enjoy December!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 1, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Thursday, November 25, 2010

#132- Friends, Food, Fun

On Thanksgiving Eve: With Vegetable & Swedish dips, Red Wine and Sweets, I had a nice evening at Marie’s home. It was a farewell party for Lauren (Marie’s friend).

Lauren speaks Japanese and she wanted to meet me before she leaves Los Angeles with her husband, so I got invited to a get together with them. She is so smart and fun. I am so glad that I met her before she is going away…I told her that we can write emails to each other in Japanese.

Marie has nice friends. Her other great Swedish friend, Liz is also smart and fun.

It was nice evening with talk + drink until mid night. Marie’s husband is so sweet, he took some pictures of us.

At the end, I asked Marie, “Where are you guys(she and her husband) going for Thanksgiving tomorrow?” She said, “We are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner at Quincy Jones’s house”. I was surprised and said, “What??? Are you guys still keeping in touch with him?” I was surprised that Marie’s husband’s sister is ex wife of Quincy Jones, but they are still having Thanksgiving together. So nice! Even though after divorce, they still get together and they are friends. (I don’t think I can see this kind of relationships in Japan…)

American spirit/heart is so beautiful!


On Thanksgiving Day: At Keasha’s mom(Galia)’s home. It was sweet + fun Thanksgiving dinner with 19 people.

Keasha and Galia (Keasha’s mom) have wonderful family!!! I always have precious time with them.

Keasha: My best friend from Entrepreneur Media Inc.(Keasha and I used to work together for Entrepreneur magazine.) She is one of the smartest friends. She is so intelligent, kind, beautiful and fun. I am so glad that she is my friend.

Galia: Oh…she is a perfect woman. I always enjoy looking around her house. Everywhere, everything…soooooooo perfect! Yes, she is a perfectionist!!! She is a former school teacher, so she knows how to teach people. I learned so many things from her from how to cook to how to love men :) (She has a nice boyfriend/husband, Ernie.)

Ernie: Musician and Galia’s boyfriend/husband. He is so sweet. He is perfect for Galia and my favorite person.

John: Oh…another favorite person. Of course, Keasha’s husband. He is very kind, sweet and intelligent like Keasha. They are soooooooo perfect couple.

Johnathan: John and Keasha’s son. He is so cute. He has such a fun energy.

Kyle (Keasha’s brother/Galia’s son): He is so sweet that he helped Galia’s cooking and trash today. I want to show his work to Japanese men in Japan. American men are the best! By the way, he has a tutoring service business, if you need some education or computer learning help, let me know, he can help you!

Nonnie (Donna) and Papa(George): Johnathan’s grandparents. Nonnie has such a positive power and always fun to be around. Papa is quiet, but he has such a nice smile. Johnathan has three of grandparents, lucky him!

Berthann: John’s mom and grandmother of Johnathan. She is a very elegant woman.

Today, when I arrived at Galia’s house, Galia said to me, “You are the first one!”

Forget about fashionably late…I am Japanese. I always on time or too early…(I always leave my home early just in case…)

So, I asked Galia, “Can I help you?”

Yes, I got a job as an assistant of Galia! I unwrapped candles packages & lighted candles and helped to bake corn bread.

When we (18 people) were ready to eat, we stand in a circle hand in hand and pray (speech by Ernie). It was so wonderful to connect to each other before dinner. So spiritual and warm…I love this family!

Food was amazing! Two pounds of food I ate within a couple of hours (When I came home, I gain two pounds).

First round: Turkey (white & dark meat both) with cranberry sauce and gravy, Turkey Breast Roulade with Apple and Raisin Stuffing, Smoked Ham, Candied Yams, Stuffing, Green Beans and Potato, Beans, Collard Greens, Corn Bread, Macaroni and Cheese, Deviled Eggs, Spiced Cranberry Cider Spice and Apple Cider…(I think I ate something more…but I can’t remember…I can’t think, I am still full!)

Second round: Oh…I was so stuffed, but I wanted to taste the best two items again/ Galia’s Candied Yams and Keasha’s Macaroni and Cheese. I guess, I can be a specialist of Candied Yams (see my old blog on Nov 12, 2010). P.S. Galia said, “There is no recipe for this candied yams, I just made it!” Oh…I wish I can see her brain during she was making candied yams… :)

Third round: Berthann’s Peach Cobbler and Nonnie’s Red Velvet Cupcake.

Forth round: I was going to clean my plate and went to the kitchen, and Janelle(Nonnie’s younger sister) told me, “Yoko, you should try my lemon cake!”, then I got a slice of Lemon Cake.

There were more food, but I couldn’t eat or try anymore…maybe I can try next year! ha ha ha!

By the way, I brought the box of Marzipan (fruit shapes) as a gift, but nobody taste them before or never seen them before…and I gave them wrong information…I said to them, “Do you know traditional Swedish cake made by marzipan? It’s called Princess cake. It’s so good! I think marzipan is from Sweden!” Oh…I googled “Marzipan”, I found out that it originally from Middle East or China.

Anyway, dinner was, wow, everything was soooooooo gooooooood! I loved Keasha’s family Thanksgiving. It was perfect Thanksgiving. Friendship was great, Food was great and it was Fun!

When I see everyone get along each other, it makes me so happy.

End of the dinner, Galia and Keasha asked me, “Yoko, do you want to bring some food to your home?” I said, “I am ok, all food are in my stomach! ha ha ha!” Galia said, “Why don’t you bring Deviled Eggs home?” Oh…she is so sweet! She remembered that I loved her Deviled Eggs. I said to her, “Yes, please! By the way, I am still keeping the recipe of Deviled Eggs from you, but I have not cooked it yet.” Galia said, “Yoko, recipe is for using, not for keeping.”

Me: “Yes, ha ha ha! If I feel like to eat Deviled Eggs, I will come to see you!” (in my mind…!)

I am going to eat Deviled Eggs with Coffee and Blueberry Muffin after Thanksgiving (tomorrow morning).


Life is beautiful. Thank you my friends and U.S.A.!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. (if you are in U.S.A.)


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 25, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, November 20, 2010

#131- White and Red

Many people (including me) who lost loved ones believe that we can meet our loved ones in the heaven or loved ones are watching us to protect us.

October 25th, when I was watching KTLA Morning News (at 9:00am), I cried with a great story/interview and a comment of an anchor/reporter, Ms. Wendy Burch. The story was about the book, “Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms: Who and What You See Before You Die” by David Kessler.

(This KTLA TV interview, you can see at

As you see, Wendy lost her father when she was 17 years old and at the time she felt peace about her father. It was so nice to hear her story.

Since, I met Wendy in March, 2009 at the fashion show (designer Ms.Galina Sobolev of SINGLE had a private preview fall 2009), I have sent some emails to Wendy and she always emailed me back with nice messages. Since Wendy was on abc7 News, I love her report with her sweet heart.

So after this story on Oct 25th morning, I wrote an email to Wendy:
“Hi Wendy, I just want to say, it was nice to hear about your father's story this morning on KTLA. It was touched...Thank you for sharing. My father passed away on Nov 22, 1994...I didn't have a chance to say good-bye to him...but I might have a chance to say "Hello again!" when I am going to heaven... :) Thank you for the story. You always have great reports and comments on the NEWS program. You always show your beautiful personality as your looks :) Good luck to you! Have a wonderful day. Best, Yoko”

Then same day at night, Wendy wrote me back:
“Hello Yoko, So good to hear from you. I hope you find comfort in being reassured that we have loved one waiting to lead us along the next journey. Be well. WENDY BURCH”

Her email comforted me.

Around the anniversary of my father's death, I always have mixed feelings. Like today’s weather, Rain and Sun, Rain and Sun…

Tomorrow is the day of my late father in Japan(There is a seventeen‐hour time difference between Tokyo and Los Angeles).

The other day, I bought ten stems of violet/purple (I thought they are violet/purple, but when I came home and found out the color of flower was wine red!) and white of gladiolus for the special decoration (with photo, candles, colorful marzipan fruits etc) for my late father.

In Japan, white and red (like the national flag of Japan) combination means celebration and happiness. White is the color of the gods. It is sacred and can represent purity (death and rebirth). White is used at weddings and funerals (for funerals, black and white combination). White is also the color of mourning. Violet/Purple is widely considered to be the color of nobility.

So, I wanted have white and violet/purple color flowers for my late father’s day at my home…

The wine red gladiolus(also seems like, kind of dark pink…),at first I thought, “oh…shoot, should I go back to the store and buy another darker(or blue or sad color) color flowers ???”, then I told myself, “Probably, Papa(my late father) wants some bright color for his day. Let’s celebrate his life in heaven!” (P.S. Wine red/Akamurasaki gladiolus meaning: Fun memory)

My late father loved fashion. He was always well-dressed (he loved Dunhill). After his death, I sometimes smell his Dunhill perfume. Yes, I really believe that he is still around me and I can see him again in the future…

Hello everyone, life is so short, please enjoy your moment with yourself and have fun with your friends and family.

Have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 20, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#130- Perfect Monday

Yesterday, between my breakfast (Scrambled eggs with vegetable, Chocolate cream bread / from Japanese store, Coffee with hazelnut cream + three spoons of sugar) and lunch (Takoyaki / literally fried or grilled octopus, is a popular Japanese dumpling made of whole baby octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise), I did meditate (like the book, EAT, PRAY, LOVE) and surfing the net.

At 1:00pm, I went to see my best friend from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Marie at the Joan’s on 3rd in West Hollywood. We had a chat with latte and apricot bar at table outside. Since Marie was in Sweden for her summer vacation, this was the first tea time for us. It was nice to catch up with her and I felt that we are so lucky to have fun time like the book, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. (which means, we don’t need to work, just have fun.)

At Marie’s home, she showed me some new stuff at her home. New bathroom (like a fancy hotel bathroom!), large TV (10 times bigger than mine!), her new collection of books and jewelry. She has such a great style of living (fashion, interior decorating…and husband! She has a very nice husband.)

Around 3:00pm, we went to walk/talk at the Runyon Canyon hiking trail near her home. While we are walking and talking, we saw beautiful L.A. view. What a nice day. OMG…there were so many people hiking there on Monday afternoon. Marie told me, “When we (Marie and her friends) start hiking here 15 years ago, it was like around 5 people, but now, it’s like around 100 people here.”

Yes, Marie always finds something great stuff and it will be a trend later. (re: fashion, life style, etc.) She is a trendsetter! (I should write about her in real media.)

At her place, she gave me time to sit and relax in her balcony while she was picking up our dinner. The soft couch with beautiful special cushions (custom made!) + candles + orange juice with the view of banana trees and palm trees. I felt like, I was in Bali (like the book, EAT, PRAY, LOVE).

And at the dinner table, we had more fun chat with Chinese food (Chicken & vegetable with garlic sauce and brown rice) from her secret order place in West Hollywood.

When we are talking about TV shows which we like (we both like “Brothers & Sisters”), I told her that I love the sitcom “Outsourced” (NBC sitcom that is set in an Indian workplace). Then, Marie imitated Indian accent. OMG…she is so actress (of course, we are from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute). I laughed so hard! She is really good at that. I asked her, “Could you imitate my Japanese accent?” and she said, “No, I am able to do only Indian accent. I’ve never been to India, but India in me, because the jewelry. Most of the beautiful gemstones from India.” Oh…that’s make sense! And I felt like, I was in India for a moment like the book, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. ha ha…! (plus. There are so many Buddha in her home.)

After I rushed back to my place for “90210” and “Gossip Girl”, she called me to be making sure that I was safe back in my home.

Marie is working in the fashion industry and party industry for a long time. She has so many talents for fashion, business, interior decorating, maintain a great & healthy body etc. Now, she has many new dreams like me. I hope her new dreams come true soon (I pray like the book, EAT, PRAY, LOVE).

It was perfect Monday. Completely happy.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 16, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Friday, November 12, 2010

#129- Before Thanksgiving

Today, I have received a sweet email from Keasha who is my best friend from Entrepreneur Magazine(Keasha and I used to work at the Entrepreneur Media Inc.).

Here is her email: Hi Yoko, I have to tell you this story. This morning, Johnathan said, "I want Yoko to come over to my house." And he didn't know you were coming for Thanksgiving yet. So then I told him, "Guess what? Auntie Yoko is coming to have Thanksgiving dinner with us this year!" He is very excited about seeing you! You have made quite an impression. He knows you are a person with good energy. See you soon, Keasha

Johnathan is Keasha’s son. He is soooooooo cute! Johnathan and Keasha made my day.

Keasha’s mom invited me to have a Thanksgiving dinner at her house with Keasha’s family + Keasha's mom’s family and friends. I can’t wait to see them and enjoy a day on Thanksgiving day with them!


I am so lucky to have such nice + lovely friends. Each year, I have nice time on Thanksgiving with my friends.

My memorable Thanksgiving days were:

1: My first Thanksgiving in Miami in 1987. I went to Italian American family’s house with my roommate (OMG, I don’t remember her name) from Brazil. This family is friend of my roommate. It was first time for me to eat Turkey dinner. I ate so much that day. Everyone surprised that I could eat a lot of food with my skinny body. Especially, I loved the Candied Yams(it was first time, I ate them), it was soooooooo yummy!!! I ate so many yams that day.

2: My first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles in 1990. I ate dinner with 20 gay men and one straight girl friend, Karen from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute (I used to act.) Yes, it was sooooooo L.A.! It was a fancy dinner with 20 gay men + one girl. It was first time to see many cute gay men at once. It was better than the dinner. Eye candy!

3: Thanksgiving with home work with Suzie and her family in 1997. OMG…at the time, I was just starting job at the Entrepreneur Magazine and I was freaking out, there were so many words that I didn’t understand in Entrepreneur Magazine (I thought, they will fire me…but, I was there 6 years and a half, thank god…). So Suzie and her mom helped me to understand so many words in the magazine…many Thanksgiving memories with Suzie and her family.

4: Big house +great food + great family Thanksgiving with Michele and her family. Many years, they treated me like their family member.

5: Last year dinner with Yuko-san and her husband (see my last year blog on Thanksgiving).

And many more great memories.

I love American and American culture. Especially, I love thanksgiving. I really feel that Americans are welcoming me to U.S.A. on Thanksgiving.

Before Thanksgiving, I want to say, Thank you to my friends and Thank you to U.S.A.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 12, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, November 6, 2010

#128- Time

Last night, during the phone conversation with my best friend, Suzie, I told her that everything is timing.

Time is very important for us, but sometimes I love doing nothing (I don’t feel “waste of my time” for doing nothing).

If I don’t feel like writing (I mean, my work as a writer. Even though, I love writing, sometimes I don’t feel like writing), I don’t write/work. I just do what I want, I might watch TV, eat, reading, listen to music, see movies, get together with my friends or doing nothing.

Most of the time, I don’t do “I have to do it” things and I just do “I want to do it” things. Life is very short…since my father passed away, I really think that…so I am enjoying with my happy things (“want to do it” things).

Standard time begins tomorrow, so I just ate dinner at 5:30pm to prepare for tomorrow/one hour difference from today. Because I usually eat dinner before 7:00pm for my diet strategy (my weight is 97lbs now, but I am still too far from my original weight at 86 lbs…). / By the way, I am an anti strict diet strategy, because I love to eat, so my healthy life strategy is: Just enjoy food with happy feeling and eat what I want when I am hungry (except “before 7:00pm” strategy).

Anyway, timing is everything.

This winter, I don’t go to Japan for my vacation (I always visit my mom & brother for one month in Tokyo, Japan). I am staying here in L.A.

Two reasons: 1. finishing up my novel (in Japanese) 2. instead of my trip fees, I spend $4400 for my new teeth(since the Newport Beach dentist mixed up my teeth four years ago, I wanted to fix it, now I am doing it with the best dentist in Torrance).

I miss my mom and brother…but I hope to see them in early next year with my new novel and new teeth… everything is timing, I hope.

Have a wonderful winter time!

P.S. By the way, did we have real summer and fall in L.A. this year??? I feel like, I am still in summer time… :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 6, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Monday, October 18, 2010

#127- POWERHOUSE = ME :)

During this L.A. Fashion Market Week, I had fun, as always.


On the 15th at the fashion show at California Market Center (CMC), I had a chance to chat with my friends (Kimberly and Erika). Most of my work time, I am always alone, so it was fun for an hour with my friends.

Kimberly and Erika’s client exhibited at the Focus show at CMC. I can’t write details about it in this blog, because my article is not on the paper (Senken-newspaper) yet, but I can say, they ( always have wonderful clients.

By the way, when Barbara (who is a co-owner of D&A show at New Mart) introduced me to her clients at D&A, she said to them, “Yoko is a POWERHOUSE!”. ha ha ha…! Thanks to Barbara!

A couple of years ago, Barbara invited me to D&A Tokyo show and we flew to Tokyo, Japan from Los Angeles together and she saw my power in Japan (differences between quiet & humble Japanese women and me)…since then, she thinks, I am a powerhouse (and Senken-newspaper has big influence for Japanese fashion market).


About 10 years ago, PR person of ASR Trade Show introduced me to her clients, she said to them, “Yoko is a FIREBALL !”… oh…ha ha ha!


In my 20’s-30 something, I had many friends and parties, so many friends called me, “You are a PARTY ANIMAL!”

And I love helping people (still now!). At the time, I helped my boyfriend to get a job, helped many friends to get jobs, apartments, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Do you remember? “Hollywood Madam (Heidi Fleiss)”? Sounds like her? NO…I didn’t charge anything to my friends :)

My friends called me, “You are MADAM YOKO”, because I introduced jobs,apartments and girlfriends & boyfriends to my friends.

I loved this nickname, so I used “MADAM YOKO” as my pen name for my work (15 years ago, I wrote some funny stories in some famous Japanese comic magazines.)

Sometimes, I miss this nickname, “MADAM YOKO”…nobody call me “MADAM YOKO” now…(I am still helping friends once in a while though…)


Long long long time ago, when I was 11 years old, my classroom teacher at the Elementary school nicknamed me in front of classmates, “You are a BABYGANG!”, then my classmates called me “BABYGANG” until I moved to the other school.


Do you have a nickname?

I love “POWERHOUSE”, “FIREBALL”, “PARTY ANIMAL”, “BABYGANG”, and I miss “MADAM YOKO”…oh, I am single, so “MADAM” doesn’t fit me anyway…huh!

OK…POWERHOUSE is great for now… :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
October 18, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, October 9, 2010

#126- Write with love

Recently I have been writing a novel and avoiding socialize (sorry, my friends!), so I have been spending time with myself a lot.

But, the other day, I had a lovely lunch with a Japanese married couple (the husband is a former TV Asahi chief of Los Angeles bureau / I used to work for him as a journalist) from Japan.

I usually have meals with them while they are here on their vacation in Los Angeles since they left Los Angeles 10 years ago.

When I see them and have conversation, I always feel beautiful love between husband and wife from them and feel happy.

They told me that they don’t fight each other. I can see why…because they respect each other and enjoy each other’s difference. What a nice couple. I am very happy to see and feel this beautiful love.

There are also a lot of love, love, and love in my novel. I can’t wait to open my book to people and give my love to readers.

Have a wonderful everyday to you all!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
October 9, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Saturday, September 25, 2010

#125- What would you do?

A couple of days ago, I saw the ad during surfing the net.

The title of this ad was, “Japanese ******** or pro at finding rare antiques needed ASAP! (*** L.A.)”

Here is the ad:

“Here’s the deal. I just broke my boyfriend's dead grandmother's ********. It's a ********, with gold filigree. The ******** color is light ******** on a white background.... I need someone to find it ASAP.......I will pay you a finder's fee to do research to find this ******** anywhere in L.A. or on the Web.......please do not email me with company names of where I MIGHT find it.....I need it replaced NOW, or a specific link to the ******** to buy it........a used ******** is fine in good condition with no visible cracks, as I am replacing something very old and it can't look brand spanking new anyway.....used, but in good condition..........I am not having luck finding it on the Web, nor do I have time to find it........... Use eBay, or whatever resources at your disposal to find this ASAP. Here are some examples of the style...I believe it's called ********: http://www.******** http://******** HELP!! I am freaking out! This item has a lot of sentimental value...........”

If you see this ad, what do you think or what would you do?

I felt bad for her boyfriend, not because of loss of his sentimental value item, because of unfaithful his girlfriend. And I couldn’t ignore this ad…because I didn’t want to happen to him to lose the whole sentimental value item without knowing (if she finds the same product as his sentimental value item, she might throw away his item and she will pretend that nothing happened to his item), so I wrote an email to the girl who posted this ad.

Here is my email:

“Hello, This is not my business, but I just want to tell you... you should tell your boyfriend about what happened to the ********. Replacement is terrible idea for the sentimental value item. I am sure that your boyfriend will understand about it. Good luck to you. Have a wonderful evening. Best, Yoko”

Some people says, sometimes we need to lie or not telling the truth to people, because sometimes the truth makes someone upset (or hurt)…I don’t think so.

I think we should tell the truth with love to people, then people will understand about the truth (or the fact) and people will appreciate to hear the truth.

Sometimes I feel like…I might become a meddlesome person, but…I can’t help it…! Because I love people and want to help people as much as I possible.

Have a wonderful weekend to you all.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 25, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#124- Talk on the phone with my mom

When my father passed away in 1994, I made my decision that I call my mom in Tokyo, Japan twice a week (or once a week at least) to say hi to make sure she is ok (I know she is ok, because my younger brother is taking care of mom well).

Last night, my mom and I had a great conversation for two hours on the phone.

She always gives me a lot of love and sweet words.

Last night, I told her that “I really appreciate that you taught me creativeness and kindness very well since I was so small. I remember your drawing of a Christmas Tree on the wall and your kind words at anytime.”

I remember when I was five on the Christmas day, we didn’t have a Christmas tree at home (we just moved to a new house and our house was not complete ready to live that day), but my mom drew a big Christmas tree on the large white paper on the wall and bought us a large Christmas cake (Japanese cake shops sell special Christmas decoration cake for Christmas day).

My mom was a kindergarten teacher before I was born, so she knows how to entertain kids and she is good at drawing, playing piano & singing and writing (she is a great writer!). And she also made our cute creative & original clothes.

Oh…her Christmas tree picture made my day and made my creativeness sense that day. I was so amazed at her creativeness and sweetness.

I was around 13 years old, when a burglar made mess our house (at the time, my mom, my younger brother and I just came home from our piano lesson), before my mom called the police, my mom told me and my brother, “You guys must be hungry, I am so sorry. Why don’t you eat these breads (yummy “anpan” / is a Japanese sweet bun filled with red bean paste).”

Oh…even though, she had to call police & her husband(my father) and have to find out what we lost from our house, she was really care for us (our stomach!). My mom has such a sweet heart. I really appreciate her sweetness and kindness.

I learned so much about life from her (of course, my father taught me many things about life as well).

Last night, I told my mom that I always appreciate her.

Life is about love. I hope you have a lot of love and feel love too!

P.S. My funny brother asked me last night on the phone, “So, what do you remember how I am nice for you? ” ha ha ha! Yes, my younger brother also gave me a lot of money / gifts and love as well. :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 14, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#123- Lovely day at the Class Trade Show


At 6:00am this morning, I meditated and woke up with happy feeling.

With Enigma CD (The Screen Behind the Mirror), I had two slices of toast with butter and coffee with milk & sugar (a lot of sugar!). I always take half an hour for breakfast to get a great energy, especially for my work day.

In my car, with LADY GAGA CD (The Fame Monster), I got more energy for my day. Thanks to LADY GAGA!


At 9:40am, I attended the Class Trade Show for Senken-newspaper (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News). I interviewed a lot of people who exhibited at this show.

I always have great interview with Jason (who is a CEO of this show) and Karen (who is Jason’s girl friend, a consultant of this show and a vice president at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson). They are the great fashion business people in town.

Today, I was impressed by the gift for everyone at the entrance! I usually get a press pass / name tag or wrist band at the entrance, but I got a EQUALIBRYUM(this is wearable sports technology designed to increase the body’s equilibrioception or sense of balance giving users greater confidence when they compete) as a wrist band / press pass.

Oh…this one is PINK! Yeah! My favorite color! So funny that I was wearing the Dirtee Hollywood pink T-shirts (which I got it from Kimberly who is my friend and a PR person for this brand / this T-shirts is available at the Fred Segal / Ron Robinson). This summer, I wore this pink T-shirts a lot, because I love this one and I also wanted to PR for this T-shirts for Dirtee Hollywood/Kimberly and Karen/Ron of Fred Segal / Ron Robinson.

This T-shirts says, “Love is in Fashion”. Really cute and I feel cute!

Anyway, I was also carrying the PINK bag (which is my best friend, Suzie's gift on my last year birthday), wearing the PINK gold watch (which is from my brother), wearing PINK lipstick(which is from Suzie's mom) & PINK pedicure and using the PINK pen (which is from my friend / a Japanese TV producer). Everything was PINK! (makes me sooo happy!) ha ha :)

(I actually…I am wearing the other pink T-shirts from my mom and pink flower hot pants at home right now during writing this blog…ha ha ha!)

With the pink EQUALIBRYUM, I felt more balanced as well.

TALK, WALK, TALK, WALK…more TALK… (Oh I love my job! It’s fun to meet so many nice people and talk with many nice people at the show!)



Around 12:30pm, I had Ahi tuna salad and strawberry lemonade (oh yes! even drink was PINK!) from TIARA CAFÉ with Jason & Karen and two special buyers. It was fun lunch!

After lunch, more TALK and WALK.

Around 3:00pm, I had a great coffee break with complementally coffee at the GROUND SWELL COFFEE. It was nice refreshment.

And I met a nice artist! David from JUSTICE BODAN. (I can’t write detail about our conversation in my today’s blog, because I am going to write an article about him and his products for Senken-newspaper.)

It was a lovely interview with David! He has such a fabulous energy and his artworks / products are fabulous as well.

He told me that he learned “respect” and “pride” from Japan during his visit to Japan. I can see that his sprits & love in his work. It’s really nice to see someone like that. It was really nice treat of my work day.

Oh…he gave me the special spiritual gift…miniature bronze sculpture “SELF CHARM” with his spirits (he made me a wish too!) Oh…I love this “lucky charm”! (Now, I am displaying this artwork on my writing desk next to my laptop computer.)

I got a lot of joy and luck at the Class Trade Show again. This show always has a great power, because Jason and Karen pick the best selections = great energy for this show.

Around 5:00pm, I had a complementally big slice of apple pie! (My favorite!!!) from SUNDEK ITALIAN COFFEE.



During on the way back to my home with LADY GAGA CD (I drove side street /without freeway to see view / town), it was nice relaxation time in my car.

Did you have a lovely day? I hope you did.

P.S. Sorry Jason and Karen, I didn’t attend the parties tonight…I wanted to EAT dinner before 7:00pm(for my diet! ha ha…) I wish I was there tonight…next time, when I reach 85 lbs (which is my original weight), I will attend the party and stay until the end of the party! ha ha ha…!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 1, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#122- Perfect or Imperfect?

I am a perfectionist and a clean princess (I don’t want to use negative word, “a clean freak”).

The other day, after I saw the movie “EAT PRAY LOVE” (movie was ok…I just enjoyed “EAT” part and Julia Roberts’s smile), I wanted to read the book “EAT PRAY LOVE”(I guess, the book is better than movie), so I went to the next door, BARNES & NOBLE (at the Americana at Brand).

I asked the guy who works there, “Where is the EAT PRAY LOVE”?

The guy at the BARNES & NOBLE: Follow me…here you go! (He picked the book for me. Thank you, but no thank you…)

Oh…no…the “EAT PRAY LOVE” books are on the top of the shelves…I need to pick “perfect one” by myself… (I prefer the product which nobody touch or try)

Me: Ahn…excuse me…I know sounds crazy (I don’t think so…but I was polite!)…I always pick clean book by myself…I mean I would like to pick the book by myself, you know what I mean. I want to have a book which nobody read or touch…But…I can’t reach the top of this shelf…do you have a chair for me?

The guy: Sure! I will be back.

Me: Sorry!!!

He was sweet! He brought the chair for me! And I was trying to pick the “perfect + clean” book.

The other guy: Are you all right? Do you need my help?

Me: Oh…thank you. I mean no thank you! I always pick “perfect ones” by myself.

The other guy: ???

And when I went to the casher…shoot…there were many “EAT PRAY LOVE” books on the lower level shelves…

I asked the first guy, “Do you display this book at the other lower level shelves?” But he said, “No. only here”… I guess, from now on…I should find the shelves by myself as well…

P.S. I think the book from the higher shelf has much better energy than one from the lower level shelves, yes! Perfect!


At the Paperchase

I wanted to purchase “Filofax Classic Pink Personal Organizer”, but I need the “brand new” product, I mean…I would like to buy a product which nobody touch yet…so I asked the store person, “Could you tell me when do you sell 2011 products?”

“We don’t know yet…probably in this September or October.”

“Could you call me when you receive new products? I would like to purchase right away. Would you call me before you display the products at your store?”

“Sure! What is your name and phone number?”

Yes! I am going to have a perfect “Pink Personal Organizer” soon!


Perfect window?

This morning, the cleaning staff at my apartment was washing the pool furniture (chairs, tables and parasols) with water / a hose and she made water splash mark on my bed room window…so I asked her, “Good morning E****! Do me a favor, when you have time, would you wash my bed room lower window from there with a hose? You made water splash mark…so I want you to wash my window perfectly!”

Oh…she is so sweet! She brought the paper towel & window cleaning stuff and she was cleaning my window… (I live on the second floor…she climb a fence…)

I felt bad for her…

Me: I am so sorry, I didn’t ask you to cleaning my window this way…Thank you so much!!!

Yes, my bed room window is perfect today!


This morning, my new neighbor(who moved in last night/ their parking spot is next to my spot in the parking lot)...they parked their car too close to my car, so I went to their room(across from my room) and I said to them(a couple), "Could you park your car in the middle in the spot? Please don't park too close to my car. My former neighbor hit my car two years ago and I don't want to hit your car as well. Do you understand what I mean? Not on the line...please park your car in the middle...Oh what is your name? J***? My name is Yoko. Thank you!"

I am just afraid of the scratch from the car next to me or something else…you know what I mean.

Then, when I went out, I also left a note (a piece of paper) for his car, "Hi J***, Thank you very much for understanding for parking in the middle. Have a nice day! Yoko"

Am I too much???

Yes, my parking spot is perfect (I hope…I want to make sure, tomorrow again!)


One more funny (I don’t want to use negative word, “crazy”) episode…

Many mornings, I see the woman with very noisy three kids at the pool area. I am sure that the kids are not hers, because she and kids have different colors and she never say anything to kids to be quiet (most of mothers and fathers are usually telling to their kids, like “Don’t do***. No ***. Thank you”).

One morning, they were so noisy again and I was being patient during their time at the pool area…but,I couldn’t help it, so I called the manager at our building.

Me: The woman and three little kids are picking the flowers from the trees and making mess on the floor behind the building near barbeque area. Could you come and tell the woman don’t do that? I feel bad for the trees & flowers and cleaning staff.

Manager: Sure!

10 minutes later, nobody came and they were still picking flowers and making floor mess with flowers (they killed more than 20 flowers and floor was really mess…) poor flowers...

I couldn’t help it! 10 minutes later, I went to the woman and said, “Excuse me, would you tell these kids, don’t do that? These kids are your client’s kids, right? Please tell your client’s kids, ‘don’t do that?’ ”

The nanny: Yes, I am a nanny. I already told kids, “You can’t do that”. But they are not listening…

Me: Please stop kids to picking flowers and make floor mess. Do you know how our cleaning staff and maintenance people work hard? I always watch them cleaning here after people make mess. Please think about them. We also pay too much money for them and those flowers. If you make mess, we have to pay for it. I feel bad for cleaning people. They have to clean you guys mess. And…I feel bad for those flowers too. Please don’t hurt flowers… I don’t want to see flowers hurt. If kids want to do aggressive things, you should take them to the park.

Then…this nanny went back to the place where many dead flowers on the floor with kids were, and they (the nanny and kids) were picking the flowers from the floor and cleaning.

Oh…I feel good, there were no mess and no more hurting flowers…perfect beautiful view!


When I see something wrong, I want to fix it and make it perfect!

I know, my perfect thing is just for me. I am perfect for myself! ha ha ha…

But...comes to men…I like someone who is “imperfectly sexy”…ok… I am going back to read “EAT PRAY LOVE”…

By the way, there are many imperfect sentences in my blog…please forgive me!

By the way + By the way, are you perfect or imperfect???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 18, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



With Keasha at my home on last Friday.

Keasha visited me at my home and I cooked lunch and dinner for her.

For lunch: Caesar Salad, Japanese Shrimp Curry Rice, Lemonade, Chocolate Gelato with Peanut Chocolates, Café au lait and English Tea. For dinner: Corn Cream Soup, Avocado & Goat Cheese Salad (with Walnut Oil & Vinegar dressing), Toasted bread with butter, Lemonade and Milk Tea. (P.S. My new diet strategy is dinner = breakfast / if I eat too much during the day or I want to lose one more pound for one night.)

Keasha and I talked about Keasha’s job, my job, Keasha’s family, my family & my friends, Atomic bombs (Two atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago, on August 6th and 9th, 1945 by U.S.A.), Japanese pension scams(one story: Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years and police are now investigating his family on possible fraud charges), our weight, English and Spanish language(how to learn and study), Our memories at the Entrepreneur Media Inc.(we talked about our former chief editor, Rieva how she was the best boss and greatest journalist), Keasha’s experience (when she was shopping at the Target the other day) with a nasty customer (the lady was mean to Keasha), Movie “Pulp Fiction” (why we are not into Quentin Tarantino etc…)…we had fun conversation for 9 hours and a half.

Keasha has so many different views about things (compare to mine) and I learned so much about her and her society. She is very intelligent and beautiful woman. I am very happy to have her as my special friend.

She told me, “I am having fun at Yoko’s café! ” Oh…she is so sweet.

“She was the fun guest at my home”. Thank you for coming to my home, Keasha!

Fun life = EAT with great people


At the Fashion Market Week in Downtown L.A.

During the fashion market week in Downtown L.A., I always walk a lot. Go to many trade shows, fashion shows and showrooms.

I walked into the New Mart office and asked some comments on the fashion market week to Ms. Joyce Eisenberg Keefer who is a president of New Mart. When I opened the door at the office, Joyce said to me right away, “I remember you! You sent me a newspaper and photos with a letter!” and OMG…she showed me my old letter which I wrote to her on June 25th, 1997!!!

What a nice woman she is! She has kept my letter since 1997! (I always send the thank you note with publication to people who I interviewed with.) On June 25th, 1997, I sent a copy of Senken-newspaper and some photos to her (at the time, I took photos by old fashion way / with films, so I had some extra photos which I didn’t use for newspaper and I sent them to her as my little gift…)

Joyce has such a nice heart. She has not changed her sweet and kind attitude since I met her in 1997. Make sense that New Mart Building is doing well even though recession time, because of her integrity. I had a great interview with her again! I didn’t have an appointment for this interview, but she gave me her valuable time.

P.S. She showed me her wonderful photos with Mr. Bill Clinton & Ms.Hillary Clinton, Mr. Colin Powell, Ms. Elizabeth Taylor and more important people & celebrities in U.S. She is really powerful woman! Oh…she said to me, “You look 26 years old!” (I am 46 years old)…she is really sweet!

At the FOCUS trade show,I met Ms. Salma Schempp (originally she is from Afghanistan) who is a fashion designer from San Francisco. She is so beautiful inside and out and she has such a nice lifestyle! Her brand is showing a beautiful power of her life! (today, I can’t write about the detail in my blog, because I am going to write about it on Senken-newspaper this week). Oh…she also said to me, “You look 26 years old”. I guess, “26” is a new number for me! ha ha ha!

On the street (in front of the California Market Center), some man said to me, “Hi beautiful!”…oh…he made my day too! Of course, I smiled back to him. Thank you :)

Another sweet word from Barbara (who is a co-owner of D&A trade show) said to me, “Yoko! Pretty in pink! This color looks great on you! Oh…your toe nails are pink too! ”(I was wearing the pink T-shirts by Dirtee Hollywood / The T-Shirts said “LOVE IS IN FASHION” It’s a cute T-shirts and my favorite one in this summer!)

P.S. My bag is pink too (Suzie gave me the pink Neiman Marcus bag for my last year birthday).

When I translated the article of Senken-newspaper which I wrote (about the fashion market week in June,2010) to Ms. Liza Stewart (who is an owner of the showroom, Liza Stewart at California Market Center), she said to me, “Your article is great! I really appreciate your work.” Oh…she is such a nice person. She gave me a great comment about the fashion market week and I could write great information for Japanese readers on this paper. Thank you to Liza! I am the one who really want to say THANK YOU! (The other day, when I need some help for my Japanese TV project, she helped me right away. Even though, she had to wake up early in the morning for the meeting next day, in the mid night, she wrote me an email with great information which I really need it…THANK YOU Liza!)

I really appreciate those people who were so nice to me during this fashion market week and I feel so appreciate to hear those sweet complements from those sweet people!

Walking in the fashion market week is my favorite thing.

Happy people MAKE people happy. WALK at the Fashion market week = A happy week.


Besides eating, I love writing.

At home, I write everything. Diary (for 33 years), Food diary (for 23 years), Beauty check note book, Books & Movies note book, Dream diary, Emotional diary, Schedule note book (I still write what to do for each day like an old fashion way), Financial note book (about my money story), Twitter, blog, novel and articles(my real job!)…

Right now, during the fashion market week, I am writing, writing, writing…What a nice life I have! I am having fun!

WRITE=my life

I hope you are having fun with your “EAT, ???, ???” things. Have a nice day!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 10, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#120- At the GELSON’S

Me: I want to tell you that rainier cherries were soooooooo sweet last week!!!

Woman who works at the GELSON’S in Silver Lake: I know. I am glad that you liked them!

Me: Oh…I loved them! I had dinner with my friends at my home two days in a roll. My friends loved the cherries too! Could you tell me where these cherries are coming from? From California?

Woman: I don’t know…the man over there is the manager, so he can tell you about it. Do you want me to call him?

Me: Oh, it’s all right. I will walk to him. Thank you.

(I walked to the produce manager.)

Me: Hi! Can I speak to you now?

Otto (the produce manager at the GELSON’S in Silver Lake): Sure!

Me: Oh…last week I got the rainier cherries from here and they were so sweet!!! I had two times dinner at my home with friends and I served cherries after each dinner for my friends and my friends were so surprised how sweet cherries!!!

Otto: I know, the cherries have 23% sugar. Regular cherries have 16% sugar, so the cherries are the sweetest! But, the cherries were here only one week.

Me: What??? Why???

Otto: Because one tree, one season. So, it was only one time thing.

Me: Oh…My…God…!!!!!!!! (I guess, my voice was too loud! ha ha ha!) Oh…!!! So…my friends and I were lucky!

Otto: Yes, you were lucky!

Me: Could you tell me where are the cherries coming from??? I want to find out about the cherries!

Otto: The cherries are from Washington State. I am going to find out the name of the place right away for you.

(After couple of minutes. He came up to me and said.)

Otto: Here you go. (He gave me a piece of paper.) The cherries are coming from the Auvil Fruit growers.

Me: Oh…you are so kind!!! I will research more about these cherries. Thank you so much!!!

You know what, I always amazed by GELSON’S products and services.

The other day, I was wondering where are the pink toilet papers (by Scott) and the person who works here told me right away, “The pink ones are no more from May 10th (he told me exact date!). Scott discontinued the pink toilet paper. ”

You guys are amazing people! I love GELSON’S! Really high-end products and services!

Otto: Oh, thank you!

Me: Can I write about this cherry story and your name in my blog?

Otto: Sure!

Last week,the sweetest cherries were $9.40/1.75 lb ($5.99 lb instead of $7.99 lb), but it was worth it! Marie and Emi-san enjoyed them too. I am very happy that I met these cherries this year (I had only one time chance in this year! What a lucky me!)

If these rainier cherries from Auvil Fruit growers sell them in Tokyo, Japan, the price might be $100 which I got last week. I am sure that! I feel like I am really lucky to live here for many reasons!


Got Filet mignon. I am going to have a steak dinner with baked potato and steamed vegetables tomorrow! ha!

Got Cashew Chicken, Walnut oil & White Vinegar & Goat cheese & Avocado ($8.97 for three avocados, so I am sure that the best avocados!) & Sliced Almond. I am going to have a Kimberly’s recipe salad and Cashew Chicken for tonight’s dinner!

Got GELSON’S French Roast Coffee (I always buy Peet’s coffee or Starbucks coffee. Emi-san told me last week, “GELSON’S coffee is great”)and Chocolate Croissant package(Tomorrow’s my breakfast!).

Got more groceries from GELSON’S.

And got Yellow daisies (sorry GELSON’S…I got them from next door, TRADER JOE’S…They usually have reasonable price flowers…ha ha…) and some groceries from TRADER JOE’S.

I always park my car at the GELSON’S and shop at the TRADER JOE’S first, and then I shop at the GELSON’S later. TRADER JOE’S have small parking lot and I can’t take it, because I am not good at parking (I am a great driver, but I am not good for parking…ha ha ha!)

Recently, cashier always asks me at the TRADER JOE’S, “How was your parking?”…Do I look like a bad driver, because I am Japanese girl??? (ah…They have small parking lot and always many cars…so I guess they ask about the parking for everyone, right?)

Anyway, GELSON’S has comfortable parking lot and hand wipes (as a clean freak, I need to wipe everything include my hands). GELSON’S has high-end power and great energy, so GELSON’S products make my body & soul fresh. I feel like the positive energy from their products into my body. This store is the best in town for me.

Got fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, meats, breads etc…What a nice feeling!

Oops…time to fix my dinner and eat!

Have a great time at your store (maybe your GELSON’S?) and have a healthy & happy life to you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 4, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Friday, July 30, 2010

#119- Enjoy with friends

“hahah love the tweet! and love look sooooo beautiful...and i am very proud of you and your strong mind to do your novel and all the work you are an inspiration !!!!!” by Neely.

“awwww Yoko you're the sweet one!!!! i'm sooo happy to have YOU IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!!! ive really missed your personality and creativeness and everything else that i love about you! i remember i always used to feel so good after seeing you and i still do :) love you” by Marie.

“I had an enrichment time with you, I enjoyed and learned from your valuable business advice, Feng-Shui advice etc. During our conversation, reminded me that we are better to live with honesty and being real & live hard as a human without some techniques(she said to me in Japanese, so I translated her Japanese into English).” by Emi-san.

Fabulous week with Neely, Marie and Emi-san.

On Wednesday, the 27th with Neely.

We got together at THE COFFEE TABLE in Silver Lake. This place is my favorite place near by my place.

Neely is always so fashionable & stylish and beautiful inside out and and and funny!!! She has such a talent for many things. (By the way, she is a fashion create director.)

And she always gives me nice compliments. Makes me feel like a “special” person.

We chatted with many fun topics and we laughed so hard! She really liked my “boy” episode about my neighbor who asked me for a date.

Me: My neighbor, kind of cute guy, but not my type, because he has tattoo on his arms called me out of the blue two months ago. He found my phone number in the phone book.

Neely: What’s? He found your phone number from an old fashion “Phone book”?

Me: Maybe “Phone book” on web? Anyway, he asked me for a date. He said, “I like your small feet. Very cute! I like you. Do you wanna go out with me as a date?”

Neely: OMG! Small feet? ha ha ha!!!

(I showed my feet to Neely)

Me: My size is 4.

Neely: Oh… : )

Me: I asked him, “Where did you see my feet?” and he said, “At our parking lot.” and I said, “Oh…you could say hi to me!” and I said, “At this time, I am working on my novel and I really need to have a great concentration on this, so I can’t date with anybody now.” “But, we can have coffee at our pool area or exercise together at the fitness center at our apartment.”

Neely: Who said that we can have coffee together?

Me: I said that. I felt bad to say no to him, so I told him that I can have coffee with him as a friend.

Neely: Oh, this kind of story is only from you! ha ha ha!!!

Neely had funnier story than mine, but I just keep it to myself…ha ha ha!

On Thursday, the 29th with Marie.

Marie has sent me a nice email this morning.

“Hi Yoko!!! Thanx a million for everything last nite it was sooo good to see u and i forgot to tell u that u last nite when we were talking that you're one of those people that look more beautiful as you age! And such a great host i felt so spoiled :) THANX!! Have a great day and yes so nice seeing your beautiful place it's awesome!!! xxx”

It was soooooooo nice night with her at my home.

I cooked Seafood risotto and served with spring mix + nuts salad, lemonade. Desert was cherries (Oh…so sweet cherries from GELSON’S! Its fancy price, but it was worth it!) & grapes, chocolate gelato with peanuts chocolate and tea...

Marie + I had a beautiful conversation. I learned so much about Sweden (Marie is Swedish) and we had common “comedy stories” (trouble with above neighbor and another similar trouble with high-end dentist!) We laughed so much and eat a lot!

She brought the beautiful flower bouquet (pink snapdragons and tuberose) and Rose wine (from South Africa). She knows my favorite color (I LOVE PINK!) and style. What a nice friend I have.

We used to go to the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Hollywood and enjoyed many parties together. When I see her each time, my sexy fun memories are always coming back to me.

Marie also makes me feel like I am so beautiful and nice with her nice compliments.

She has such a nice fashion style and life style (see my blog on July 12th, 2010). I am so happy to have her as my special friend.

On Saturday, the 31st with Emi-san.

Tomorrow, I am going to have a dinner with Emi-san at my home. I will cook turkey hamburg steak (we, Japanese eat a lot. This is my favorite dish!),steamed vegetable ( or stir-fry vegetable),rice, glazed carrots and corn cream soup. Dessert will be the same as above (for Marie).

Emi-san (see my blog on June 29th, 2010) gave me her products last month when she visited me, Kudo cosmetics ( cosmetic candle and citrus tree - everyday body wash. They are soooooooo fabulous!

Especially, I enjoy every night with a cosmetic candle. Every night, I enjoy sweet sleep with this candle smell. Its makes me so happy and alive! Before go to bed, I say to Emi-san in my mind, “Arigato (thank you in Japanese) Emi-san!” every night.

She makes me feel like, I am very important in this world and her products are the same like her!

I am sure that we will have another fun night at my home!


The other day, I got an urgent project for Japanese TV show in Japan and I had to write a
research report and make a list for people (both American and Japanese) who we can
interview with.

Thank god, I have many great friends and fashion people contacts!!!

Thank you very much to Emi-san, Amy, Marie, Chelsea, Tadd, Kaori-san, Naoko-san, Serene, Karen, Liza, Galina, Maki-san, Ashley, Alison, Jill, Gina, Audrey, another Amy, Neely, Saki-san, Reiko, Kimberly, Diana, Wendy & Richard, Keasha, Terre and Irasha.

They replied to my email right away (within a couple of hours) and they helped my work. I am lucky girl who have great friends!

I hope you are also having fun with your friends. Have a wonderful weekend to you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 30, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Finally I am able to write about RON ROBINSON (at Fred Segal)’s pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL !

Last month, Ron (president of RON ROBINSON & APOTHIA) and Karen (vice president of RON ROBINSON & APOTHIA) invited me to the opening party for this shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL.

And Ron and Karen gave me wonderful gift bag at the party. There were many beautiful stuff in the gift bag and the Apothia Hand & Body Wash – Plush was the best!

Since the party, I have been using this Apothia Hand & Body Wash – Plush (French milled soap, pettigrain with bright citrus notes of mandarin and lime / $28 at the APOTHIA at Fred Segal Melrose). I feel more beautiful!!! Smell so nice and my skin feels so soft as well (see more detail at

Last month, I wrote an article about this shop lunch story + a scoop (Ron made a great contract with the MONDRIAN HOTEL group!) for Senken-newspaper (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper), so I couldn’t write about this story in my blog before the article publish.

Now, yes, I can write about it!

Here is my rough translation in English. By the way, my Japanese article is much much better than this translation article, but I just want to share it with you.

If you have any questions, go to RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal Melrose or MONDRIAN HOTEL. Ron and Karen will help your shopping!


July 12th, 2010 on Senken-newspaper

On “Zoom up” section (The article is in the “today’s special topic” section!)

L.A. RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal launched pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL

Try to get new high-end customers

Another subtitle:
To make well-known and to make it through a recession

Photo caption:
At the pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL. Mr. Ron Robinson, president (left) and Ms. Karen Meena, vice president.

RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, U.S.A. launched pop-up shop at the MONDRIAN HOTEL in West Hollywood, L.A. in June. The store opens until December, 2010. The strategy of this shop is to try to get new high-end customers of the MONDRIAN HOTEL, to make well-known for their beauty related products and to make it through a recession. (Writer, Yoko Fujimoto)

The hotel is owns by Morgans Hotel Group which is leading boutique hotel and they have many fashionably customers and celebrity customers from U.S. and overseas at their restaurant & Bar.

Mr. Ron Robinson, president talked about the reasons for this pop-up shop business. There are three main reasons. Reason #1 is “During the recession, we need to change with new business idea. This hotel located in high-end area, so our store customers and concept are the same with this hotel and it seems like we have a great opportunity to get new customers from here.” Reason #2 is “Our other store, beauty & apothecary boutique, APOTHIA’s fame and concept is match with this hotel fame and concept and we can recommended fashionably lifestyle to customers”. Reason #3 is “We made a contract with Morgans Hotel Group regarding our APOTHIA’s original hand & body wash, shampoo etc are going to use by 11 hotel locations for their bathroom and guest rooms, so we would like to make our brand well-known”.

The store has 27 meter square foot and small, but Ms. Karen Meena, vice president reported, they have T-shirts, swimsuits, hat etc. for travelers and accessories, lifestyle products, skin care and beauty products by APOTHIA, there are 300 sophisticated design best selection items. Ms.Meena said, “We have many unique products which hard to get it from other stores and we have new products every couple of weeks.”

Ms. Katharine Parnello who is a president and designer of Gimme More Couture which Britney Spears and other celebrities wearing, Swarovski line stone lingerie, corset, shoes etc brand said, “Our products cost around $1800-14000, so I am very honor to sell our products at this hotel which has many wealthy and celebrities customers as well” and she is expecting a great business.

Mr. Robinson talked about the reason to have a limited term, “We will see the result of profit and effect of this business. We will decide what we are going to do with the situation” and “We are very happy to provide the high quality and original lifestyle for customers. The profit is coming on the way later”, he showed his confidence for make it through a recession.


By the way, I have another scoop with this article.

When I was attending the party at the MONDRIAN HOTEL and talked with Ms. Katharine Parnello (who is in my article)…Katharine told me (I have a permission from her to write about it in my blog) that she and her daughter were the matchmaker for Mr.Hugh Hefner (who is Playboy magazine founder) & his former girlfriend, Ms. Holly Madison! Katharine and her daughter took Holly to the playboy mansion and let meet Mr. Hefner.

Long time ago, I enjoyed the TV show “The Girls Next Door” (known as The Girls of the Playboy Mansion, is an American reality television series broadcast on the E! cable television network), so I knew Holly from the TV and I thought they have a fun life together. It was funny that I just met the matchmaker for them!

And more funny thing is…(but you can’t enjoy much…because you can’t see me)…I am wearing the PLAYBOY tank top now(by coincidence)!!!

Long time ago, my fashionably mother sent the PLAYBOY tank tops and T-shirts from Tokyo, Japan to me. At the time, I asked my mother on the phone, “Why you are sending me these American stuff? PLAYBOY is from America!” and she told me that, “Yoko, look carefully, those PLAYBOY stuff made in Japan. Good quality! I thought those tank tops and T-shirts look cute on you! You can’t find those cute ones in U.S.A.!” ha ha ha! My mother has a great fashion sense!

Yes, my PLAYBOY tank top is made in Japan. The tag says, SUPERLOVERS CO LTD. Tokyo, Japan. Made in Japan.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story about RON ROBINSON + MONDRIAN HOTEL and you got some idea for your fashionably shopping!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 22, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#117- My day in Los Feliz + Franklin Village

In Los Feliz

at 6:30am:

Clean and changed the water for my flower vases (vases are on the sink in my bath room, toilet counter, side table in my bed room, coffee table in my living room, dining table and kitchen counter) and watched Japanese TV news.

My flowers of this week are red and white gladiolus. Every room has a beautiful power!

at 8:00am:

Made French style rice ball (I made big one!) and café au lait for breakfast and ate it with happy mood!

at 8:40am:

Worked on a translation project. Translated two emails (Japanese to English & English to Japanese) less than 10 minutes and I made “one week worth of grocery”! (quick money! lucky me!)

And watched CNN news and internet surfing at the same time.

at 9:00am:

Shower and make-up.

at 10:00am:

Cooked two French style rice balls (for Erika who is vegetarian. I put a lot of American cheese inside of rice balls) and five regular French style rice balls (three for Kimberly and me for lunch and two for my dinner).

Oh…these rice balls are so goooood! (if you want to see the recipe, see my blog on July 5th,2010 )

In Franklin Village

at 12:00pm:

I love Kimberly’s home office / show room ( I like her style. She has a great fashion sense!

So, of course, she has fashionable clients at her PR company!

Erika is working with Kimberly and she is also my great friend. She has a great fashion sense as well. Especially, she has a fabulous hair style!

Kimberly made a great salad for us! Her special walnuts dressing was sooooo good! Avocado, lentil and goat cheese with arugula…it was great combination!

We toasted with lemonade and we ate Kimberly’s salad and my rice balls. It was lovely lunch.

at 1:00pm:

Kimberly and Erika showed me their new products and gave me three beautiful T-shirts!

One is from Dirtee Hollywood. “LOVE IS IN FASHION”…I love this pink T-shirts! So creative and cute!!!

Two are from Obvious Clothing. One is butterfly and the other one is horse. They are soooooooo cute!!!

Both brands products are available at the Fred Segal/Ron Robinson Melrose! Really cute T-shirts!

Today, I was wearing the orange butterfly T-shirts from Obvious Clothing which Kimberly gave it to me last year, but Kimberly said, “Today, I give you some more!” So sweet!

In Los Feliz

at 1:30pm:

Oh…Los Feliz post office is always so popular!

I waited 10 minutes to park my car and another 10 minutes to get to the counter. I sent out six priority mails (I always send newspaper or magazine with thank you note to people who I interviewed with).

at 2:10pm:

I love Gelson’s! Especially when I have Gelson’s coupons!

Got fresh food from this market and saved $7! Who says, “Gelson’s is expensive market”? I don’t think so, if we use our brain and coupons! I told the cashire, “I am very happy to use these coupons. It helps me a lot!”

Then, the cashier noticed my note on the coupons (I always write a small thank you note on the coupons) and she told me “Oh…cute note. thank you!”.


Lucky me! I am working as a freelancer, so I can do what I want every day and I love what I do every day.

I hope you are having a lucky day too!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

#116- Marie Marie Marie!

It was lovely lunch with my special friend, Marie at our place / le Clafoutis at Sunset Plaza today.

Marie and I used to have brunch at le Clafoutis at Sunset Plaza every weekend when she was a single and we used to act & play during our time at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Since I got a job at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. and moved to Newport Beach for a while, we lost contact each other…then, last year Marie made a contact me through facebook and we are in touch again! Thanks to a technology world!

Oh…Marie…she has not changed at all! She is so beautiful inside and out. She has such a nice taste for everything! Her fashion & home and everything!

It was so fabulous to see her new decollation at her home (she showed me some photos on her phone).

And yes, she is still sweet! She said to me, “Yoko, you have not changed at all (since 10 years ago). Oh…your car looks like you bought yesterday (I bought my car 10 years ago)!” So sweet!

It was such a sweet power lunch with Marie.

Her beautiful “natural emerald pendant” is soooooo beautiful like her. She told me that her sister in law(she is famous actress) gave it to her for her 15 year wedding anniversary. The pendant belongs to her sister in law’s mother, which means, Marie’s husband’s mother’s.

15 years ago, I remember…when I went to Marie’s wedding party at her sister in law’s house. At the time, it was first time to see so many valet parking boys at the residence (I thought valet parking service is for Hotel,Restaurant, Bar and Club…) and I was amazed by the beautiful house as well. I usually remember the food from the party, but my memory of this party is the beautiful house and beautiful people. Marie has so many beautiful things in her life!

Oh…the “natural emerald pendant” is really suits Marie.

It was so nice to catch up with her during the lunch time. Yes, we promised to each other, “from now on, we will get together more often!”

After lunch, I stopped by shopping at the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake and got some red and white gladiolus for my home.

The Gladiolus flower signifies remembrance.

Marie and I will make more fun time from now on, so our remembrance will be more and more!

Nice friends make us happy life for sure!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

#115- Harry Potter weekend

Since Thursday until tonight, I spent 23 hours and a half on my couch to watch “Harry Potter weekend” on TV.

I saw movies of “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone”,“Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets”,“Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban”(Twice!), “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”(Twice!) and “Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix” on abc family.

Thanks to the abc family to entertain us with this “Harry Potter weekend”!

In 1997, I couldn’t finish to read a book of “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone” when Maria (who was the managing editor at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. I was working as a staff writer for Entrepreneur Japan edition at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. for 6 years and a half) lend me this book. I couldn’t follow many characters names in this book, so I couldn’t follow the story…It was funny that I could translate the feature stories in the Entrepreneur magazine to Japanese and I could interview entrepreneurs in English and could write articles in Japanese, but I couldn’t read this book in English or Japanese at the time.

Since 2001, I have not seen Harry Potter movies.

I guess this weekend was the time to meet Harry! What a nice fantasy. I totally get it, why J.K. Rowling is popular author in the world.

Harry Potter brings us a fantasy world.

Sweet dreams to you all.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 11, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

#114- At my best friend’s home

I love U.S.A.!!! I really appreciate that U.S.A. accepted my stay in U.S.A. for forever. Thank you for the U.S.A. Green Card (for a permanent resident). Thank you U.S.A.!

It was soooooooo much fun yesterday on the 4th of July!

My best friend, Suzie invited me to join her family day at her home yesterday and we had a great time like last year. Unfortunately, her husband (my old friend / I was the matchmaker for them) had to work, but we (Suzie has beautiful two daughters) had wonderful “ Girls Day & Night on the 4th of July ”.

From the noon until late night, I had a perfect day with them!!!

Suzie said, “As I was tucking the girls in to sleep ... they said ‘ Mommy ... thank you so much for the BEST NIGHT EVER... Yoko is so much FUN!!!!!!’ ”

Oh…what a nice day!


At my home:

In the morning at my home, I cooked “French style” Onigiri (Japanese rice balls). I made “Japanese rice balls meet French toast” rice balls (I put smoked chicken sausages with cheese inside the rice balls and put eggs and soy sauce outside of the rice balls and fried with butter). It took two hours in the morning to make them, but it was worth it! Everyone loved it! (include Suzie’s husband).

I wanted become a “summer Santa” for them, so I brought these rice balls for snack, Mexican chips, potato chips, gifts for Suzie, two girls and her husband. I love to see their smile! Makes me soooooooo happy!!!

It was so glad that they enjoyed my gifts.


At the park:

We went to the park near Suzie’s home and had a nice picnic(we ate my rice balls and potato chips).

It was so peaceful. The air is so fresh (compare to where I live), beautiful mountain view, the girl’s happy smiles, our positive conversation…

Oh…girls showed us “water fireworks”! Soooooooo cute and very creative play!


At Suzie’s home:

Suzie is a great hostess, great cook and great entertainer! She has so many talents!

After picnic at the park, she served Mexican chips (her fancy chips and mine) with some salsa, guacamole, potato chips and strawberry soda. OMG…her homemade guacamole is soooooooo yummy!!! I couldn’t stop eating them.

And, she treated me a movie “Twilight”. She recommended to see this movie (includes, New Moon and Eclipse), but I have not seen them, so she showed me this movie with her explanation.

I really appreciate her entertainment & hospitality (they saw this movie many times…so I really appreciate to let me to watch this movie).

After this movie, girls showed us (Suzie and me) “4th of July show”! They are so cute and creative! The fashion show was the best! I see their bright future!!!


During the dog walking:

After our appetizer time, we had a dog walking around her neighbor. There are so many beautiful walking paths. We saw the beautiful sunset and smell the 4th of July BBQ from many homes.


Dinner & Fireworks & Desert:

Suzie made “turkey meat tacos” for dinner.

OMG…her tacos are the best. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!! Wow, she is such a great cook!!! Her family is so lucky that they can eat her “Five star meal” everyday at home.

And the fireworks were beautiful!!! We saw three shows from the balcony at her home. We were so lucky that we had “VIP seats” at home for 4th of July fireworks shows!

And and…the special treat, “4th of July cake” was soooooooo delicious!!!

Suzie and her kids made a beautiful U.S.A. flag cake with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chocolate etc. OMG…They made this cake until midnight the day before the 4th of July. Oh…they are so sweet like the cake!!!


On the way back home:

I saw three different fireworks shows on the way back (I was surprised that some places had fireworks close to the midnight). Total: I saw 6 different fireworks shows! Lucky me!

Oh…Suzie is so kind and sweet. She drove her car with her kids and led me to the freeway and she called me to make sure that I got home safe.

Then, we had chatting another two hours on the phone.

Suzie said to me, “It was such a SPECIAL Fourth of July with a Special Friend .... and a memory that we will cherish for LIFE : )”

Suzie is an amazing cook and an amazing life maker!!! I am so glad that I spent a special day with her and her family again.


U.S.A….Thank you again. I am having a great life in U.S.A. Thank you!!!

I hope you had a great 4th of July (If you are in U.S.A.).

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 5, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#113- Dinner at my home

I love to cook, I mean…I am not a fancy cook, but I love entertain myself and friends/family.

Tonight, I cooked for my new friend, Emi-san who is an owner of Kudo Cosmetics ( and a celebrity-manicurist.

During the day, she worked for someone (celebrity) in my area.

She emailed me last night to inform that she could see me today, so, I told her that “Why don't you come to my place? I cook dinner!” and I gave her some choices /menu for tonight.

1: Filet mignon, Glazed carrots, Garlic rice and Salad. This menu is my “five star dinner at home”! I have this dinner menu once a week! My favorite!!! The meat from the GELSON’S (the best!)

2: Shrimp tomato sauce spaghetti and Salad

3: Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese English / one of the typical Japanese “Italian” spaghetti) and salad

4: Shrimp tomato risotto and salad

Emi-san chose #4 and I cooked Shrimp tomato risotto and salad. I also made some sweet lemonade from fresh lemons & maple syrup. With café au lait and cookies, we had a wonderful time. We ate and talked for 9 hours and half! It was soooooooo much fun!

Emi-san brought beautiful flower bouquets, wine and her products of Kudo Cosmetics. When I experience her products, I will write about it again.

Life is fun…with wonderful friends is more fun!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 29, 2010