Sunday, May 17, 2009

#43- Work & Play with friends

Kimberly invited me a fashion show today and we sat on $300 ticket row. I always enjoy to work/play with a great friend, Kimberly.

She picked me up at my apartment and we went to California Market Center. The event “FASHION FOR LIFE 2009”held by Friendly House (, the oldest women’s recovery program in the country.

LA based fashion designers showed 2009 fall collection (I already saw many 2010 spring collections at the trade shows and fashion shows, so I sometimes mixed up the season and trend…!)

At this fashion show, the designers are David Meister, Trina Turk, Ina Soltani, Single (fashion director is Kimberly’s client, Ms.Galina Sobolev), Paige Black Label, Paige Premium Denim, PPD Mens and Fremont.

Ok…I have to stop writing like a press release.

Anyway, Kimberly and I got some complimentary hors d'oeuvres at this event, but Kimberly said ”Let’s get some real food and come back in half hour” and we walked to Tiara café/ across the street from California Market Center.

I love Kimberly, because she is real and loves food! She treated me chick peas fritters, cheese burger, french fries and salad. I already had a pasta for lunch at home and it was around 2:30pm, but I ate it! (I can eat anytime!) It was fun late lunch/early dinner with Kimberly!

The fashion show was great! Melissa Rivers hosted and Valerie Bertinelli (from the weight loss TV CM) talked about the dress of David Meister, how she loves his collection.

There were some celebrities, but I am so bad for names and faces…so I just recognized Valerie Bertinelli and Charlie Sheen (by the way, they were sitting on $500 ticket seat.)

I noticed that Ms.Galina Sobolev had many friends at this event and Kimberly also had many friends at this event.

Many success people work& play with friends! Life is fun for sure!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 17, 2009