Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#35- Party pooper??? He said, She said…

Lately I use Facebook more than MySpace.

Out of the blue…I got many messages from strangers on MySpace yesterday…and I wrote some of them back.

OMG…the last message from someone said…”doh! party pooper...”

He said: I mostly attracted to the opposite of me - dark hair/skin/eyes, petite.... where in LA are u? we should meet for coffee sometime...

She (me) said: Thank you for asking, but no thank you... I like meeting people who care more inside than outside...sorry...! I am sure that you will find who you are looking for! Good luck to you!

He said: doh! party pooper...

She (me) said: Hello ****,Thank you for your reply. Good luck for everything. I am wishing for you. Have a good one.

It was funny that I didn’t understand what he wrote at first, so I had to search the word ”party pooper” in the dictionary. Oh…I see…the meaning of “party pooper”…

My nickname was “party animal” in 20 something…but…never “party pooper” until yesterday…ha ha ha! What a funny word!

Yesterday’s new slung word for me was "party pooper". What a day! :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 7, 2009