Thursday, February 26, 2009

#26- Jeans factory in Gardena and Chinese dinner in Beverly Hills

I love my work (I don’t feel like I am working!), because I always meet nice people and feel great!

Today I visited one of the large jeans factory in Gardena where produce a lot of popular premium denim and interviewed with the owner of the factory, agent, staff and one of the new jeans brand’s owner and staff. (I can’t tell their names, because I am going to write an article about them in Senken newspaper which is a top fashion trade newspaper in Japan.)

They are doing well at this economic downtime, actually they will increase their sales this year. Good for them!

After this interview, they (the brand’s agent and his staff) invited me to have a dinner in Beverly Hills (“Xian” Chinese restaurant) with another brand’s owner and a fashion designer. Oh my god! I had a great time with them too.

One woman (her name is “Yoko” also!) told us that”Today is my birthday!”…then,the fashion designer (sister of brand's owner) got a red rose and a big chocolate cake with candles for “Yoko” (birthday woman)!!! What a nice surprise! The fashion designer didn’t know about “Yoko”’s birthday until that time, but she created a nice birthday night right away! Wow! I was so happy to meet those people and celebrate the birthday for “Yoko”.

Nice people with nice food and nice conversation.

What a night! Life is wonderful!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Feb 25, 2009