Friday, December 4, 2009

#85- Small talk at everywhere!

Today, I had a couple of small talk with people at my apartment, post office and Trader Joe’s.

At my apartment office:

When I went to get my mails near apartment office, an apartment manager stopped me and said to me,

Manager: Hi Yoko! You paid your rent on online this month right?

Me: Yeah, did you have some trouble like last time?

Manager: No, No. I want to give you this!

She gave me a cell phone holder (with our apartment logo) which could organize my phone while battery charging.

Me: Wow, it’s nice!!! Thank you!!!

Manager: We are doing a promotion for online payment this month. How is your apartment? How are you?

Me: I am good. Thank you very much for asking. Oh…by the way…

I looked at the assistant manager’s face and said to him,

Me: I am so sorry the other day I yelled at you and thank you very much for your help!

Assistant manager: Oh…my pleasure.

Manager: Did you yell at him again Yoko?

Me: I am sorry…you know me, I am always sweet, but I sometimes have a short temper! ha ha ha!

Manager: YOKO!!!

Me: That day… I couldn’t help it. The girl, you know what I am talking about. She was so loud again on Skype at the pool near by my window (where I am working).

Manager: I know…but you can’t do it, Yoko.

I yelled at him (assistant manager), because he said to me on the phone the other day, “Yoko, I went to the pool, but she was not loud for me, so I didn’t say anything to her”. So I said to him “What are you talking about??? I am the customer!!! I said, the girl is annoying, so you should take my order and you have to tell her “keep your voice down”!!! I am not talking about how you feel or how she is loud for you! She is loud for me!!! Please tell her, she is loud for me!!! OK ???!!!! ” ha ha ha…I guess, I am loud too…!

Me: I know, I won’t do it. But you know, he (assistant manager) is a great listener and he is a great assistant manager! You are lucky to have him as an assistant manager.

Manager: Thank you Yoko!

Me: By the way, I am going away for my vacation, so I will email you regarding the dates and my emergency contact name and number. Have a great day, you guys!!!

Manager & assistant manager: You too!


At the mail box (I was still at my apartment office floor) :

The mailman was there to sort our mails…

Me: Hi ***!

Mailman: Hi Yoko! How are you?

Me: I am great! How about you?

Mailman: I am good.

Me: I won’t bother you, I am going to wait for you…

Mailman: Ok…don’t tell anyone…(then he picked up my mails out of his box and he gave them to me…Amazing! He remembers my apartment number out of 263 unites!)

Me: Oh…thank you so much!!! Oh…by the way, I am going away, so I am going to your post office to report my vacation date.

Mailman: Oh…I can take your vacation hold card to my office.

Me: Thank you! But I am going to bring my mails as well, so I am ok. Thank you for asking!

Mailman: When are you going to Japan? Next week?

Me: From *** until ***! Are you going somewhere on your vacation?

Mailman: No, I am not going anywhere.

Me: If I don’t see you before I leave, have a nice holiday!

Mailman: Thank you. You too!


At the post office:

Service person: Hi, you come back on time huh!

Me: Yeah…you told me I was too early, so today I brought this vacation hold card.

Service person: Good!

Last month, I was at the post office and brought my vacation hold card, but she (service person) told me that “you are too early to submit this card. We will lose this card or we might make mistake, so you better to come back next month”.

I told her at the time, “I am Japanese and I am very organizing person, so I always do things too early, you know” and then she told me “I can see that! But we are not, so you better to come back next month for that”.

Anyway, I sent out my invoice to Senken-newspaper and some packages(Senken-newspaper and thank you notes) to people who I wrote.

I guess I am “too much positive OCD”! ha ha ha…


At the Trader Joe’s:

One customer (woman): Wow what you gonna do with it?

She saw me when I was looking at huge chocolate bar!

Me: Of course, I gonna bite this!!! ha ha ha!

One customer: Aha ha ha…you are right! Sounds good!

At the register:

Me: Look! So much chocolate right? These are for my family and friends in Japan!

Staff: Wow that’s nice of you. Oh…these are good! (Chicken taquitos) Did you know we stop selling these for two years and then lately we started selling these.

Me: Oh…I didn’t know about it. I didn’t notice…this week I am so busy for my work, so I can’t cook much and I need these products.

Staff: Oh…these are my favorite!

Me: Me too. Have a nice day!

Staff: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Near by the manager’s desk:

I was checking my receipt to make sure, there is no mistake on my receipt. Then store manager asked me,

Store manager: What are you doing?

Me: I am checking my receipt.

Store manager: Good for you! We sometimes scan double for one product, so you better to check your receipt. You are smart.

Me: Thank you. Look! I got so many chocolates! I love Trader Joe’s season chocolate gift box and snacks!!! Oh…but the prices are getting high compare to last year.

Store manager: You are right. This was $***, but $*** this year.

Me: But, still good products and good prices at your store. I love Trader Joe’s.

Store manager: Thank you! Have a nice day!

Me: You too!


I think I have to stop writing my small talk…because I have a deadline and I am going to have a “big talk” with Suzie on the phone later.

Anyway, how is your small talk today???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 4, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

#84- My Thanksgiving Day was…

I was in Irvine until this morning.

My Thanksgiving Day was at Yuko & Jim’s house this year.

I met Yuko about 10 years ago in Irvine during I was living in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa for 6 years (when I was working at Entrepreneur Media Inc.) We met through Japanese community on internet, since then we are great friends.

She and her husband, Jim are sweet married couple and both of them are great cook!

We had a great thanksgiving dinner and I spent a night at their house.

Thank god, they have such a beautiful Japanese guest room next to their living room (also living room/dining room has Japanese atmosphere).

I felt like I was in Japanese high end hotel’s room (high end “Ryokan” / typical Japanese style hotel). The room is a WASHITSU (TATAMI ROOM).

There are TATAMI MATS (originally meaning "folded and piled" mats are a traditional type of Japanese flooring), TOKONOMA (is a Japanese term generally referring to a built-in recessed space in a Japanese style reception room, in which items for artistic appreciation are displayed), KAKEJIKU(hung scroll art), display arts of SHODO(Japanese calligraphy) and SADO(Japanese tea ceremony), FUSUMA(are vertical rectangular panels which can slide from side to side to redefine spaces within a room), SHOJI(is a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a sort of grid of wood or bamboo) and many more…

In this room, I was sooooooo comfortable and I was thinking that “I don’t want to go to sleep right away, because I want to enjoy this moment”…and then, my wish came true, I couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours…(I had two cups of coffee with pumpkin pie after dinner), so of course I couldn’t sleep…! ha ha ha…

Anyway, I really enjoyed at Yuko & Jim’s house. Jim is a regular American, I mean he is a Caucasian and he loves Japanese stuff like that…That’s wonderful!

Oh, by the way, I really appreciate that President Barack Obama's deep bow to the Japanese emperor earlier this month. I thought that was a simple show of respect for Japanese culture.

Yuko and Jim are very intelligent and I always enjoy conversation with them. We ate a lot and talked a lot. It was the perfect Thanksgiving Day.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day.

P.S. Keasha, thank you very much for the invitation. I would like to join your family thanksgiving dinner at your mom’s house next year!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 27, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

#83- Dear Toshihiko Fujimoto…

Papa, how have you been? I really miss you since you left in 1994.

Are you having fun in heaven? I hope you are doing well up there.

I am still living in Los Angeles and having fun every day, every moment with my life.

Oh I have great news for you. I made a year contract as a writer/ independent contractor with D&B(Dun & Bradstreet) for a writing project of a major U.S. company(this project is managing by All Business which own by D&B).

At this time, I can’t say the project’s name or company’s name, because this project is not publish yet and I have an agreement of confidentiality with D&B. Oh…I am sure that you can see me from heaven, huh!

You know, when I was working as a staff writer at Entrepreneur Media Inc. /Entrepreneur Magazine and I was writing feature articles in Japanese and translate (English to Japanese) the feature articles of Entrepreneur Magazine for Entrepreneur Japan edition, at the time, one of the editors of Entrepreneur Magazine asked me to write some articles in English in Entrepreneur Magazine…but I said to her, “I am not ready to write an article in English. I will let you know when I am ready”. Then, Entrepreneur Media Inc. had to close the deal with Entrepreneur Japan edition with Recruit Co., Ltd in Japan…It was too late to start writing articles in English…so I had to leave Entrepreneur Media Inc.

I was working as a freelance writer for many Japanese media on the side during I was at Entrepreneur Media Inc., so I thought I didn’t need to make effort with my career at the time. I was a reporter for NHK radio show and I was busy for TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) and wrote many articles for Senken-newspaper at the time…

Anyway, are you happy for me? I wrote an article in English for this new project yesterday.

Do you remember when I started studying English at Junior high school? You bought me so many English text books and you taught me English almost every week. You helped my homework in the summer, I mean you translated “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” book for me! Oh…god…I was cheating about my home work at the time huh! Now I need your help…but you are up there…how can I reach you! Your English was so great!

I know your father taught you English when you were young and you wanted to teach me like your father did it to you. I remember Grandpa read newspaper in English everyday. Now…I am working in U.S. and writing articles in English. Are you proud of me??? I am sure that you are sending me a message “You made it! Good for you!” from heaven.

Oh…you know what, I can teach you some English words from my work on this weekend…search engine optimization (SEO), infrastructure, virtualization, file server, security patch…did you get it? Maybe you don’t…because you passed away before you know these technology terms! Now, we are in the new technology world! Amazing! We can work, write, talk and meet to each other on online! Oh…maybe you don’t need it in heaven, maybe you have more big power better than computer in heaven?

Anyway, I am doing well.

Oh Suzie wrote me a nice email about you. Please see below.


I am so sorry ... I forgot that today is the day!

Do you want company today?

Today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY .....

I will remember your father today with a cute smile and warm laugh ... and the funny sound "isshhhhhh" when he would get up from the table!

I know that your dad is watching over you and with you .... and laughing and smiling!!!!

Today is a very SPECIAL DAY!!!!

We can come and take you out somewhere today if you would like company!

Please send your mother my regards and tell her I am thinking and remembering

Papa fondly today!



Papa, I hope you are happy in heaven. I really miss you. I sometimes feel you when I am thinking of you or you are thinking of me.

Are you enjoying the chocolate (which I put it in front of your photo) today?

How about the holiday music? KOST 103.5 has great holiday music, right?

Papa, I will call Mama today and I will let her to pray for you to the little box at home in Tokyo.

Oh…I will visit Mama(mother) and Masa-kun(younger brother) this winter season in Tokyo. Please don’t ask Toshiaki-ojichan(my uncle) to come to see you in heaven, I really want to see him on this winter vacation. I hope his cancer is not making him to go to see you soon…

Oh…one more thing, I really want to write a novel and TV drama script (maybe cute comedy drama?) in U.S. to make people happy/entertain people in U.S., this is my next project/dream, so please pray for me, wish me luck!

Anyway, Papa, have a wonderful your day in heaven.

I miss you.

Your daughter, Yoko


November 22…today is my late father’s memorial day. He passed away 15 years ago (on November 22, 1994 in Tokyo, Japan.)

Remember, life is very short…so please enjoy your life with your family and friends as much as you can.

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 22, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

#82- Winter cleaning!

Feel winter air (even though in LA, I can feel it!) and getting ready for winter vacation…so great feeling!

Around this time, I always looking forward to having big winter cleaning weeks which my favorite activity!

As Japanese, I always have big cleaning weeks (most of Japanese do it near end of the year for couples of days, but as a clean freak, I always take time to clean every where in my place for a month).

During my hard work schedule (I got a new big writing contract project for one of the major companies in U.S.A., I will write some articles in English and Japanese on their website)…but cleaning is my thing…so I started a winter cleaning weeks today(when I had coffee break between my work, I was cleaning instead of coffee and snack. This is great way to lose weight too, better than fasting! ha ha ha…)!

Today, I did my bathroom sink cabinets. Wipe many things and re-organize things…wow, such a wonderful feeling! Good Feng Shui as well.

Many of my friends always said to me, “Yoko, where are you going to clean? Your home is always so clean!”…but…I love to polish things and re-organize things with upbeat music like, LADY GAGA (I enjoyed LADY GAGA on Gossip Girl tonight!)

Anyway, I am so happy to getting ready for winter vacation and New Year!

Start fresh…sounds so nice, right?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 16, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

#81- Two days of my first FAST…

I am hungry…because I have been fasting since two days ago…(I mean my first fast is for two days with drink & soup…”soft version of fast”!)

During two days, I had a lot of water, four glasses of fruits& vegetable smoothies, two bowls of corn soup and two cups of tea with honey.

No real food within two days, it’s a challenge for me…as you (my friends) know I am a big eater for a small person…ha ha ha!

The reason for this fast, I wanted to lose weight (I mean lose back!), to cleanse the body of toxins and clear my mind.

With Mozart and reading a book and no food, I really feel that I got a great energy, cleanse my body and clear my mind…

Have you been fasting?

It might be good for us to do it before Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays! (or better to do it after holidays?)

Wish me luck and good luck to you too (if you need to do fasting)!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 8, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

#80- Perrin Paris 1893 party, Gen Art & Rock Fashion week fashion shows, after party and Halloween party…

Change the time for my eight clocks at my home (two clocks don’t need it, because it’s on Japan time) and turn the page to winter vacation months of my calendars. This is my favorite moment of the day of winter season.

Until yesterday, I had party, party and party! It was great start of my winter season.

On Thursday night at the Perrin Paris 1893 boutique launch party& Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) event and Gen Art/Rock fashion week fashion show after party, on Friday night at Rock fashion week fashion shows/party and last night at Halloween party (at my friends, Keasha and John’s home party). It was wonderful three days party nights.


On Thursday night, my friend, Kimberly invited me to the party at the Perrin Paris 1893(I can’t write details in this blog, because I am going to write about it in Senken-newspaper next week).

We talked/met many people (Kimberly’s boyfriend, Alex was an organizer for this event, so I met many people from Kimberly and Alex, includes some celebrities) at this party.

The owners of this brand & boutique, Michel and Sally Perrin are so sweet and kind. I am sure that this brand and boutique will be more popular in U.S.A.!

And then, we went to Gen Art/Rock fashion week after party at Petersen Automotive Museum. We got together with Erika & her boyfriend, Luke and Kimberly’s many friends. We met new people as well and we stayed there until the end, I mean, the light went off at the party…ha ha ha…!

Two parties in one night, it was fun. Even though, I couldn’t drink/ I just had sip of champagne at the first party(because I was the driver for Kimberly), I had fun!


Next night, on Friday night, I invited Kaori(who is a celebrity photographer and my new Japanese friend) to the Rock fashion week fashion shows & party.

We ate dinner at Chin Chin/Sunset Plaza(Kaori is so sweet, she treated me a dinner!), then we went to this event at Petersen Automotive Museum(again! I mean, for me).

I always get the first row seat (seat for VIP and Press), so I also got Kaori’s seat for this row (thanks to Nicole who is a president of Rock fashion week and Alison who is a PR of this event).

Kaori said to me so cute, “I always stand at the box (she pointed to the photographer’s area) for fashion show, I have never seen fashion show in the first row, thank you to you”.

Nicole who is a president of this event, she is such a beautiful and nice woman. She said to me, “Thank you so much Yoko for coming and I hope you enjoyed it! It was a true pleasure to finally meet you in person as well”. She is very professional and I am so glad that I am going to write about her and her business in Senken-newspaper.

I can’t write about this event in this blog on today, because I am going to write an article in Senken-newspaper, but four fashion shows were so fabulous! And we got many great gifts from the fashion shows. Thank you to Nicole!

Oh…I had a luck that I sat next to Alison who is an executive editor of California Apparel News at this time, and she gave me some tips! I always see her at many events, but I usually don’t talk to her not much, so I am so glad that I could talk to her a lot at this time.

I had so much fun with Kaori, she was a great company at this event (I usually attend fashion shows alone, so it was nice to have her as a company).


Last night, Halloween night, I was at my friends, Keasha and her husband, John’s home party.

They have so many wonderful family and friends. We talked and ate so much and I had fun Halloween night.

Oh…their son, Johnathan(4 year old) is a great dancer! He is so cute!!! He danced well like Michel Jackson! I see the bright future of Johnathan. He will be a star like Michel or a success man like Obama! (See my blog on June 20,2009)


And I wanted to say thank you to my best friend, Suzie. She is always so sweet, she is my sister, mother, company for laugh club (we always laugh a lot!)…she has such a beautiful soul.

Every night (includes these three nights), she made sure that I got home safe. She said, “I will wait for your call .... otherwise Mother Suzie will track you down on your cell phone!!!!”

As a single woman, I need this special care from my special friend. Thank you Suzie!!! I love you!!!


I am so lucky to have many fabulous friends. It is so nice to be around with fabulous people.

Life is like a party, meet people and become friends with them, fabulous people!

Hope you have a fabulous day with fabulous people.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 1, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#79- Who is "PRINCETON WHO’S WHO"???

This morning, I received a fax from “PRINCETON WHO’S WHO”.

The fax says…

We are pleased to inform you that you and your business have been selected to be published for free in the 2009/2010 edition of Princeton Who’s Who of Executives, Professionals, & Entrepreneurs.

On October 27th, your candidacy was approved. Your prompt response is needed to ensure your correct information is published. For accuracy purposes, please be sure to fill out the information below and FAX it back to 609-613-5917 at the earliest opportunity.

The office of the Managing Director appoints individuals based upon a candidate’s current position, and usually with information obtained from researched executive and professional listings. The Director thinks that you may make an interesting biographical subject, as individual achievement is what Princeton Who’s Who is all about.

Upon final confirmation, you will be listed among thousands of accomplished individuals in the Princeton Who’s Who. Remember, there is no cost to be included.

On behalf of the Managing Director, we look forward to your appearance in this year’s edition. Best wishes for continued success.

Judy R. Collins
Profile Coordinator


Of course, I didn’t fill out this form(Name, Title, Company/Organization Name,Address,Phone number, Cell number, Home number, email address, website address, Type of Business and Major Product/Service)…

Instead of that, I Googled it, then I found the article regarding this PRINCETON WHO’S WHO scam at Consumer Action Website ( ) and the blog from this article.

At this recession, I guess, many people are thinking how to make money…

Better to make business idea to make people happy, don’t you think???

Anyway, this is my free article for you to protect from PRINCETON WHO’S WHO. ha!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 28, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

#78- After LA fashion market week…fashionably fresh!!!

I am still writing articles for Senken-newspaper (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News) regarding LA fashion market week which held until this Tuesday.

At this fashion week/market week, I couldn’t make any fashion show and party at night, because I was not feeling well (to my friends, no worries, I don’t have H1N1 flu).

I just had attended the fashion trade shows and walked around many showrooms during the day time and just in case, I was care for my health at night.

So I want to say…”thank you very much for the invitations for fashion shows and I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it” to my friends who are the great PR/ Kimberly & Erika (PURE consulting and Henri (eM productions press

Here are the fashion shows, I couldn’t make it…

L.A. Fashion Week Spring 2010: Skingraft
October 13

L.A. Fashion Week Spring 2010: Mode Israel
October 14

L.A. Fashion Week Spring 2010: Future Heretics
October 15

L.A. Fashion Week Spring 2010: Elmer Ave.
October 17

So…do you think, am I a good PR for PR people???

By the way, my digital camera had broken as well like my health during the fashion week, but the other day, I bought a new digital camera and I feel much better and soooooo fresh!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 23, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

#77- Fashionably late is not for Japanese…

Last night, I have attended the 20th anniversary party for Cosmo Space of America (, the commercial film and video production company.

When I have TV projects from Japan, I always call Cosmo Space of America, because this company has many great cameramen and staff to work with.


As I am Japanese or my thing, I am always be somewhere on time or too early…for my work/interview with someone, attend the fashion show/ trade show/ party, even though Thanksgiving party or Christmas party at my friend's house.

The reasons for that are…

1: When I am there early, I am able to relax before work/ interview and prepare for a great work/ interview.

2: We never know the traffic situation in LA, you know what I mean, so I always leave my home half hour to one hour early, just in case. And I don’t like to make people waiting for me (Time is money, right? I really respect people’s time).

3: Especially at fashion show, event or party, if I am there early, I am always able to meet/talk important people (includes celebrities) with more enough time/relax time (when it gets busy at the fashion show, event or party, I might miss the opportunities to meet /talk/ with them or get scoops from them!)

But…sometimes my friends said to me…"Oh…Yoko, you always early! You are so polite Japanese!!! ha ha ha!", "Of course, you are here before us! You are Japanese! Thank you for coming!" (This comment was at my friend’s wedding rehearsal!!! I was there before "them", I mean hosts!!!)


Anyway, at the 20th anniversary party for Cosmo Space of America on Friday, I was twenty minutes late (Oh God…I forgot it was Friday!)…but I thought, "Good, at this time, probably good for fashionably late!"…And then…it wasn’t!!! …I forgot this party’s host is Japanese!

Most of the people (around seventy people already had been sat at the table) and president of Cosmo Space of America, Mr.Hideomi Aoki, vice president, Mr. Katsumi Matsumoto and other staff were waiting at the door to welcoming people!!!

OMG…I felt so bad…"Oh no!!! This is not fashionably late…They were standing and waiting for us for long time!!! I should be here early at this time…"

Yes, We…Japanese are very polite and humble (by the way, I don’t have "humble word" in my "private dictionary"!).

I really found out that "fashionably late" is not in our (Japanese) dictionary!

By the way, the party was soooooooo much fun! Nice people, delicious food (La Dijonaise in Culver City) and the wonderful gift and card. Of course, again, at the end of the party, Cosmo Space of America people said good-bye and thanks to us at the door. It was amazing!!!

The president, Mr. Aoki has positive vibes! Really it makes sense that this company has been successes and has wonderful people.


Today, I had great breakfast and lunch time with my best friend, Suzie and her kids. OMG…Suzie was just on time to pick me up at my place and brought a gift! (Makes sense that she has spent long time with me and my family in Japan?!)

The gift was pumpkin bread that she baked it! (sooooooooo delicious!!!)

Her message on the card said, "Yoko, We are so happy that you are feeling better! Please enjoy the first harvest of pumpkin bread from Suzie’s Kitchen! 100% real fresh pumpkin! We love you. xxooo Suzie and family."and on the envelope, "Yoko, Happy Harvest Pumpkin Season! Happy Harvest Pumpkin Season! "

You know what, the biggest gift is a "beautiful friendship and love" from Suzie.


To everyone,

Please note: When you got an invitation from Japanese, please be on time or "fashionably early". Happy party/holiday season to all!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 10, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#76- October is here!

The other day, I attended the next fall/winter textile shows which are showing the products for 2010 /2011 fall/winter.

As I attend this kind of event and work, I sometimes confused…“Am I in 2011? 2010? 2009? ”…

The spring 2010 products are already in the past in my mind…

And…October is here! Am I in 2009 or 2010 or 2011???

I guess too much fashion trade shows, fashion shows, TV dramas and dreams (I was sick/spinning dizzy & nausea and in bed for couple of days last week. And then, I saw many funny & fantasy dreams during my sick time. ha ha ha!)…

Have a great October for you! xoxo

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 7, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

#75- Drama, Drama, Drama!

Monday at 9pm, Tuesday at 8pm and 9pm, Wednesday at 9pm, Thursday at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, Friday at 8pm and Sunday at 9pm.

Do you know what I am talking about?


The answer is…TV Drama!

Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place, The Beautiful Life: TBL, Flash Forward, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters.

I gave up watching Heroes and Desperate Housewives because I can’t follow the story anymore.

Glee and Cougar Town were ok…I only watched once.

In my top list are Lost, Brothers & Sisters and Gossip Girl.

Oh…I have to go now, before start my favorite show"Gossip Girl", I am going to take a bath!

By the way, I prefer real drama…you know what I mean. xoxo

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Sept 28, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

#74- Colorful life

Since my friend, Keasha sent me an email regarding a book "No Dream Beyond My Reach" (she is an editor), I became a friend with Dr. Sopheap Ly who is an author of this book. (If you want to know about this book, please read my blog on May 13, 2009.)

Today, I finally met her in person at her twin daughters’ one year birthday lunch party.

Wow…twin girls are soooooooo cute!!! They were wearing pink and green dresses and there were huge two pink Barbie dolls birthday cakes!!! And a lot of Indian food!!! (The party held at the Indian restaurant in O.C.)

What a nice to celebrate the first year of the cute twin girls life with wonderful their family and friends.

I met many nice people at this party and I felt like in the "Grey's Anatomy's world"…because there were many doctors and interesting episodes.

Sopheap is an amazing woman, as I wrote about her and her book on May 13, 2009 my blog, she and her family were caught up in the national nightmare that overtook Cambodia in the 1970s the takeover by the Communist Khmer Rouge. During the four years, it's estimated more than one and a half million Cambodians were killed included her father. Now Sopheap is an assistant professor of medicine UCSD Medical School/VA Healthcare System, San Diego.

Regarding the Killing Fields of Cambodia, her sister told me today, "I don’t want to talk about it, I am not ready…" But, Sopheap did it and she is helping American people today, so nice to see someone like her, a great mother and a success career woman who contribute to the world/society. Sopheap…she is a brave woman!

Another brave and beautiful woman at the party. Aretha is a former Miss Cameroon and a doctor in Washington D.C. She is in Sopheap’s book which I read it, so I felt like I already knew her. Wow…she is really beautiful inside and out. She gave me an advice for my health and exercise today. I told her that I want to write some books & scripts about the women who are an independent & enjoy colorful life and I would like to make many people happy with my work (books & scripts.) She is one of my ideal women for that. Wow…after she married and during pregnant, she studied to become a doctor. So nice story. She should write a book or make a movie like Sopheap.

Aretha told me, during the surgery, she always having fun with music and conversation for optimism surgery. Wow… sounds like real world of "Grey's Anatomy".

I sat at the table with Loan who came to this party by herself (her husband who is a doctor couldn’t make it because of his work.) Loan is also a career woman who is a realty broker. She is from Vietnam and we talked about many topics, especially Asian countries things…China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan…South and North…women and men…we had a great conversation at the table. We ate and talked a lot.

Sopheap’s husband (also a doctor) is so sweet. He was walking around the party room and filming us.

Oh…twin girls made my day. They are like Angel!

Oh…I met Angel…I mean, I met a Christian singer, Angel at the party. She is also Sopheap’s friend. Thank god…I asked her name three times!!! OMG…what wrong with me???

"What is your name? Angel, nice to meet you! Wow, you are a singer? I look forward to enjoying your song later!"…

"Ah...what is your name again? Sorry…Oh…Angel, right! How could I forget such a beautiful name! Stage name or your real name?"

And then…after her performance, I met her in the restroom and… "It was a nice song. Can I mention your name in my blog? Oh…your name is…right… Angel!"

OMG…I was not drinking, I just had two cokes (Of course…soda! ha ha ha!)…I am bad for remembering names…but today’s my memory was really bad…three times asking someone’s names!!! …that’s bad…sorry…Angel…

Anyway, her song was so sweet. When she emails me about her website, I will introduce her website on this blog. Her name is Angel, by the way!

There are many people who have colorful life. I wish I can write about that beautiful & colorful life and make many people happy from that.

Have a wonderful weekend to you.


P.S. Here is the Angel's website She sent me an email today(Sept 21,2009).

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 19,2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

#73- at the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out

Tonight, Thursday, the 10th, we (me and my friend, Erika) were at Fred Segal (Ron Harman and Ron Robinson) on Melrose for 5 hours!

We started early dinner at the Fred Segal Comfort Cafe, and then we attended the VOGUE fashion’s night out party.

The impact of the recession on everyone and everywhere in the world…but I saw the bright side at Fred Segal tonight.

VOGUE magazine supports retail shops and economy. VOGUE is partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to host Fashion's Night Out on Thursday. This event is a global event urging consumers to shop to save the economy and the fashion industry.


After our dinner, I worked. I mean, I met DMW public relations owner, Dana who is a pr for FREEDMAN ( the new brand which I wrote about this brand at Class Trade Show last week on Senken-newspaper) and I did interview with Randy and Matt who are co-owners for FREEDMAN. FREEDMAN has a special corner at the Fred Segal (in the Ron Robinson store.)

And I also interviewed Dave who is an artist for FREEDMAN (take a look at his artwork at I can’t write about them tonight on my blog, because I am going to write about them on Senken-newspaper, but I can I am happy to meet them! Especially Dave has many great episodes in Tokyo, Japan and it was enjoy hearing his episodes.

It’s funny that Dave loves Japan and I love U.S.A. more than Japan. I only go to Tokyo, Japan for a short vacation to visit my mother and brother once a year. For me, Los Angeles is my home, really. But it’s nice to hear from someone who is from here says “I love Japan, want to go back there again.” We met Dave’s mother, Kathy (who is an artist as well!) and her friends too.

We had fun conversation with Andrew (Erika’s brother/owner of Andrew Hanson’F) and another Andrew (our friend/ a reporter of California Apparel News.) It was fun night!


I saw many smile faces tonight.

Life is beautiful!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 11, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

#72- Vegas Vegas Vegas! and Angeles Angeles Angeles!

It was a nice business trip to Las Vegas last week. I saw my friends, PR people, fashion designers, owners of brand, buyers and I met new people as usual.

At many fashion trade shows, I saw many “sun” signs.

Sun was every where! Like brand’s logo, motif, idea…for example, T-shirts brand “in To Tees” which introduce unique solar tech T-shirts, the print comes out on T-shirts under the sun light. (Lucky me! I got a pink solar T-shirts from Mike who is a co-owner of in To Tees!)

And another T-shirts brand, “FORTUNATE SUN” ( has a “sun” brand’s name, logo and concept (The owner moved to Los Angeles from NY and he told me, he is enjoying sun in LA!)…When I walked around many booths (of brands), I saw many sun signs!!!

Oh…Kimberly and Erika (who are my friends) are sunshine! They gave me a great gift box (Under wears, pajama, T-shirts, scarf and bag by Urban Behavior) at Clothing for Modern Times Ltd booth(Urban Behavior and Costa Blanca ) at MAGIC (one of the fashion trade show in Las Vegas.) As you know, Urban Behavior/Costa Blanca are fast fashion brand/shop (They are famous in Canada and east coast), but they can’t compare to Forever 21 or any other fast fashion brands& shops, because they have great people and products! (Oh, they have a stylish loft office in LA as well.) Anyway, Kimberly and Erika were sunshine at the MAGIC!

At the PROJECT SHOW (one of the other fashion trade show in Las Vegas), Tom(who is an owner of Joyrich clothing brand/shop was sunshine! He really has a positive power and he enjoys LA and fashion. We (Senken-newspaper which is Japanese major fashion trade newspaper) had a great interview with Tom. He made our day!


When I came home (in LA) this weekend, I felt so much sun!

On this weekend, I saw bright sweater by A LOVE MOVEMENT at Maxfield at the Malibu Lumber Yard. I felt warm sun light and happy power from the A LOVE MOVEMENT sweater. Sooo cute sweater, but the price is $1380(the price is not cute…ha ha ha! ) I found out that this brand’s designer is a Japanese guy, so I hope I have a chance to write about him someday.

Also on this weekend, Tony (who made a big trend of True Religion and right now he is an owner of new denim brand, Work CUSTOM JEANS invited me to have a dinner with his people at AGO on Melrose this weekend. Tony has many funny episodes in Los Angeles, and I laughed a lot. He also has a sunlight power! Of course, the food was great and made me sooooooooo sunshine happy!!!

Like a Japanese flag “Rising sun”…I hope everyone could get a lucky power from sun and feel happy like rising sun!

Summer is over, but bright sun is still every where!!! Have a great week to all!

xoxo, Y

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 7, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

#71- Like attracts like

Today at the Class Trade Show (apparel trade show in Santa Monica, I had a great time. I felt like I was attending a party!

Jason who is an owner of this show was nice to me (he always gives me a great interview), Alex who is a PR of this show was nice to me as well (she also always gives me a lot of information and she gave me a lunch ticket today!) and Karen who is a vice president of Fred Segal (at Ron Robinson) gave me a lot of tips and information of this show today.

I met many great people and got great news at this show as well! (I can’t write people’s names and brands names in my blog today, because I am going to write about them in my article for Senken-newspaper which is major Japanese fashion trade newspaper.)

This show rocks!

The show has positive vibe, like Fred Segal. Products and people who exhibit or attend are fabulous! You know why, Jason picks great products and people for this show. Like attracts like, really!


For example, there was Sam who is an owner of ATRIUM (stylish NY boutique) and a founder of PROJECT (stylish apparel trade show in Las Vegas) at this show. Jason took me to the booth where Sam was making a deal, so I had a chance to talk to him.

Me: OMG…you are here???

Sam: Yeah, I am buying!

Me: You are going to have your own show in Vegas next week, but you are buying here???

Sam: This show is great! So relaxing and here is California… (I can’t write about his comments in my blog today, because his comments are my materials for my writing/work.)

Me: Wow…You are really nice!!! No compete to each other!

Sam: We help each other, right?

Then I saw Andrew who is a reporter for California Apparel News and my friend.

Me: Hey Andrew!!! He is my great friend. He always helps my writing!

Sam: See…you too. Help each other!

Yes, Sam, nice people always help each other!!!


Tonight, when I came home, I got two great messages and one package!!!

One message is from Matt who is a co-owner of FREEDMAN (I only write this brand’s name from Class Trade Show in my today’s blog, because I really want to share his nice attitude with my readers.)

He sent me a nice email after the show (please see below.)

”Hi Yoko, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you. I appreciate your interest in our line and our story. I have already thanked Karen for the introduction. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to call me. I hope to see you at our Sept. 10th Vogue Event at Ron Robinson at Fred Segal on Melrose. Have a great weekend. Talk with you soon. Regards, Matt.”

I could tell that Matt and his brother, Randy will make it well. FREEDMAN has great quality products and great attitude for their business.

At the Class Trade Show, I felt “like attracts like” a lot.


Oh…one other message and package was…from Kimberly, Erika and Andrew (who is a brother of Erika and owner/designer of Andrew Hanson’s F)

They sent me a custom hoody (pink body with white daisy patchworks which my taste!) with “We love you!” message.

I interviewed (for Senken-newspaper) Andrew at Kimberly’s office (you know, she is my great friend and an owner of PR company) in June. Erika is working with Kimberly, also she is my great friend and helped me for the interview with Andrew (Erika’s brother.) Erika is a great PR like Kimberly, so she talked about Andrew’s clothing line well at the interview with Andrew.

After the interview, Andrew promised me he will present me a custom made hoody.

Andrew: Yoko, what would you like?

Me: I love pink and daisy! Like my business card! (My business card has pink daisy flowers in my name logo.)

Oh…my pink hoody is soooooooo cute!!!

White daisies are on the front, back and hood!!! I am sure that many people will ask me “where did you get it?”

If you want to order a custom made hoody, denim and Tee, please visit at Andrew Hanson’s F website at .

Andrew rocks too!

He has a live show on web to show you how he makes custom clothing!

I really appreciate people who really respect and care for me. Especially, Kimberly is the best! When I had busy schedule for my translation book project for three weeks, she congrats me on this project, then she didn’t call me or write me, because she didn’t want to bother me. She knew I was soooo busy, so she was let me alone for three weeks, even though she really needed my translations of my articles for her clients, she didn’t bother me at all. She is the best PR and friend. Thank you Kimberly!


Next week, I am going to Las Vegas for fashion trade shows. I can’t wait to meet more nice people!

P.S. I have no energy to write an article for my work right now, but I wanted to share my today’s nice feeling, that’s why I wrote my blog today. I hope you had a great day today and have a wonderful weekend!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#70- Good deal???

Am I a good negotiator?!...I wrote this question in my blog on Jan 31, 2009.

Every year, I negotiate my apartment rent (see my Jan 31, 2009 blog) and I did it this year rent in March. At this economic downtime…my apartment company/apartment manager was planning to raise my rent for 6% (increase $77), but I negotiated my rent with my apartment manager and she gave me 1.5 %( $20) discount which means my rent increased 4.5% (increased $57) from March.

It was happy result at the time, but I found out that my next door girl’s rent was stay the same for another year until 2010 (but she has been lived here longer than me and her rent is more than mine.)

Anyway, I told my apartment manager “I found out that some people’s rent stay the same. Why did you increase my rent this year? It’s unfair! I told you that my friend who lives in Torrance, her rent decreased because of this economy downtime.You shouldn’t increase my rent.”

At the time, the manager told me “Our apartment has many staff and we are working for you everyday, so you can’t compare to any other apartments, and I discounted your rent every year and you have a great deal compare to the other residents, you know that.”

Yes, I know, I have a great deal at this place. I have a nice view (pool, trees, flowers and hills side green view), clean rooms, fitness center…but I feel like I deserve better!

Ha! My wish came true!

The manager sent me a letter the other day…”At***, we recognize that today’s economic climate impacts everyone. None of us really know what to expect over the next several months. While there are signs that the economy may be recovering, we know that there is still some uncertainly out there. We recognize that your rent check is often the large single expense, so we would like to offer you the opportunity for some peace of mind by providing budget certainty on your rent with an early lease extension opportunity. If you extend your lease within 30 days as offered below, you will not incur an increase of any kind in your monthly rent for the term indicated. Your rent will stay the same, and we will have the benefit of knowing you’ll stay with us for a longer period of time.” And this letter continues 9 more lines.

Of course, today, I tried to negotiate my rent with my apartment manager and the assistant manager to decrease my rent, but she and he told me “Yoko, you don’t need to negotiate with us until February 2011.”

I asked the assistant manager: I know you guys have a new price for new residents. How much is the most reasonable rent for new residents?

The assistant manager: Every room is deferent.

Me: I know, but just give me some average numbers.

The assistant manager: (He showed me the paper) You see here for example, we offer to new people decrease rent from $*** to $*** , but still $5 more than yours, which means you still have a great deal.

Me: Ok…I trust you guys…! I feel better now. Thank you very much for your service. I don’t have to think about the negotiation until February 2011.

The manager: Yoko, we don’t give this offer to everyone.

Really??? The letter says…”we recognize that today’s economic climate impacts everyone.”

But…I think this offer is good for me. I don’t think my apartment company (one of the major company in the states) will decrease our rent next year.

Me: I know, you guys always nice to me! I am so happy to live here. I feel safe and always clean everywhere. Nice trees and flowers. I am very happy to be here! You guys give me a great service. I really appreciate it.

But…I still wonder do I really have a great deal???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

#69- I got a nice message!

Today, I finally had a relax time at home all day.

After lunch, I read a book with Mozart CD in my living room. Watching some kids playing in the swimming pool, watching squirrels on the tree from my room (in front of my room, I have a nice view with tree, palm trees, flowers and swimming pool)…so peaceful.

I really feel so happy to live in the states, I mean, living in Los Angels. I really feel that LA has a positive power to live. Thank you LA!

By the way, after dinner I was internet surfing and I found a nice message on my MySpace page. Stranger (his name is Bruce) wrote me a nice message on July 30. Please see below.

hi yoko, i just read some of your blogs and i think your writings are honest and warm. i see you would like to meet people for coffee, i just came home from having coffee but i live in new york and you're in la. well, at least i can still read your blog while i have coffee here.
have a great rest of your summer,

It’s nice to receive a sweet message from the stranger. Thank you Bruce!

Have a nice rest of your summer to you all!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 20, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

#68- Dear Tina!

I just finished my translation book project for 22 days!

It took three weeks to finish it and I had a great time with this project for three weeks. I feel like I want to read/translate more of her wisdoms and life.

Tina is an author of this book project ( I can’t mention her full name and details of this book in this blog at this moment. When we finish our project completely, then I will introduce her and her book in this blog.)

Dear Tina, you are an amazing person to share your thought in your book. I am sure that your book will make many people happy and give your love to many people.

When I had lunch with Tina, Wendy (Tina’s friend who introduced Keasha to this project) and Keasha (my friend who introduced me to this project) the other day. It was first time to met Tina, but I already felt that we are great friends! (we had been emailing and talking on the phone many times before we met that day)

I am really appreciated Wendy (who introduced Keasha to this project) and Keasha (who introduced me to this project)!

Every morning, when I woke up, I really felt that I was so happy and excited for work on this lovely book!

Even though, I missed so many parties and events which I was invited, but sorry for folks…I feel like I don’t miss anything, because of this lovely book.

But…I just wanted to say thank you for invited me and I am so sorry that I missed you guys! to "Caprice Gray & Allison Burn/the Grand Store opening party", "pre-event for Rock fashion week party "(owner of this fashion week, Nicole, thank you for your invitation!)," event at Kinara Spa", "Loree Rodkin opening party", "Lawrence Asher Gallery opening party","Book publishing party for Ms.Yukari Aoi", "SKINGRAFT boutique Summer Designer Showcase"and "CMT/Urban Behavior opening party", more and more…Especially, my great friend, Kimberly…I am so sorry that I couldn’t go to her many parties and events.

Dear Tina! anyway, I am sooooooo happy because of you and your book! Tina, I am soooooooo happy to know you and I am soooooooo happy to be a translator for your lovely book!

Tina’s book made my days!!!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

#67- Meet, talk, write and read…I love my job!

I was at LA fashion market in downtown LA today. It was fun. I had breakfast (I ate breakfast at home, but when I saw muffin and coffee there, then I had to eat it again!) and lunch (Oh…I love TACOMOLE at California Market Center Today, I promised to the one of the staff at TACOMOLE “you are a writer, then write about us!” so… I am writing about TACOMOLE now. They have great Mexican food! I love fish taco of TACOMOLE. They have been there 25 years! Wow!) by myself and met couple of nice designers and owners of fashion brands.

My job is like…meeting people, talking to people and writing articles, I don’t feel like I am working.

Like today…more like…window shopping and talking to people and taking a note for my next shopping! ha!

Since two weeks ago, I am working on the translation book project, so now my job is like…read a book and take notes!

OMG…Such a precious work! I am so happy that I could read a lovely book every day and write (translate them to Japanese.)

This project is also, I don’t feel like I am working. I feel like, I am enjoying reading a book with dictionary and googleing.

By the way, there was the sign for “complimentary hair cut for buyers and press” at the California Market Center today…so during my lunch break, I went to the place for free hair cut, but nobody there…

Since I saw the sign ”complimentary hair cut”…I really feel like I need a hair cut today!…so…after my work, I went to “emergency hair cut place(very reasonable price and there is a good hair stylist)”, I begged my hair stylist, “I have no time for hair cut or anything at this time, because lately I am working 12 hours a day everyday…but I have half hour for hair cut right now…please help me!!!” then, she helped me…even though she had a customer who is doing coloring/this customer was fine with me.)

Anyway…I talk too much/write too much…I just had 10 minutes break right now! ha ha ha! I have more work to do tonight…! I mean…I have more “joy things” to do tonight!

Write 7 thank you notes for people who I interviewed for my articles. And one thank you card for my editor in Japan. OMG…the editor of my book translation project, she sent me a lot of Japanese food the other day. She is sooooo sweet!

It is such a nice feeling that I have been meeting many nice people and enjoying with them. See…I am not working, I am playing all the time!

Anyway, I am enjoying every moment of my life!

I hope you are the same.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

#66- Lost in translation…

Since last week, I am working on the translation project for a lovely book.

And…lost in translation…not me…I mean my dictionary (published in Japan) lost in translation...

Too much Japanese!!! I mean there are many Japanese interpretations in the dictionary (English to Japanese or Japanese to English)

I am soooooo shock that “Compliment” = “Flatter” or “Kiss ass” in my dictionary (English to Japanese)

OMG…Japanese people don’t know how to compliment to each other ???

My mother always tells me “You have a talent!”, “You are beautiful!”,”You are smart!”, “You are funny!” more and more, nice compliments.

And I always want to express my feeling what I see or feeling for things or people with real thought which means I do compliment to people a lot ,but I don’t do “Kiss ass”.

Sometimes I see some errors in the dictionary and make me sooooo angry that they give us a wrong translation and it might give us a trouble with things or people in the world/international world.

Ok…I feel like I am complaining about something like Japanese people who always hard on themselves or humble themselves… Please don’t get me wrong, there are many nice Japanese people who do compliment to each other!

Ok…I am going back to my work…!

By the way, my project / this book make me so happy and I would like to introduce to you this book when we finish our work!

Oh…for me…never lost in translation in U.S.A. because I love U.S.A. and I know how wonderful they are!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 1, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

#65- Happy 70th Birthday Carol!!!

Today, my best friend, Suzie’s mom, Carol’s 70th birthday!

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

Suzie, Carol and her all family members in ***** today.

I wish I could be there…I wish fly to *****! (Since Thursday, I am working 12 hours a day…for my translation book project and I will busy until mid August…so I can’t go parties or go out for fun.)

Anyway, I wrote a birthday letter to Carol and Suzie will give it to her today.

My letter to Carol…I would like to share it with you all and celebrate her birthday!


July 27, 2009

Dear Carol,

Happy Birthday Carol !!!

You are my first hero in U.S.A. You are the first American woman who I met as a great career woman!!!

I was very impressed about you as a beautiful, smart and funny career woman, mother and wife!

Suzie always talks about your great stories and funny stories. *** is a lucky man to have you as a best wife in the world. *** is a lucky man to have you as a smart mother. *** is a lucky man to have you as a sweet mother. *** is a lucky man to have you as a funny mother. Suzie is a lucky woman to have you as a wonderful mother for her role model.

And…I am happy to know you as an American mother.

You taught me how to enjoy life as an independent woman. Thank you very much. I miss you… I wish I could see you today on your birthday. I remember that you always look perfect and love to read.

One day…I am going to write a book in English and say thank you for being my ideal woman in U.S.A. in my book, so you better to live long long long time for us and please wait for my first book in English comes out in U.S.A.!



Anyway, have a great one to you all !


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 27, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

#64- Count, count…count!

How many times do you count the number a day?

Every morning, I count pounds, I mean my weight. From 85 lbs…how many pounds did I gain…still 20 pounds…(I am keeping my beauty check diary everyday)

After my brunch…how many calories did I eat? OMG…café au lait is 250 calories (my café au lait is soooo good!)…so my brunch total,760 calories…(I am keeping my food diary everyday)

Then in my car, how many miles I drove since last week… (I am keeping my account book everyday)

At the bank, when I deposited my check (my translation project check), I counted… how much I have money in my checking account?… (I am keeping my account book everyday)

And at the post office, how many I sent packages to people who I interviewed for Senken-newspaper? Ok…ten today…(I am keeping my account book everyday)

At the Vons, I was counting so many numbers…how many days I eat this? How much I save with this? How many days I can keep this in my refrigerator?...

Today my question at the register is…”could you tell me how to read these nutrition facts?”

It’s the TRAIL MIX, the nutrition facts says…Serving Size 3 Tbsp. (31g) Servings Per Container about 5. Calories 160 Calories from fat 100.

Me: Only 15 table spoons of trail mix in this package??? This package looks like has more than 15 table spoons of trail mix. And only 3 table spoons are 160 calories??? I don’t get it… What do you think???

Woman at the counter: I…I don’t know…

The other register man (next to us): Let me see…Oh…you are right. 3 table spoons are 160 calories and this package has 15 table spoons of trail mix.

Me: Really??? Wow…this package looks like…has more than 15 table spoons of trail mix…

Woman at the counter: Wow…160 calories for 3 table spoons…so high calories…

Me: I think so…I started counting calories really serious again…so I don’t want to make any mistake for counting my calories, you know.

After dinner (I made a vegetable soup with turkey meatballs), I counted my snack (gum and trail mix) and dinner calories, 703 calories.

So…total calories, 1423 calories of the day. Sounds good! I am going to lose 20 pounds within three months! (Yes, I can! Because I gained 20 pounds within two weeks, I was in Japan!)

Oh…should I count my calories for counting calories??? In my brain…there are so many numbers… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…I am sure that I use some calories for this!

Wish me luck for counting numbers and losing weight.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 18, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

#63- Happy Monday!

When I am not in the mood to write (work), I always do what I want.

Like this morning, I still wanted to relax and read so, I did it.

After my breakfast, with my second coffee I listened to Mozart CD and read a book.

Now after my lunch, with nice aromatherapy (hot water in the tea cup with perfume oil” ZuzuzPetalz” which is a secret fragrance/scent for celebrities, see my blog on May 20, 2009) and background music (Mozart)…feel like to work!

This week, I am expecting a big book translation project, so I want to write a lot of articles for Senken-newspaper before start a big project.

Anyway, happy Monday and have a great week to all !!!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 13, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

#62- What a night…

After my dinner, I was in the kitchen for four hours until now…midnight!

OMG…sewage came up to my kitchen sink from the guy upstairs!!!

I called emergency maintenance number at my apartment office.

Me: Emergency!!! Dirty water came up to my kitchen sink and I can’t wash away!!! Something stuck in the drain!!! The soiled water gathered in my kitchen sink!!! Please hurry!!! Hurry!!! Come to my place now!!!

The maintenance guy…half hour later, came to my place.

OMG...what a night mare…! He had many dirty tools… I knew it…OMG…

Me: What are you doing? Don’t scratch my door with it! Please don’t scratch my refrigerator with it! Oh…please be careful!!!

I was telling the maintenance guy to make sure that he is not going to make mess or damage on my floor, front door and refrigerator etc…

Poor guy…I felt so sorry for him, but I couldn’t help it…I don’t like people come to my place with dirty stuff…ha ha ha!

Before the maintenance guy arrived at my place, I put the vinyl sheet on the floor and I clear the space under the kitchen sink (for him to fix easy and I don’t like someone touch my stuff) and I had shoes cover for him (my floor is so clean and no shoes!), but I was not ready to let him to bring the dirty tools/stuff (large vacuum cleaner, tools etc)…never ready…I don’t like it…(cry…!)

But…poor guy…

Me: I am sorry…I shouldn’t shout at you…you know me…I am a clean freak…You know I don’t like this thing…

The maintenance guy: I know. Your room is so clean. I will be careful…

He is nice…but…I was in hell.

Me: Oh…no…don’t do that!!! (He was trying to remove the paper sheet which I put it on under the sink, because this will be easy to clean later) I am sorry…You know me…

The maintenance guy: I know. Don’t worry.

And more dirty water came up to my sink again!!! OMG…!

Me: Oh no!!! Upstairs!!! He is washing dishes!

I went to upstairs and asked the guy upstairs, “Please don’t use your kitchen sink until our drain is fix.”

Upstairs guy: Poor thing…your sink got a problem again?

Me: Dirty water came from you again!!! What did you cook tonight and what did you put the disposer?

Upstairs guy: Oh, spinach and broccoli and steak.

Me: Oh that’s sounds good (me…smile). Ah, please don’t put the broccoli in the disposer! Your greasy water and vegetables came up to my sink, so please be careful to use the disposer.

The maintenance guy is sweet, he brought me couple of shoes covers and kitchen cleaner.

Me: You are the best!!! Are you getting over night salaries right? I want to make sure, you are ok. I am going to call and write an email to our manager about you, you are a hard worker. Thank you so much!!!

And another two hours…I was cleaning sink, under the sink and floor. Thank god…Suzie called me to comfort me (she is so sweet!), so I was enjoying conversation with her on the phone and I was enjoying for cleaning.

After two hours, Yes! I got my kitchen sink back…

What a night…

Now…I am going to clean myself (take a bath and shower)…for another one hour…

What a night…

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

#61- My 4th of July was…

At my best friend, Suzie’s home, I had a great 4th of July!

Suzie is my hero of 4th of July. Thank god…she has busy work schedule (many projects for TV programs), mom’s job for her two kids and wife’s job for her husband (who is my old friend/see my blog on Nov 30th, 2008), but she made a great 4th of July’s atmosphere!

She is a super woman!!! She is a super career woman, super mom and super wife! Oh…super chef for me.

OMG…she is really good cook. Yesterday’s my favorite menu from her cooking was…her special cheese burger, sausage sandwich, spinach and artichoke dip for chips, strawberries and cream cake and special 4th of July lemon tart(she made a American flag with blueberries and strawberries! She is sooooo creative!!!)

Oh…corn was sooo good too. When I was watching her cooking, wow…she put milk in the hot water/ boiling corn. Milk??? She told me that this milk thing is her dad’s recipe and she adds soy sauce and sugar into it. OMG…it was soooo gooood!!!

We sing song…Happy Birthday song…”Happy Birthday to U.S.A., Happy Birthday to U.S.A.!...” it was fun!!! I am on green card, but I really feel like U.S.A. is my country!!!

Thank you U.S.A. for having me here!!!

Fireworks were great like food! We saw big show from our balcony! It was like, we had a VIP box for fireworks show!!!

Her kids are soooo cute!!! “Wow, look at that! Oh…flower! Oh…beautiful! ” They had a cute comment on each firework.

It was a best 4th of July with best American happy family.

I hope you had a great 4th of July too.

P.S. I am still eating 4th of July’s food from Suzie…today is my second 4th of July celebration day by myself at my home!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 5, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

#60- My funny face…

My green card (lawful permanent resident card in U.S.A.) will expire within the next six months and today, I went to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Application Support Center for “Biometrics” /processing my renewal card.

It was comedy show for me again… I mean…again…a bad photo of me!!!

Today, I thought this office will only take my fingerprints…but it wasn’t…Oh my god…I was so foolish…”Biometrics” means not only fingerprints…my face print as well…I mean my photo of face as well…

This morning, I took time to prepare to go to this office. I didn’t want to be late my appointment, so I was there one hour earlier than my appointment time and I was relax to wait for my fingerprints taken.


Me: Wow…Pink eye color??? Are there any pink eye color people in this world??? (I asked man at the office)

In the paper of applicant information worksheet (I had to fill out) at the office, I saw eye color section…Blue,Brown,Green,Gray,Hazel,Maroon,Pink and Unknown…

Pink??? Pink eye color???

Man at the office: I know…strange hun!

Me: How come there is no black eye color in this section???

Man at the office: FBI says there is no black eye color in this world. Yours is light brown hun!

Me: I thought many Japanese or Asian has black eye color…

Man at the office: There is no black eye color.

I know pink hair color person…but I never seen pink eye color person in my life.


There were not many people at the office today. Lucky me! I didn’t need to wait for my “Biometrics” taken.

But…oh no!!! I found out that they will take my face front photo!!! No way!!!

I had a light make up, but it wasn’t my hair & face day today…no way!!!


Me: Oh no…Are you going to take my face front photo??? I thought this office will only take my fingerprints…oh no…

Woman at the office: You look nice! You will be fine.

When woman was taking my fingerprints, we had a small talk.

She is from Iran and working at this office since ten years ago. I told her that I spent $10000 for this card for lawyer, but I won the green card lottery after I spent money on lawyer. I got this card quickly because of the green card lottery(lottery is free for green card) …but I spent $10000 on this. She surprised about it. I wonder…the other countries people spent money this much on this card or not???


When I have to take my face front photo…

Me: No…today is not my day… ten years ago…same thing happen to me, you know. I paid money to take photos at photo studio and I sent them to the office, but they didn’t use them for my card…at the LAX, I had to take a photo of me when I came back from Tokyo, Japan. I was so tired and my face look terrible at the time, you know after 9 hours on the airplane. But, the photo was side face of me, so it looks ok…but I was so mad at the time, no body told me, I had to take a photo at the airport for my green card…I felt like a criminal person at the airport.

Woman at the office: You don’t need to look at the mirror…come this way…pull off your bangs!

Shoot…only my bangs look good for my photo…I had a ponytail…so I need to have bangs to make cute face…

Me: Can I see it???

Woman at the office: You want to see it? Here you go…

Me: Oh…no…you know what…I don’t like this photo (it was like a photo of Nicole Richie’s photo at LAPD)…no way…can I take one more? Please???

Woman at the office: Nobody sees your green card. Driver license, of course many people see it, but green card…nobody.

Me: You are right…within ten years, I showed it to my family and couple of my friends…but…I see it many times…I need to have a great photo of myself on a new card…

Woman at the office: Ok…one more…I can take a photo of you.

Me: Thank you!!!

Woman at the office: Do you like it???

Me: Better than the other one…Thank you so much!!! Have a great day!!!


Oh…I forgot to ask one more thing…I asked the other man at the office.

Me: How come they changed from side face photo to front face photo on green card???

The other man in the office: I don’t know. Doesn’t matter…who cares?

Oh…ok…I care! What if I knew they will take a front face photo of me for my renewal green card…I could go to hair salon!!!

Next time…ten years later, 2020, I will go to hair salon before go to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Application Support Center for “Biometrics”.


What a day…but, but…I had fun with myself! I can’t wait to receive a renewal green card and see my funny face on the card…ha ha ha!

Tonight, my mother (who lives in Tokyo, Japan) told me on the phone, “This kind of photo, most of the people look like a criminal person…don’t worry I am sure your photo is fine. I like your ponytail, you look cute! Better without bangs, your full face is nice!”

Suzie told me on the phone, “I am sure your photo is fine. You are so picky!”

Ok…now I feel better…next my project is…renewal my passport until this fall…I will go to hair salon before go to take a photo for passport for sure!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#59- Dreams come true!!!

Last night, Dr.Sopheap(pronounced so-peep) Ly emailed me, “did you get my book?”

Oh…I forgot to check my mails today… and I went to check my mails down stairs mail box at my apartment building around 11:00pm last night…

Yes! I got her book from her!!!

The book, “No Dream Beyond My Reach” (I wrote about her book on May 13th, 2009 in my blog), looks great!

Sopheap wrote me a nice note inside the book. “Thanks for being my friend****************** Love, Sopheap,MD”.

So…I started reading her book this morning and I just finished it.

Wow…Sopheap is an amazing woman!!! She is a survivor of the Cambodian Killing Fields and lost her father and uncle at the time, but she came to U.S.A. and became an American MD!

I enjoyed her book very much.

It was funny that she met her best friend, Aretha in the bathroom…. So funny! I always meet my great friends in the bathroom too…I met my best friend,Suzie in the bathroom of the dormitory. Sopheap sounds so sweet and super woman.

“Your dream is never beyond your reach”…her father’s words…great story that her dream came true like her father told her.

From Cambodia refugee to American MD. Sopheap’s journey is really amazing!!!

My Friend, Keasha edited this book and I heard that Sopheap will be on the radio show from Keasha…and I was impressed Sopheap’s radio interview and about her I wrote about her and her book in my blog&Twitter last month…and Sopheap saw my blog and she wrote me a nice email. Since then, we talked on the computer (emails to each other) and became new friends!

Anyway, I really want to share her story/her book with you all, my friends and readers.

My some dreams came true and I have more dreams for my future! How about you?

Please see below more information about this book “No Dream Beyond My Reach”.

I hope you will inspired by “No Dream Beyond My Reach” by Dr. Sopheap Ly.


No Dream Beyond My Reach: One woman’s remarkable journey from Cambodian refugee to American MD

Sopheap Ly, MD
Author House (
Paperback (5x8) $ 15.99

No Dream Beyond My Reach is an exciting and heartfelt drama that captures with eloquence and imagination the gut-wrenching true story of Dr. Sopheap Ly, a survivor of the Cambodian Killing Fields. For more than ten years, Sopheap experienced hell on earth as a child slave under the Khmer Rouge regime and later as a refugee. Yet despite impossible odds and extraordinary challenges, she persevered with sheer determination to achieve a dream her father planted deep in her heart as a young child. Her story is the American Dream in its rawest form, sung with hope and inspiration.


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 30, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

#58- The best thank you note from my best friend!

Today, I helped my friend, Suzie’s project for some Japanese info research and she wrote me a cute thank you note/email and I want to share it with you all.

We talked a lot on the phone and emails today,but she still wrote a nice thank you email to me.


Queen Yoko,

I am BOWING to you ... with a Thank YOU BOW!!!!

Thank you so much for helping me out today! It was so sweet of you to ask your friends! You are AMAZING!!!! Really ... you ROCK!

You are such a great friend and I really thank you for all of your support today!

As for ******..... You were right .... AMAZING I think that I am going to become a ****** Junkie!

Thank you so much for showing me how to ******. I can't wait to see all of the ******.

From My Heart ... A Warm Thank you ... With a Heart-felt Bow!!!!!






Warmest Thanks & Love,



Thank you Suzie for a wonderful thank you note! Anyway, you don't need my help…you are a great journalist.

I am very happy to have you as my best friend!!!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

#57- Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett…

Since yesterday, I am watching many TV news programs…and I found out that I was underestimate FOX11 Good Day LA and TMZ…

I am always watching ABC7 or NBC4 for news program, but regarding Michael Jackson’s news was more detail information on FOX11 and TMZ in this morning.

Last night, I watched 20/20 on ABC7, it was a great show. 20/20 showed more good side of Michael and Farrah.

It was very nice to find out the story of them.

Michael was a real entertainer and Farrah was a great role model as a great actress and a beautiful smart independent woman.

I believe that Michael was enjoying life with a lot of children/ made a great energy from it and made a wonderful music and dance for people/ make many people happy in the world.

He was the truly entertainer and human being.

At this time, I am sure that many people feel the same way as me…I hope this feeling will bring more peace in the world…especially in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea.

Right now, I am listening Michael Jackson’s songs in Pandora radio on computer. I am sure that I could work well (write a great article for my work) today because of his music.

May Michael’s soul and Farrah’s soul rest in peace...

P.S. On the 20/20…I loved the word,“Power Girlfriends” in Farrah’s friend’s word. I hope many love power will work for all in the world.


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 26, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

#56- Toast for life

As I wrote in my blog on yesterday, I went to my friend, Keasha’s son’s birthday party.

And this morning, she sent to me a nice email.

Hi Yoko,

Thanks so much for coming to Johnathan's birthday celebration! It was wonderful to have you with us on such a special day!

After everyone was gone, except the grandparents, Rev. June proposed that we do a "toast" with sparkling apple cider. We went around the room doing toasts to Johnathan for his birthday. At first, Johnathan was shy about saying his own toast. But at the end he said he wanted to do a toast. So he raised his cup and said, "I love you." It was soooo cute!

Take care,


Life is so short, but we have forever memories for everyone.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

P.S. I miss my late father, Toshihiko Fujimoto…he is my love forever…

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

#55- At the birthday party for 4-year old boy

Today, I went to the birthday party for my friends(Keasha & John)’s son, Johnathan.

His birthday is tomorrow (on the 21st), but they are going to Disneyland tomorrow, so they had a party today.

Oh…Johnathan is sooo adorable!

John (his dad): Johnathan, what is the best part of your birthday?

Johnathan: My name is on my cake! Daddy, come here…I love you. Mommy, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Me(Yoko): Johnathan, how old are you?

Johnathan: 3!

Me: 4 right?

Johnathan: Tomorrow, I am going to be 4!

Oh…sooo cute!

Do you remember? Keasha, John and Johnathan were on my blog on Jan 25th,2009. They went to Washington DC for the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Johnathan told Keasha at the time, "Mommy, I want to be Barack Obama."

This boy has a bright future for sure!


Last March, we (me and Tokyo Broadcasting System Television/TBS TV staff) visited Keasha and John for the interview on TV regarding Obama vs. Clinton story. They were on the Obama side.

During the shooting, John was washing dishes in the kitchen with Keasha. It was so nice to see husband and wife work together!!!

And today, again, John was washing dishes in the kitchen. I want to show this sight to my all friends in Japan! (You know what I mean…Japan is a men’s world country…most of the men don’t work in the house.)

One of the woman at the party said, “my husband is like John. He does everything for me”…American women are so lucky to have nice men!

By the way,where is my man???


Last May, I was a bridesmaid for Keasha and I had such a great time for their three days wedding event.

One night before their wedding…my car had a trouble/battery problem (but I managed it well with AAA)…and…I can’t believe that John cared my car problem on their wedding day.

When I saw him on the wedding day, he asked me “Yoko, how is your car?”.

OMG…he is such a sweet and kind man…Keasha is a lucky girl to have him as a husband/best friend.


Make sense…Johnathan is sooo cute and he is a happy boy!

He has many love from his mom & dad, grandparents and many family and friends.

Happy 4th Birthday Johnathan!!!

I am sure that Johnathan is happy that his name on the website too!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 20, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#54- Sun is important!

Since last week, there was LA fashion market and I had many interviews with many fashion designers, owners of the boutiques etc and had a meeting with photographer about our some magazines projects…

I am enjoying every moment. Don’t feel like I am working!

By the way, today, Mr.Lorenzo Hadar (owner of H.Lorenzo) told me in the interview, "I choose Los Angels, because sun is important and gives us energy. "

I agree with him. LA has some special power for people. I think sun is the part of the power.

Anyway, I will enjoy the view of pool with sun from my home office window…and I am going to write more articles tomorrow.

If you are in LA, enjoy the sun tomorrow!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 16, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

#53- 20 something power!

I just finished my writing an article for Senken-newspaper (a Japanese top fashion trade newspaper. Similar to WWD, DNR and California Apparel News) regarding my yesterday’s interview with a fashion artist in Los Angeles.

This info is secret at this time (because it is not on the newspaper yet), so I can’t write about this brand (a fashion artist in Los Angeles) in my blog today…but I can write about Erika who is a sister of this brand’s owner/ a fashion artist.

Yesterday, I went to see them (Erika and her brother/ a fashion artist) at Pure Consulting ( Erika is working with Kimberly, so I had a great time with Kimberly, Erika and Erika’s brother.

Oh…today’s my topic is…young power is sooo cool!!! Erika’s brother’s work is amazing and Erika’s knowledge is also amazing! I call this amazing thing is…20 something power!

Erika is the one she told me about the Twitter (these days many business/fashion people use it as a PR & Marketing Tool) and I wrote an article about the topic of social networking in business for Senken-newspaper the other day and this article came out on June 8th. I am sure that my article will help Japanese people a lot. I said in my article, “Like a fast fashion…this fast communication is something!”

Thanks to Erika!

Anyway, Erika is cool and smart. She always teaches me many cool things.

Yesterday, she taught me more… tweetdeck ( , hootsuite (, tinyurl ( , twitterfeed ( and …RT - Re-Tweet…#FF - Follow Friday…

And…free online radio, pandra (

Today, when I was writing an article about Erika’s brother and his brand, at the same time I was listening pandra radio. It was sooo nice!!! I love it!!! My article came out very nice, because I was in a great mood with non CM music program by pandra.

Did you know about tweetdeck, hootsuite, tinyurl, twitterfeed, RT - Re-Twee, #FF - Follow Friday, and pandra…all that???

If you did, you also have a 20 something power in you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 11, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

#52- National Best Friend Day!

Today,it was a National Best Friend Day!

I didn't know about it,but I ran into a nice video on YouTube (Christian the lion Reunion, full length movie, London Lion reunited in Africa this afternoon.

This video moved to me, so I just sent this nice friendship video to my best friend, Suzie this afternoon.

And she wrote me back tonight and it was a very nice email.



Today is National Best Friend Day. Thank you for the video it was really cute/fun! You really are my Best Friend!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help teach me Japanese! You really are such a Great Friend and really extend yourself and care about others! Internet Hug from me and Wishing you a Happy National Best Friend Day!

You are really THE BEST!!!!!!!



Suzie made my day. I always care for her, because she always sweet/care/kind/smart for me.

We are frined since 1986.

Best friends are forever! Life is beautiful.

I hope everyone got a great day today. Happy National Best Friend Day for you all!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 8, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

#51- Lucky power!!!

I got a scoop today! Lucky me!

And more lucky thing happened to me…I met an “it girl”!

My friend, Ms.Kimberly Goodnight (she owned a PR company, Pure Consulting introduced me to her friend, Ms.Kendra Gratteri (I can’t write about her & her business in today’s my blog, because I am going to write an article about them for Senken-newspaper) today.

Kimberly picked me up at my place and we went to Kendra’s office this morning. I met Kendra, her boss (vice president of ******) and more people there.

Wow…I got a great story!!! Positive power makes positive business!

After our interview, we(Kendra, Kimberly and me) went out for lunch at Urth Caffe.

I am always right for first impression of people…I really liked Kimberly when I met her at first time long time ago and I felt same way to Kendra today. She is beautiful, fashionable and has a great energy and lucky power like Kimberly!

It was right my instinct that Kendra has a lucky power. When we arrived at Urth Caffe in art district, Downtown LA, she found parking spot right away and she got our table within 30 seconds. It was amazing! You know Urth Caffe, always so many people and so hard to find the parking spot and a table!

I also have luck for parking spot, but Kendra’s lucky power is more than that! There were many people on the line at Urth Caffe, but waiter found our table right away and Kendra ordered food without waiting line…OMG…thanks to Kendra.

Kendra and Kimberly are “It girl”.

Oh…it was rainy in Los Angeles this morning, but when Kimberly came to my place was no rain and was rain again when I was in her car…and when we arrived at the office where Kendra works, it wasn’t rain anymore…yes…I am a ”Hare-onna(in Japanese)", the meaning of English…woman who seem to bring good weather, lucky for weather.

It was lucky us for the weather too.

OK…now…I have to stop writing/talking about today and I have to write an article about today’s scoop.

Oh…by the way, If you have a scoop for me, please let me know...then I will bring luck to you too!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

#50- Lunch at pink taco!

Today, I had a great lunch at pink taco/ Mexican restaurant with Andrea (a director of sales of pink taco.)

In March, I made a Farwell party arrangement ( for Mr.Tetsu Fujiwara of TBS TV ,Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Los Angeles Bureau Chief) at pink taco. (see my blog on March 24th.)

We had a great time at pink taco that day. pink taco has great food, fun atmosphere and good party price/party package/party space.

Today, Andrea and I had a great lunch and conversation about our life story and business etc.

She treated me a lunch and we had a delicious lunch. Our lunch was… Appetizers: Ahi Tuna Tostaditas and Hornitos Tequila Lime Shrimp, Entrees: Paella, Summer Salad and Ice tea.

Everything was sooooo good!!!

Andrea and I had a business conversation in March over the phone calls and emails, but we never met until today.

It was very nice to meet her. I really felt that we knew each other long time. Andrea is very smart and sweet. And she is very beautiful on the inside and outside.

If you need special lunch/dinner party or event or fashion show, contact her at pink taco !

Oh…by the way, one of the famous Japanese Feng Shui master says…Color of pink is lucky color for everyone this year. “pink taco” is the best place for happiness for sure!

P.S. My favorite color is always pink! I feel lucky this year, especially!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 3, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

#49- Omamori

Omamori are Japanese lucky charms.

I have three Omamori from Japan this year, one of them from Futamiokitama-Jinja (a shrine located in Futami,Watarai-gun, Mie, Japan) and two of them from Ise-Jingu (a shinto shrine dedicated to goddess Amaterasu Ōmikami, located in the city of Ise in Mie, Japan.)

Omamori are Japanese amulets dedicated to particular Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures. The word mamori means protection, with omamori meaning honorable protector.

Most of Japanese have Omamori. Even though people who don’t have a religion (like me) have Omamori.

Anyway, I got a fourth Omamori last month from Ms.Megumi Eda who is a jewelry designer.

I met Megumi at her office in Santa Monica and I interviewed her for Senken-newspaper. The article came out on June 1 in Japan.

The Omamori which she gave it to me was a “Woman Beauty” protection Omamori necklace! So beautiful and feel beautiful!!!

Megumi has Omamori necklaces and bracelets for “Good Luck for Man”, “Good Luck for Woman”, “Good Health”, “Prosperity” etc…you can take a look at Megumi Jewelry website (

Megumi and I had a great day. We met first time but, we talked from 1:45pm until 6:30pm and we went out for dinner until 9:30pm. 8 hours we were together and we had a great conversation.

I really feel that my new Omamori from her will bring more happiness and beauty!

At this time/ recession, I guess many people need some of luck right? Why don’t you try our Japanese luck, Omamori!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 1, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

#48- Thank you note

I got a nice email last night from Dr. Sopheap Ly who survived Cambodia's Killing Fields.

(If you want to know about her and her new book “No Dream Beyond My Reach”, please read my blog on May 13,2009.)

She said to me in the email “so nice of you that you wrote about me”… and “i came america in 1987, 2 yr before you but we are proud as asian professionals that thrive with american dream.”

So nice to receive this kind of email from someone never met.

This morning, we (Dr. Sopheap and me) talked more by emails.


I love “Thank you note”. To receive it or send it…both way…I love it!


Today, I wrote 10 thank you notes for people who I interviewed and wrote. Tomorrow, I will send these notes and newspapers to them.

These days people want to go paper less…but, I think nice to see/read hand writing note and real one…I mean newspaper.

I draw a blue flower on the paper and wrote a short thank you note.

/ Hi ****, Here is your copy of Senken-newspaper. Thank you! Best, Yoko /

I let them to know where is the article on the newspaper with blue marker. I hope they will happy to see them!


Anyway, thank you very much for reading my blog today!

Have a wonderful one!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 29, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#47- Twitter is cool???

Lately so many people said…My Space is so last year and Face book is great…and and and Twitter is cool!

Really??? How???

Ok…I would love to find out…

Here you go! I just made my Twitter page!

I can’t wait to have fun with it!!!

Would you follow me or should I follow you???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 27, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

#46- Today’s my pop art!

OMG…I can’t stop playing with Warholizer(!

Today’s my breakfast, my fruit of the day and my desktop wallpaper…turns into a pop art!

Anyway, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 22, 2009

#45- Play with pop art…!

I felt sad after watched "Ugly Betty"tonight…so I was wondering how can I make feel good before go to bed…and I found this tool/toy, Warholizer!

This toy was inspired by Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe.

My old headshot turns into a pop art!

This toy is sooo much fun and makes me so happy! Now I can go to bed peacefully.

Good night!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 22, 2009